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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2LL_Wx7Uj4
  2. If you sat at the Gooseneck for a few hours on Mad Sunday you'd probably see at least a few bikers coming off. As it's a low speed corner there are never any serious injuries - just scratched fairings, snapped off mirrors and bruised egos. Edited to say: You blood-thirsty animal!
  3. So your suggesting the Jetwash at Total in Ramsey as an alternative to using the car wash at the Milestone? The 25 mile round trip would seem a bit excessive to save a quid on washing your car? I was using it as a general example of why jetwash type carwashes are better than automatic ones. Are you talking about the 'get out of your car do it yourself and get all wet' type jetwash? It's just that Raymotors have a 'touchless' program on their carwash which will probably do just as good a job and not damage your paintwork, and you get to stay nice and dry. If it does go wrong you'll be looking for more than a respray though. Surely other places have these touchless washes too, no?
  4. Terminal

    Radio Tt

    The TTXGP has been paid for by the IoM Govt. Where do they get the money? The IoM Taxpayer so why can't they have the 100K back. After all, we've probably paid more than £19.99 each to have something we didn't want in the first place.
  5. Terminal

    Sky Plus

    Something has definitely changed within the last week. I've had mine for about 7 years and it has been fine, but have noticed within the last week that the EPG has changed slightly, and at the same time has caused a few niggles. I'm not getting the problems you have but it isn't behaving like it always used to. I'm sure they'll sort it soon enough.
  6. So it wasn't a good evening then?
  7. MTU settings are best left alone. Lowering the MTU on your router requires a registry edit on your PC for them to properly take effect. As will any other PC on your home network If your MTU is too high, certain sites (and only a few) will simply not load as your router cannot communicate with them. They won't cause video or audio breakup as you have.
  8. You make it sound as simple as the Americans thought it would be. However, the Americans are as thick as fuck and it didn't happen - and here we all are left with their mess. A bit like the credit crisis really.
  9. Terminal


    I got one too. Any link to a .ru domain (Russia) is a big no no unless I trust the source.
  10. What information is available now which wasn't at the time? And what are the changing set of circumstances? If he had one iota of brain power or common sense, and had consulted the actual TT organisers in the first place he'd have realised it was a stupid decision. Why do we have people like this in our Government. There's a credit crunch which is a good opportunity for most establishments to get rid of muppets. Maybe the Government should have a clearout too. And the fact that he says "I don't know" twice in one quote says it all really.
  11. Another Estate Agent free weblinkage thing: http://www.manxpropertyshop.com/ Rentals available too and will give you an idea of prices.
  12. Ah, just lash it up Cret, wherever you fancy. No-one will notice and if they do then move it.
  13. He ate the whole thing straight out of the water - obviously minus the shell. He was on a boat and had been taken there by the guy who farmed them so had no cooking equipment but I don't think he wanted any either. He said it was the best example he had ever had and intended never to cook them again. Saying that he always says things like that. He's hardly going to say they're shite is he? The scallop farmer compared the way they feed to the way sheep eat grass so I suppose they feed on the particles of greenery in the water. I think you're right, the grit is effectively the rectum of the scallop and for that reason I will avoid eating that part from now on.
  14. If you watch Rick Stein's Seafood Lovers Guide tonight on Sky's UK TV Food (not sure if on Freeview) you'll see he samples some scallops grown in a Scottish loch. They are grown in cages suspended above the seabed which, he says, keeps them free of the grit you usually get. Worth a watch and if I could get hold of some of them, I would.
  15. Who said 'it didn't smell correct', a trained fuel sniffer? What did it smell of, Kippers? Whilst I like my Vauxhalls, they do go wrong - even the new ones. It sounds to me like their incompetence meant they couldn't find the fault and blamed your fuel. You've been had.
  16. It sounds like you're trying to do the repair using the recovery console which needs the password. You can also repair the installation by not taking the repair option but on the same list of options take the one which would let you install windows. Once you've done the F8 to accept the license agreement, you can select the existing windows installation and there is a repair option there too which, as I remember, doesn't need the password.
  17. I know you've had the BIOS battery out already but you didn't say how long for. A BIOS reset might sort it. Unplug the mains supply and take out the battery and leave it 15 minutes. Just one more thing to try before it becomes scrap.
  18. If they increase the price of booze I'll have to switch to weed. On Northwest Tonight, almost everyone interviewed (kids and adults) said it's because there is nothing else to do here. The Govt officials were trying to play it down but I blame them. There is nothing to do.
  19. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31501
  20. USB devices can interfere with Startup. Try removing everything USB - even the keyboard and mouse (if they're USB) just to see if it starts then. Also, in the past I've seen a graphics card that had its own fan which was so clogged up with dust it couldn't spin which was causing the PC to not start.
  21. A great game to end the tournament. I really enjoyed it too. Shouldn't this be in the yesterday's news thread?
  22. I was hopng it was another X5 off the road really. Apologies to you and anyone else out there who really does need their 4x4. ha ha thats some 4x4 that, maybe u should read up on your cars b4 passing comment Terminal I know my cars gazza, and I didn't say it was a 4x4. I read it earlier in the thread. Read backwards.
  23. Good. That's one less (rich man with a short cock's) penis extension on our roads. If I wasn't afraid you'd actually try, I'd ask you to explain the logic behind that, but since there can't possibly be any (not logical logic anyway) I'm afraid I'll have to ask another question instead. Are you really so ignorant and bigoted you think all that tosh is (A) rational and (B) acceptable, or have I missed a really clever joke? TBH I don't understand your post and I don't know what you're getting upset about. All I'm saying is that I'm glad to see one less 4x4 on our roads. And what is a 'logical logic'?
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