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  1. I think you mean sq metres not metres sq
  2. moll


    Pointless comma and apostrophe award of the day.... Rtc,s and RTC's
  3. Luckily for you, spelling is not part of the test... It's spelt LICENCE you ignorant twat.
  4. And they probably know how to spell normal comment from somebody that has no wit or cant hold a convo, i think you find my spelling was ok in this, but my grammer and layout of sentences was terrible, so b4 you try to be a smart ass. at least get it right so u dont stand out as a real cock If you can't be bothered to put forward your views in a literate fashion, how do you expect to be taken seriously?
  5. For all you dumb blondes out there - it's spelt haven't
  6. If you can't work out that you need to use 'UK', are you sure that you should travel further than the end of your street?
  7. moll


    Maybe you should have asked in English....
  8. Currently, it's the poisonous dwarf who was in the Bridge on north quay.
  9. Oh, I fancy trying that... When is it on?
  10. Uncirculated look good (prices in AUS$) http://www.strandcoins.com/strandnote.htm
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