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  1. I never have a problem with it TBH (either on my iPhone or my previous handset), when I was over in the UK recently I was shocked at how shit the 3G in a major city was compared to what we have over here, in terms of both connectivity and speeds. Are you sure it's not a problem with your phone?
  2. Strand 58. The place itself is very nicely done out, drinks are good, prices reasonable, staff friendly and cheerful - just don't subject yourself to what comes out of the kitchens.
  3. Rendezvous sells the greasiest burgers on the planet, they must inject them with beef dripping prior to deep frying them, there's probably a distortion in the space time continuum somewhere to compensate for the physics-bending kilo of lard that leaks out of a burger weighing 200 grams. Fair enough they're massive burgers and don't cost much, but a big cheap pile of shit is still just a pile of shit.
  4. On the subject of the 3GS, rather than take the massive hit on buying myself out of my current iPhone 3G contract (six months in, twelve to go), only then to give MT another wedge of cash to get a 3GS, and then have a fresh 18 month contract on top of that, I figure I'll just get a properly unlocked brand new 3GS off Fleabay, sell on my current 3G as fully unlocked (they fetch good cash in the UK), and simply remain on my existing 3G contract. Presumably MT have no way of knowing which handset my SIM is in, as I'm just using a different fully unlocked iPhone on the network? It seems to me this would be much cheaper than doing everything via MT, unless I'm missing something?
  5. Hmmmm, so if MT are selling fully unlocked 16GB iPhones for £420, plus a minimum single payment of £49 on the Simple 1200 tariff, you effectively end up with a fully unlocked, brand new 16GB 3G iPhone for £470. There's not much in it, but that could actually be sold on at a profit. Do MT do a discount if you buy ten iPhones at once?
  6. feeling so shaky and subdued that you posted to a thread within 3 hrs. What's the problem? Would you say that to your neighbour who told you something or if it was mentioned down the pub? Are only the 'newspapers' and 'radio' allowed to pass comment? You know, the 'trusted' media only, type thing. I wasn't going to dignify spermann with a response TBH, but you've summed it up pretty well nipper - as human beings we naturally seek out ways to communicate and work through things we experience with others, be it chatting with our neighbours, 'bloke down the pub', or on forums, or whatever. What I saw in the aftermath of the crash today was shocking and upsetting, it's not often we come so close to someone so badly hurt and at such close quarters - and that's what I was articulating with my previous post, it was one of my ways of dealing with it. (I also cuddled my daughter at bedtime this evening for so long I think she wondered what was going on, it wasn't a logical response on my part I suppose, but such events are stark reminders of the fragility of our lives.) I hear that the rider involved in today's accident is quite badly hurt, but seems to be doing well in hospital and will hopefully recover well, which is the most important thing.
  7. I arrived on the scene about 60 seconds after it happened, the 999 call was just being made as I got out of my car. (I arrived from the 'non crash' side so at first I didn't realise what had happened, it was only when I walked closer I realised what the scenario was.) Very nasty smash, won't go into any details but it was an extremely sobering sight. Hope the guy involved can recover and the others on the scene aren't too traumatised either (It left me feeling pretty shaky and subdued I have to say, and I didn't even see it happen.)
  8. Agreed. This kind of technology is going to be where it's at in the future, (for all of us, not just racing machines), the fact that electric bikes have got round the TT course with such fast average speeds is nothing short of amazing, doubly so considering it's the first attempt. (Whatever changes they make for next year are all to the good and interesting as well, maybe in the future we'll be changing batteries in our cars in less time than we fill them with petrol now?) Same as the old-school (i.e. oil powered) motorsports and high-end cars, the technology filters down and becomes affordable and commonplace in time, the TTGXP could be the start of that process when it comes to electric power, or at least a part of the wider movement to shift to it. I'm not the world's biggest fan of the TT, and there are certainly some questions to be answered about various aspects of this year's set up, but to be quite honest I find very little to criticise when it comes to the TTGXP - it has been a world first and we should be proud of that.
  9. Are you entering this year's 'most unhelpful post' competition? Rather than read other peoples views or theories why not just ask the company? Thats not unhelpful They would probably FIB to cover up their black-marketeering.
  10. Are you entering this year's 'most unhelpful post' competition? As I understand it O2 have an exclusive deal on supplying iPhones in the UK, i.e. they're locked to their network. We're not on O2 here, but of course MT are connected to O2 in some way or other, so I suppose it's conceivable that there's some shenanigans going on to get them over here and working on Manx Pronto. I'd like to know if MT iPhones are completely unlocked, it'd be interesting to take one over to the UK and stick a UK SIM in one to see what happens.
  11. What's the screen res and how much RAM has it got? Also, what Turion chip is it? What kind of condition is it in?
  12. Oh was it? I went cycling up the coast road thinking I'd avoid the bikes, and there were fekking loads. Wondered what was going on. Mountain closed once early on, they got it cleared, another more serious smash just before noon, which led to a closure of around 3 hours. Massive weight of extra bikes over the coast, smash just outside Laxey, which left the only route to and from Douglas as the little road over the top. I was travelling back towards Ramsey this afternoon, bear in mind we've got two major road closures already due to RTAs, and I get overtaken by three bikes travelling at massive speed around a long blind left-hander on the wrong side of the road on the way towards the Glen Mona. It's a wonder we don't lose a lot more people than we actually do......
  13. Watched Saw 4 last night, surprisingly, it wasn't completely shit. It did at least have some element of plot (unlike Saw 3 which appeared to stick two fingers up at the concept), and by showing Jigsaw's back story they managed to have him in the film a lot, which is handy as he's always been the most interesting thing about it. (And conveniently gets around the fact he's already dead before the film starts.) Pretty gruesome (although nothing as horrible as the 'limb twisting thing' in Saw 3), and generally watchable. 6/10, and at least 100% better than The Dark Shite, sorry, Knight.
  14. On the plus side it meant everyone could enjoy Mad Sunday properly, by, erm, sitting in Ramsey as the mountain was shut for most of the day. Still, at least the extended mountain road closure didn't lead to any accidents on the coast road. Oh, hang on.
  15. Crossing points or not, the traffic's going to be carnage on Tuesday.
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