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  1. Solid pine, smoked 'mexican' style, 5 ft x 3 ft table and 4 chairs. In excellent condition, about a year old. Can email photos or viewing can be arranged anytime. £150 ono
  2. My dh saw a charity box on the counter with a piece of paper attached to it asking for tips for staff. Will take a flask with us next time we go to the park, the prices are a disgrace.
  3. There were more flyers delivered yesterday morning from June Kelly, offering assistance to get to the polling station.
  4. Some bugger managed to steal the courier out of my letterbox last week I have only got one manifesto, and will be voting for that person anyway, but the other 3 seem not too bothered about anyone voting for them.
  5. If you do ring up to cancel, you *may* be transfered to another operator who will offer you 3 months half price subscriptions. Push for 4 I rang to cancel 2 months ago and got 6 months half price. Note to anyone who phones to cancel, wait til after christmas and hesitate on the phone, do lots of 'humming and harring and im not sure', eventually they offer a good deal, fingers crossed. Hope this site will help someone www.saynoto0870.com
  6. Is this a joke? Someone please tell me he is joking. I feel very sorry for any victims of criminals who have read this.
  7. caringwife

    Flu Jab

    I had the jab last year and felt fine, but i find it strange how Boots and supermarkets and employers seem to have a good stock of flu jabs, but ive been told i cant have one this year (due to shortage). But im a lot worse with my health this year than i was last year when i was given the jab. If i was over 65 i would have no problem. I do wish that i was healthy and that everyone couldn't get ill til they are over 65, but its just not meant to be. Im just keeping my fingers crossed now that i dont get the flu.
  8. Carol Vorderman and (shouts) CILLET BANG MAN whatever his name is. I wish Carol would stop doing those adverts I think the safestyle uk man is scary looking, does he give small children nightmares?
  9. Argos do them We needed one so got it delivered to a friend across who then posted it on to us. Maybe us manx arent supposed to wash that often and thats why they cant be purchased here?
  10. I nearly forgot about Boots disabled toilet too! They keep it under lock and key, but keep handing the key out, it gets stolen, and therefore, any disabled who cant make it in time to M&S, etc, either gets taken to the staff toilet or grunted at and told to find a toilet elsewhere. For those who will say that disabled should just use the nearest toilet and not a shop, dh carries a card that says 'just cant wait' and has a right to use any toilet in any public place due to his disability. Except Boots who basically tell him to sod off. Or any shop with stairs obviously. So there you
  11. Boots sell baby milk, therefore they will not want breastfeeding mothers in their store. Has anyone actually seen that seat in M&S breastfeeding room? The toilets look more inviting.
  12. Super Shack, saw it years ago but cant remember where? All i know is its a house on a rally stage.
  13. Will anyone actually turn up for that certainly not the families and friends of the victims.
  14. Used to go to Willaston chinese years ago, they did chips that tasted like mini roast potatoes. Does anyone know if they still do them? They were heavenly. New Hong Kong is excellent for chips, i dare anyone to say their chips are crap!
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