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  1. No it doesn't. It's always there. They moved it further towards Brandish corner 3 or so years ago. Is he talking about the usual 40 or the various speed limits that are in place from before kates cottage all the way down? He said he 'was pulled coming down from Brandish' so I'm assuming it's the Hillberry 40 limit. The only other 40 limit was from Keppell Gate to the Creg I think. To be fair there are so many signs on the mountain during race week it's difficult to take them all in whilst watching your mirrors, dodging cones and trying to avoid becoming a statistic. Good fun though.
  2. No it doesn't. It's always there. They moved it further towards Brandish corner 3 or so years ago.
  3. Nasal hair. It's growing faster than the hair on ma heed.
  4. Well that was a fucking stupid decision wasn't it. Are you an idiot or what?
  5. Terminal

    Come On

    No because he doesn't want to get ripped off paying for a taxi home.
  6. I could say that in most threads I read here but I don't bother.
  7. Are these kids stupid or what? They sign up to facebook, post pictures of themselves and their family, probably without their knowledge, just to build up their profile so that everyone knows who exactly who they are and where they live, and then post some seriously racist comments for the whole world to see. That's one easy way to make yourself and your family at risk. Facebook is the new kids' playground.
  8. Seaweed is valuable if sold to the right restaurant.
  9. Just stop trying to be anything John. You're obviously crap at everything.
  10. A typical night out in the Isle of Man really. You know it's going to be like that before you even leave the house, but we still go. I feel obliged to point out your spellling error though. Tut tut Keyboarder.
  11. Stay sober for one night. It's easy to kick the shit out of someone who is shitfaced when you're sober.
  12. Maybe you were an accident.
  13. Stig's American cousin
  14. OK, can someone add 'douche bag' to the swear filter because I'm sick of this stupid, shitty American slang already.
  15. If moving it around causes and fixes the fault, then surely there has to be a loose part somewhere on the motherboard. I'd open it up again and see if anything obvious is moving.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2LL_Wx7Uj4
  17. If you sat at the Gooseneck for a few hours on Mad Sunday you'd probably see at least a few bikers coming off. As it's a low speed corner there are never any serious injuries - just scratched fairings, snapped off mirrors and bruised egos. Edited to say: You blood-thirsty animal!
  18. So your suggesting the Jetwash at Total in Ramsey as an alternative to using the car wash at the Milestone? The 25 mile round trip would seem a bit excessive to save a quid on washing your car? I was using it as a general example of why jetwash type carwashes are better than automatic ones. Are you talking about the 'get out of your car do it yourself and get all wet' type jetwash? It's just that Raymotors have a 'touchless' program on their carwash which will probably do just as good a job and not damage your paintwork, and you get to stay nice and dry. If it does go wrong you'll be looking for more than a respray though. Surely other places have these touchless washes too, no?
  19. Terminal

    Radio Tt

    The TTXGP has been paid for by the IoM Govt. Where do they get the money? The IoM Taxpayer so why can't they have the 100K back. After all, we've probably paid more than £19.99 each to have something we didn't want in the first place.
  20. Something has definitely changed within the last week. I've had mine for about 7 years and it has been fine, but have noticed within the last week that the EPG has changed slightly, and at the same time has caused a few niggles. I'm not getting the problems you have but it isn't behaving like it always used to. I'm sure they'll sort it soon enough.
  21. So it wasn't a good evening then?
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