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  1. Putin's translator was the weirdest thing about the F1 on Sunday.
  2. In the summer it's a nice spot to sit and eat at 2am when you're wankered and have just bought two pizzas and three kebabs after a night around town.
  3. So when is it opening again? Was supposed to be closed until Monday but apparently these steam engines are allowed to go over Saturday morning.
  4. Thanks for this. I knew Tiesto must've ripped something off to add his mediocre beats to, just didn't know the original. Lovely.
  5. Quite. It's reasonable to expect to be able to dry a roof tile with a blowtorch without it bursting into flames. Whoever allowed those tiles to be fitted should be serving the prison sentence, not the scapegoat roofer imo.
  6. I've got an iPhone (prefer Android but it's pretty shit in the Isle of Man but that's a whole different story) and I run it on Pay as you go so it's cheap as chips and I don't have to worry about getting fleeced like this. The most I'll get fleeced by is a fiver until my credit runs out and then a quick text will lash some more credit back onto my phone after I've switched roaming data off.
  7. Right so I drive a 2.5 litre and mine is going up by a massive 9 quid.
  8. Are the proposed new rates published anywhere so we can see what we're talking about?
  9. Don't try to go via Ballacraine to Ramsey. Too many hillbillies with 20 year old 4x4s, horse boxes and tractors going about their business getting in your way.
  10. It's entirely possible it could hit the curb and go through the living room window.
  11. I know closing the mountain road is a pain in the ass for people trying to earn a living but how else are DOI going to sleep with traffic going past all day?
  12. Strippers during TT week on the top floor Piazza level is my last memory of the place.
  13. That's a good question. From Greenlands Avenue in Ramsey right through to Sulby Bridge is all 'private' but I doubt it was all sold to the various different land owners.
  14. This was just some dickhead with a knife using a car to run people down. Unfortunately it's likely something much more organised will happen sooner or later using real weapons.
  15. Fookin whooosh! You really don't deserve me. Are you drunk again, talking to yourself?
  16. Click on the Floorplan tab and it shows the boundary as the entire site.
  17. I followed a car over the mountain for 20 minutes the other day and the guy driving was vaping all the way. Strawberry smelling clouds coming out of his window. At least with a real ciggy it burns out after 5 minutes but these ecigs never stop so you must get way more nicotine out of them. Can't be good for you.
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