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  1. Don’t know, but it was last year that someone died in a 50 limit at the Creg.
  2. Looks to me like Harry is well and truly under the thumb and has been told by her indoors.
  3. I drive about 200 miles a week here and the driving ain’t as bad as you’re making out. You get the odd Walter but not too many thankfully.
  4. There’s never anything in the press about the countless dozens of bikers that would’ve crashed on the mountain doing similar or greater speeds during TT. Why’s that then?
  5. And sending BACS requires more than one person to authorise the payments so surely both people might’ve wondered why they weren’t sending any benefits that day.
  6. Online banking for you and I uses the ‘faster payments’ system by default. Corporations submit payment files using the older BACS system which is a 3 day process (but actually takes 2).
  7. The government could just ask their bank to send them using the instant ‘Faster Payments’ system instead of the usual 2 day BACS system. Then everyone will get their money today. Might involve a tiny bit of work, though, so it probably won’t happen.
  8. It’s pretty blinding when it’s dark too. And what the hell is the point of it being where it is? You’ve already travelled 90% of the way over the mountain when it warns you of ice. Same with the one in the other direction just before Kate’s Cottage. I’m surprised nobody’s taken a Stihl saw to them.
  9. There is another sign to warn drivers leaving Douglas. Maybe it wasn’t switched on when you went past. The other sign you are talking about, facing drivers entering Douglas, was originally facing drivers leaving Douglas but it was so far down the road from the Jonny Wattersons junction that you couldn’t read it. So if it said ‘road closed’ people would drive towards the mountain then see the sign and do a u turn and come back to onchan. So they just turned it around and fitted another one closer to the junction.
  10. Pardon the acronyms but it hasn’t worked for several months.
  11. Does anyone still watch that shite?
  12. The police say to leave your fog lights on in the fog, but the modus operandi is to switch them on until a car catches up behind you and then switch them off. Everyone’s happy then.
  13. Because the the Google Play Store doesn’t work properly in the Isle of Man which gets really tiresome.
  14. Are all the ‘at risk’ jobs within IT or are other departments affected too?
  15. The ‘True Movies’ satellite channel has back to back Christmas movies on all day already.
  16. It may be perfectly correct. You never know these days...
  17. Sold subject to contract. Hopefully to Burger King.
  18. It’s closed at the moment due to an RTC at Waterworks.
  19. I like the skid marks at Graham’s Memorial where a car has gone too quick (80ish mpg) round the left hander, over steered and gone off the left side of the road, across the grass verge and down into the field below. Must’ve been a proper brown trousers moment when that happened.
  20. Just saw a cleaning company advertising on Facebook for someone to work at Screwfix. 5 hours a week (1 hour a day). £9.33 an hour. So they expect someone to make their way to Screwfix to earn just £9.33 a day? That must be before Tax & NI. Shocking.
  21. Sure 4G broadband was rubbish in Ramsey when I tried a free trial when they first released it. Totally inconsistent speed tests fluctuating between 0.5 and 20 mbps. I took the router to Douglas and it was very consistently running at 40 mbps. Must be something to do with Ramsey mast. I’d use a fibre connection either through MT or Sure if you want rid of the landline.
  22. Windy corner has loads of warning signs too since it was reprofiled. I’ve seen two vehicles on their side there in the last week.
  23. Neither do most of the people crying out for a national speed limit, I bet.
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