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  1. Whatever happened to accident black spot signs?
  2. Front fog lights are completely pointless and do nothing but annoy other drivers. Rear fog lights should only be used when you're in fog with nobody behind you and should be switched off as soon as you have a car behind. Ps this is my opinion based on 25 years of driving over the mountain road every day and not what the highway code says.
  3. 4G has been slow as fuck again for the last couple of weeks. Anyone else noticed the same?
  4. I've only ever been into the police cells...
  5. Many of the comments were as good as the news articles so they'd be worth resurrecting too.
  6. Who the hell would want to be a teacher nowadays anyway with all the namby pamby rules which mean you have no kind of authority over the kids.
  7. Where do all the DOI staff hide the rest of the year when all these roadworks aren't happening?
  8. The LED brake lights are the worst. If you're behind them at traffic lights in the dark you need to put your sun visor down or risk permanent blindness.
  9. Duck Street is quackers
  10. It'll be cheaper to flush your bog with mineral water soon.
  11. I used a different permanent solution and bought an iPhone.
  12. Sure do 4G broadband now which doesn't need a phone line. Check the Sure 4G signal strength in your house first though.
  13. Where do you suggest the home owners park then? It's fine saying it should be no parking to make things easy for you but the people who live in the village of KM have to park somewhere and there isn't really anywhere else for them to park. Should they stop owning cars just to make life more convenient for you too? Yes
  14. Kirk Michael is getting 200 traffic calming planters to be placed on the main road.
  15. Yeah, factory reset it so it loses all its pre-configured settings it needs to connect to your ISP. Cos that'll help.
  16. I think the fact that you'd lost your job would mean you didn't really give a fuck about losing a day's bank holiday Mr. Dick Cheese.
  17. Terminal

    Ben grounded

    I've already bought all the toilet roll in Tesco.
  18. Terminal

    Ben grounded

    It's a very low tide today compared to most days.
  19. Install a 56k dialup modem and make your son use it for a week to make him appreciate how fast the internet you've got now is.
  20. If I see someone I don't like putting their dog's bagged shit in the bin I could fetch it back out, open it up and sling it on the pavement so they get fined. I wouldn't but it could happen.
  21. its governments duty on alcohol that costs. So how come it's so cheap in the supermarkets?
  22. This is one of the reasons I don't go into Douglas town centre anymore.
  23. I thought they lived somewhere near York Road.
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