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  1. Why should people on benefits get free prescriptions?
  2. How long do you usually leave them in iced water?
  3. The thing is if Manx Telecom applied for planning permission to install a mast near your house to improve the signal you'd probably oppose it due to health concerns.
  4. What makes a good or bad limo bus? Music? Driver attitude? Quality of lap dancers?
  5. Many sentences there, yet not one of them makes any sense.
  6. I hope my Dad's socks turn up in time for Christmas.
  7. German police are seeking a Tunisian man who left a document with his name on it under the drivers seat. How convenient is that hey?
  8. Suspect no doubt is a male with tanned skin, black hair, black beard, brown eyes.
  9. There's nowt worse than a scratched helmet.
  10. Terminal


    Pollock aren't shitties are they?
  11. Interesting thread. Is there any way to search the Isle of Man news of the '80s and '90s? I remember a weirdo guy who seemed to be the grandfather of the football scene in my town back then; everybody involved in football wouldn't hear a bad word said about him but everyone else said he was a proper child molesterer.
  12. Is he any relation to the chimney doctor? Think these guys are cousins: http://www.appliance-doctors.co.im/ We're clearly giving ancestry.co.uk a run for their money here.
  13. I wonder if he can cut the mustard.
  14. Is he any relation to the chimney doctor?
  15. Anyway I thought EB's moved from the quay up to Circular Road/Westmoreland Road where that massive multi-storey car park is now.
  16. Wow, 6 whole people have a problem with their internet and it is assumed that Manx Telecom's infrastructure is at fault. Love it.
  17. Delusional eh? Hardly. Here's something you can try at home. You'll need a wall, a very bright torch (300 lumens should do), a poster with some writing on it and a helper. Hang the poster on the wall at eye level. Stand at a distance that you can comfortably read the poster. Read the poster. Now get your helper to turn the torch on and shine it away from the poster while holding it near the poster, and towards your line of sight. The helper shouldn't be obscuring the view of the poster with the torch itself. Read the poster again. You will find it less clear than before. You may even be unable to read it. This simple experiment will prove beyond doubt what I have stated. Good luck! Don't know why but I hear the voice of hannibal lecter as I read that.
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