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  1. There's your answer, happy partying.
  2. Look in the phone book under 'Pubs'?
  3. So, you have 1 policy now, nicked from Lib Van by your own admission. When can we see the rest of your policies? 'Gimbert 'coalition' policies' http://www.liberalvannin.org/
  4. It took you 17 hours to come up with that answer. ".We need to move away from generalisations where possible, finding a solution to the various problems is the key aim! " and the best you could come up with was a generalisation. You'll need to be quicker than that. So, if the people in the area don't agree with the reasons for standing down, then what?
  5. There's been a religious community there for years, one more won't make a difference.
  6. The Mersey being full of Manx seamen, there's a post about that elsewhere. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/41429-sperm-donation/
  7. So, this will be a public meeting then? Where is the funding coming from for these 10 people? have you applied to M.E.T. yet? Funny that people want to set up a political party but don't want to call it that. So far all the rhetoric has been about independents setting up a coalition but not a party, does that mean no constitution or policy document, no committee or executive apparatus, no public meetings or structure, no leader or treasurer. All very good for the openness and transparency ideal you espouse.
  8. I'm sure the good traders of Ramsey will take their business whatever their beliefs. I know I will.
  9. No, that's all he has left after taking his 20 pieces of silver from TB.
  10. Yes, we are able to read, maybe you can't though. Read Jimbms post again as I think it is nearer the true situation here.
  11. How about the new landing strip in Ramsey, did they really spend £30.000 on laying the road just for one day last week?
  12. Bill Malarkey has started his campaign with a swipe at Liberal Vannin in a leaflet distributed around Douglas South. Liberal Vannin have answered with extracts of the minutes of the meeting where BM left the party after he didn't get his own way. Own goal or brilliant political move by a statesman?
  13. If elected I promise to have Manx currency accepted universally throughout the United Kingdom in equal value and have it afforded equal status throughout the land. If they'll accept Scottish and Irish notes then why not Manx?
  14. I wonder what the outcome of the 'independent' inquiry would have been if the CCTV weren't there? Don't answer that because I know, from experience, what it would have been.
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