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  1. If there are no boats to Liverpool due to the lack of a berth, and no boats to Ireland, then they could do away with the fast craft altogether.
  2. Onchan FC are holding a car boot sale at Blackberry Lane, Onchan on Sunday 8th July at 11am, in aid of the new junior pitch and clubhouse.
  3. My wife has a 2002 Ford Focus 1.6 LX for sale in gunmetal grey, approx 60,000 miles, regularly serviced and new cambelt in 2010. £1200 or near offer. If interested call Annette on 457826.
  4. 2002 Ford Focus for sale in Gunmetal Grey, approx 60,000 miles, serviced regularly, new cambelt in 2010, used every day. Looking for £1200 or near offer. If interested call Annette on 457826.
  5. I know they do but realistically, when was the last time you saw a police officer stopping to put a a ticket on an illegally parked vehicle. If they did they would make a fortune just around the Douglas area of an evening with all the vehicles on pavements, at junctions and on double yellow lines !!
  6. It is 6 mtrs in length and they are also going to make it a fixed penalty notice offence as opposed to having to be a court summons, so that traffic wardens can issue the penalties as well as police officers. What the point of the last bit is I don't know, as traffic wardens knock off before the 6pm deadline anyway !!
  7. From July vehicles which are more than 6 metres in length or 2 metres in height are not allowed to park on roads with any speed restriction between 6pm and 7am weekdays or at weekends. Change to Road Traffic Act voted in at July sitting of Tynwald.
  8. The awful surface is on the New Castletown Road, near the Saddle Road junction. Several potholes and sunken manhole covers !!
  9. What is the point of having major roadworks on the road for 9 weeks to carry out resurfacing work, only to leave a stretch of about 20 yards just up from the junction with Saddle Road untouched and full of potholes. Presumably they will now have to go back and do this small bit at a later date, disrupting the traffic for a second time !!
  10. Isn't the problem that somebody actually asked the question about TT programmes in the Keys, as he then had to give an answer !!
  11. Parking facilities themselves are not inadequate, there just aren't enough spaces for the ridiculous amount of vehicles which people own, many of which never move from one day to the next. People leave cars parked up on a long term basis whilst travelling to and from work in vans and lorries which they also then have to find parking room for overnight, meaning that the usual planning requirement of 2 parking spaces per house is nowhere near enough these days. Many of these vehicles are also far to big to be parked up on modern housing estates and narrow town streets.
  12. I wish they would work after 5pm because the parking on the streets all around Douglas of an evening, including on housing estates, is rubbish. There are cars, vans, lorries all parked on double yellow lines, at junctions, on pavements etc but nobody seems bothered. Certainly no thought for other road users or pedestrians !!
  13. Following the signing of the lease between the Comissioners and Onchan Raceway (stockcars), the football club is only allowed to use the Stadium between Sept and March and only on Saturday afternoons. The IOM football season currently runs from Aug to April and junior fixtures take place on Sunday, hence the need for another pitch. School pitches despite being effectively owned by the tax payers are controlled by the actual school who say whether they can be used or not, with not usually being the case.
  14. JulianB

    Pasty Crisis

    VAT has been charged on hot take away food for a long time, its just that supermarkets were treating their hot pies and pasties the same as the other food they sold in store and not charging VAT. This anomoly has now been removed so that the same rules now apply to all suppliers i.e. everyone has to charge VAT on hot pies and pasties.
  15. The Jimmy Cricket Laughter Show plus guests on Friday 10th Feb 2012 at the Empress Hotel in aid of the Lourdes Youth Fund, assisting young persons from the island to go to Lourdes in France this summer to help look after the sick people there. Tickets £20 (£10 for 12's and under) including food available from Annette on 457826.
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