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  1. Dr. Glover has offered to sequence the latest 2 cases for free today to find the original source. Given that contact tracing probably won’t be told the whole truth for fear of repercussions that would be very useful.
  2. I clicked the link because I like to know what the latest scams are. It’s just a link to a fake dating site. I got to choose what my ideal woman looks like; what shape boobies and booty she has and how regularly I want sex. I stopped when it asked for my email address. Hopefully she’ll turn up at my house later tonight
  3. Isn’t one of those two Jet Ski man’s Mrs?
  4. So the moral of the story is..never try to help the Isle of Man government?
  5. That’s a 2.4Ghz Mesh system which will only give you usable Wi-Fi speeds of around 80Mbps (Meg). Your fibre will run much faster than that so your Wi-Fi will be slowing everything down. You should look for a 5Ghz Wi-Fi system instead.
  6. What happens if it goes in your left arm then?
  7. *trusts. Without the apostrophe. Thought someone in your business might’ve already pointed that out to you by now.
  8. And ‘Account Directors’. Fuck off the lot of ya’ll.
  9. He’ll get bored with her shit, realise he’s been stitched up, and that he’s getting old, then find himself someone else. I’ll give him 5 years.
  10. You must be one of these people up there doing 45 with a half mile queue of cars behind you. I’ve probably overtaken you every day for the last 35 years 👍
  11. Lots of people are still working. Have you tried driving over the mountain at 40mph? It’s mind numbingly boring to the point where you’ll fall asleep.
  12. Yeah, government workers’ pensions will be the last to be stopped. We all knew this years ago.
  13. Does anyone know of a JetSki for sale with a large enough fuel tank to make it to safer lands?
  14. Genomics from last Friday just received back today. Henrietta says it will be interesting to see the results from positive cases over the weekend. She knows who she should’ve called then.
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