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  1. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/teenager-died-from-asphyxiation-at-nunnery-mills/
  2. Terminal


    Plenty of dinning tables for sale on Facebook too.
  3. Yes I did mean the other chap.
  4. If I was an employer in any industry I would bin Jordan’s CV the second it landed in my Inbox. Can you imagine the trouble he’d cause for you if he was working within your company in his pursuit to be offended by anything and everything.
  5. Terminal

    Fancy a pint?

    Landlady of the Stanley is taking over the Royal. But don’t tell anyone because it’s top secret. I’ve only been told by about 5 different people now.
  6. Three FM mention a government statement but don’t provide a link to it, so now people are going to be riding through a red light because of their daft headline.
  7. It was £5 back in my day.
  8. Are you Mr Badass?
  9. Terminal

    Gas bill

    Remember when you first took out a gas or electric account and you had to pay a deposit, no? Well you did. Has anyone ever had or asked for those back?
  10. It’s turned into 3FM.
  11. And then sharing their apparent outrage on social media. Hundreds of comments calling for him to be sacked, when in actual fact 99% had no idea what had even happened, let alone listened to what had been said on the show. It’s a sad world where a good radio presenter can potentially be taken out as easily as that.
  12. I’ve downloaded the entire 3 hour .mp3 of the show. If I get time tomorrow I’ll cut all the music and adverts out so you can listen to it. Stu said nothing wrong and was basically attacked from the start by some precious flowers after they didn’t like the factual stats he posted on here yesterday. It escalated from there.
  13. Terminal

    Fancy a pint?

    Saw them at the Stanley in Ramsey today. They were walking empty pallets to the pub as I drove past. There were kegs in the back of the lorry. Can only assume they were collecting rather than delivering.
  14. He obviously didn’t have any of the ‘Common sense’ he was always preaching.
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