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  1. Can't the kids walk through faggers lane instead while phase 1 of the tea is being drank.
  2. Department of Incompetence.
  3. The co-op don't do cash back at the tills anymore either. You have to use their free 'cash back machine', which is just a cash machine.
  4. It's called transparent government.
  5. + the shirt on your back. HNWI's should expect to pay 9.8p in the £ on the first £50k and everything above is tax free. That's cheap. I don't think you are understanding your Ps in the pounds. Ramsey rates are 348p in the pound for example.
  6. Who gets to vote for the new Chief Minister, just MHKs or Legco too?
  7. Karran on Manx Radio. Has he been on the gin?
  8. What's the hold up with the Ramsey results? Is Nick Crowe counting them in piles of five?
  9. She said 'bloody' but is being a bit of a tool about apologising.
  10. Angela Moffat swore on the radio and won't apologise. What a cunt she is.
  11. In another 10 years we'll be able to tune in to ITV at 7pm on a Thursday to see a young girl with fake tits and duck lips being spit roasted.
  12. There's a Chinese between them so it takes me longer than 2 minutes.
  13. So in the post today arrived Lawrie Hooper's final reminder to vote for him. Anyway it lists the voting stations for north and south Ramsey as the original way the government had them before the 'computer error' was discovered. 2 elections ago when I last voted my voting station was also the one listed before the computer error so now I'm really confused.
  14. Can anyone tell me where the Ramsey Methodist Church Hall is please? I feel like I've been asked to go to the supermarket for the wife's certain type of tampons.
  15. I'm no expert but surely you don't need to dig up both sides of a road one at a time to connect a water main.
  16. Terminal

    Phones Dead

    Yeah but it probably hasn't worked all morning today.
  17. Terminal

    Phones Dead

    The is currently a fault with all landlines on the island including 999 so please make sure nobody you know needs the emergency services for a while.
  18. You'd have to ask my butler.
  19. I'm waiting for that guy's neck to pop.
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