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  1. Don't try to go via Ballacraine to Ramsey. Too many hillbillies with 20 year old 4x4s, horse boxes and tractors going about their business getting in your way.
  2. It's entirely possible it could hit the curb and go through the living room window.
  3. I know closing the mountain road is a pain in the ass for people trying to earn a living but how else are DOI going to sleep with traffic going past all day?
  4. Strippers during TT week on the top floor Piazza level is my last memory of the place.
  5. That's a good question. From Greenlands Avenue in Ramsey right through to Sulby Bridge is all 'private' but I doubt it was all sold to the various different land owners.
  6. This was just some dickhead with a knife using a car to run people down. Unfortunately it's likely something much more organised will happen sooner or later using real weapons.
  7. Fookin whooosh! You really don't deserve me. Are you drunk again, talking to yourself?
  8. Click on the Floorplan tab and it shows the boundary as the entire site.
  9. I followed a car over the mountain for 20 minutes the other day and the guy driving was vaping all the way. Strawberry smelling clouds coming out of his window. At least with a real ciggy it burns out after 5 minutes but these ecigs never stop so you must get way more nicotine out of them. Can't be good for you.
  10. Whatever happened to accident black spot signs?
  11. Front fog lights are completely pointless and do nothing but annoy other drivers. Rear fog lights should only be used when you're in fog with nobody behind you and should be switched off as soon as you have a car behind. Ps this is my opinion based on 25 years of driving over the mountain road every day and not what the highway code says.
  12. 4G has been slow as fuck again for the last couple of weeks. Anyone else noticed the same?
  13. I've only ever been into the police cells...
  14. Many of the comments were as good as the news articles so they'd be worth resurrecting too.
  15. Who the hell would want to be a teacher nowadays anyway with all the namby pamby rules which mean you have no kind of authority over the kids.
  16. Where do all the DOI staff hide the rest of the year when all these roadworks aren't happening?
  17. The LED brake lights are the worst. If you're behind them at traffic lights in the dark you need to put your sun visor down or risk permanent blindness.
  18. Duck Street is quackers
  19. It'll be cheaper to flush your bog with mineral water soon.
  20. I used a different permanent solution and bought an iPhone.
  21. Sure do 4G broadband now which doesn't need a phone line. Check the Sure 4G signal strength in your house first though.
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