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  1. Real shame, just heard about the cancellation, but see I got refunded hours ago without even asking stick your head above the parapet, you will only get shot Good on the organisers for attempting this, such a shame it wasn't supported, after this and the bay, cant see anyone trying again, and that's to the detriment of us all here
  2. Note, Due to current and predicted weather conditions this weekend,this event has been shortened and is now being run from 9am to 6pm on Sunday 24th June 2012 as obviously safety is of paramount importance. Hope to see a few of sunday if you can make it
  3. Parish Walk was taken into consideration, come join in for a lap www.connect2charity.im/lions
  4. Come join Mannannan Lions Club for their 24 hour Motorbike Ride Out around the TT course. Starting at 3pm on Saturday 23 June 2012 at the TT Grandstand. Come join in at any time for a lap https://www.facebook...nannanLionsClub
  5. At the moment, Strand Street hasn't totally gone the way of many High Streets accross, and there are still a good many independant retailers there. However, for independant retailers to survive competition from chains (as a good many already are), they need to adapt to current markets, move with the times, and make changes where necessary. For the two shops mentioned, I actually shopped in Moochers in December, and for a ghastly moment when in the shop, thought I had had some kind of time travel accident and ended up back in the 1970's/Early 80's. I went in Supercards, once, maybe 5 yea
  6. I'm after an old wardrobe, freestanding, the type with two drawers in the bottom, something like attached pic But preferably an old timber one so I can refinish myself. Has anyone got anything like that, or suggest anywhere on island I might buy one? (with the exception of recycling points at the tip/Hospice furniture shop on Spring Valley which I know about already) Cheers!
  7. Wasnt on saturday night was it? If not, shes not alone, there was another woman facekissing the step....
  8. GBH is a more serious offence than ABH is
  9. Thats a shame, same night as the Garden Party, else I would have gone to that
  10. I think Rural Industries do them, on Peel Road, 676 259
  11. Probably one of the teams that have bought it before, or did everyone else get their team for free??!!
  12. I know, I cant see me, i'll have another look in the morning, I was level with the goal line, block 127, and you cant see the exit numbers so well in the corners, I soooo want to tag myself, that sounds wrong somehow doesnt it??
  13. Just got back from the game, what an experience! Grown men crying, strangers hugging like long lost friends,full of bruises from repeated Poznans, I just love being a city fan And what a nice bunch the Stoke fans are, magnanimous and dignified in defeat. So glad I went, never experienced anything like it, 35 years and we're still here CTID
  14. Anyone here actually going to Wembley on Saturday?
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