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  1. You can't beat a few pints in the sun on a hot day but I think the walk home might be a bit too much for me. If it went ahead, I wonder how long it would be before legislation came in to ban smoking in the area.
  2. Wireless interference? Does the PC have wireless - a PCI Card, USB dongle or anything else? If it does, then maybe the wireless card is taking priority over the wired LAN card which is causing the problem and trying to connect to someone elseses network which rightly isn't working properly. If not, dunno at the moment.
  3. Yep, can't argue with that.
  4. That little bit of road should have been widened years ago IMO. I've had a few close shaves there myself over the years. It's a blind bend where the traffic moves fast in both directions and there's little room for error if you're faced with something wide coming in the other direction.
  5. I've just had a quick scan through the Courier, Indy and Examiner and didn't see any. They used to be on Page 2 of the Courier IIRC. If they were in the paper they would be on the iomonline website too but a search brings up nothing.
  6. Terminal

    Earth Hour

    It is Cat mating season after all. My place or yours?
  7. A great tool to use when someone asks a question they could have easily 'Googled' themselves. Let me google that for you
  8. That's what I was gonna say but decided not to be so sick. Enjoy your brekky tomorrow folks.
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