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  1. You must work in IT. A complete reset..yep that’ll definitely sort it. You’ll lose your entire lifetime of photos and all your settings from your phone which you’ll never be able to get back, ever, but if that doesn’t work, phone us back to us tomorrow and we’ll refer your issue to someone who knows what they’re talking about.
  2. Ramsey has a new Gin Bar in ‘The Shed’ by the tram station.
  3. At least Derek has finally got himself a national speed limit. I’m just glad it’s not here.
  4. Makes you wonder what’s really going on doesn’t it? Rather than the economy losing billions or trillions through lockdowns, why not spend a tenth of that increasing hospital capacity and let everyone who wants to carry on with their livelihoods?
  5. They’re all in several roses chocolate tins in my bedroom. Since I went cash free I have no way to get rid of them.
  6. Where that crash has happened, at the Douglas end of the mountain mile, there’s a left right kink in the road with adverse camber on the right hander. There’s also quite often a puddle at the side of the road which leaves the surrounding road wet. Not making excuses for the driver but it doesn’t help matters.
  7. My internet is fine too. It never disconnects. It’s not as fast as I’d like it to be but that’s due to the technical limitations of running internet over two copper wires that were buried underground decades ago before the internet was even invented. Once fibre is available your disconnection issues should go away.
  8. That would be ‘Hernia Dave’ as I call him. He starts off all calm and believable but then works himself into a high voice and a right state to a point where he’s going to injure himself.
  9. That’s because as an engineer when asked ‘what is the problem and what time will it be working again?’ you think to yourself ‘you wouldn’t understand if I told you so just fuck off and let me get on with fixing this fucking piece of shit that I told you three years ago needed replacing’.
  10. They were totally engineered to increase TT lap times. Around the same time as they were modified the last slight left hander at Guthrie’s had the left side of the road widened and what used to be a ditch was tarmaced over to give bikes a wider entry to the following right hander. It serves no purpose other than for bike racing.
  11. Douglas to Peel has limits all the way now doesn’t it? So why are you crying for a limit on the mountain? You probably never go up there anyway...just like everyone else calling for a limit up there.
  12. Showing the news from 3 days ago? Yeah that’s normal.
  13. Capris were 2.8 litre if I remember correctly
  14. Getting a massive 0.4 mbps download on 4G on my phone in Douglas this lunch time.
  15. I noticed my iPhone was only connecting using 3G rather than 4G from around Friday. It’s been ok this week though.
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