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  1. Wow, 6 whole people have a problem with their internet and it is assumed that Manx Telecom's infrastructure is at fault. Love it.
  2. Delusional eh? Hardly. Here's something you can try at home. You'll need a wall, a very bright torch (300 lumens should do), a poster with some writing on it and a helper. Hang the poster on the wall at eye level. Stand at a distance that you can comfortably read the poster. Read the poster. Now get your helper to turn the torch on and shine it away from the poster while holding it near the poster, and towards your line of sight. The helper shouldn't be obscuring the view of the poster with the torch itself. Read the poster again. You will find it less clear than before. You may even be unable to read it. This simple experiment will prove beyond doubt what I have stated. Good luck! Don't know why but I hear the voice of hannibal lecter as I read that.
  3. Radio 1 reception in the north of the island has always been too poor to be able to get a clear signal. Another reason to begrudge the license fee.
  4. Stove installations need to be certified now so if you are planning to sell, let, change ownership or anything like that within the lifetime of the stove make sure whoever does it does the job properly. In fact, once it is installed get it certified before you pay the installers. Where are you on the island?
  5. I got that letter asking me have I forgotten to add kids too. It also asks me to get in touch with them to confirm that I have no kids living here. No, I've already told you in the census there no kids living here now fuck off.
  6. I don't see Trump lasting too long as president. He only wanted to beat the other candidates in the election and he's done that now. I think he'll quit.
  7. Terminal


    Did you get a free doughnut though?
  8. Terminal


    This was the problem.
  9. Terminal


    Why would anyone try to watch Douglas fireworks when Ramsey's are obs better?
  10. It always smells quite nice when you walk past the canteen but you can never be quite sure that they're not serving roast amputated femur today.
  11. My radio alarm clock changes time automatically but it changed last weekend instead. Stupid fucking thing.
  12. But the last sentence of the report says: But there was no suggestion of excessive speed or any other criticism of your driving.
  13. Microwaved. We'll spin him right round baby right round like a record baby.
  14. How much has been taken from reserves over the last 5 years to keep the Manx economy going? When the money runs out in about 7 years things will certainly change.
  15. Did they ever find out who tied the dog's legs up and chucked it into Sulby reservoir years ago?
  16. Hopefully the vote of no confidence will come soon.
  17. Terminal

    Laxey Bridge

    I might when the whole place gets gridlocked the next time the mountain road gets closed. We'll see.
  18. I woke up this morning and found an earring in my undies after an encounter with a very drunk lady in a Ramsey car park last night.
  19. So has it got a single carriageway on it after all? Fuckin stupid idea if it has.
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