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  1. Phil Gawne MHK again. I'll just link to a post I lashed up before http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/56812-manx-money-for-zimbabwe-and-the-central-african-republic/?p=893052 He is a good enough Manx singer and all that shite, but as a politician with intuition and intelligence he is about as much use as Geoff Corkish MLC. Oh, and having a degree does not necessarily mean you have intelligence. Those days went oot the window a couple or more decades ago.
  2. I am an idiot who doesn't know the difference between gossiping in a pub and posting (allegedly) libellous material about politicians. I am an utter moron who continues to seemingly be determined to get himself and/or this site in trouble. I am a waste of skin. I am banned for one week. Oh well.
  3. Greed will certainly be the downfall, but not before the local fat cats have scooped as much cash as they can. When I see ex-Government employees on many hundreds of pounds per week pension for the rest of their days I shudder. The time will come when Westminster will step in to sort things out but the fat cats will be well loaded and settled in sunnier climes by then.
  4. Oooh! £5million. Is that a lot of money or not? Well Phil is it? In terms of a numpty living on the Isle of Man it is a lot of money. Of course it is. Probably a wheelbarrow full. You could buy a new farm or a herd of very nice cows and stuff and all sort of things with that, That's a lot of money. A real lot of money. Loads.
  5. I know people who have had their entitlement stopped because they did not write for two jobs a week. So they now receive nothing. Zero. Zilch. They can't even get dental treatment without paying for it. They have been like that for many months living on friends and family and whatever food can be found in bins etc. (seriously). Still it allows the likes of Allan Bell Chief Minister and his highly paid cohorts and civil service fat cats to brag that employment is down. I would say unemployment isn't down, they've just kicked people off the register, off the system. Job done. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-26928359 http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=70479
  6. For those not au fait with Chris Robertshaw MHK before he had the ministerial gold and ego boost implants, this is what he once said of the Public Accounts Committee: Source Hansard 16th November 2010 Yes, very weak, and horribly parodied from some Westminster remark of yesteryear, but there you go.
  7. There is plenty of money made on the Isle of Man from people who come to retire with oodles of cash. Some come here because they have lost touch with their friends and family, but hey, if they have the cash they will make plenty of new friends, especially in Athol Street and the likes. It is not unknown for wills and such to be forged or for the people to be manipulated. 'Tis a veritable industry indeed. Aye, all part of the Finance Sector.
  8. Not the place to go into detail here, but the UK banned the closing of public roads for road racing whereas the Isle of Man Government did not and capitalised on the situation. I think a man down the pub has been winding the op up.
  9. Expect to see an inordinate number of councillors and former councillors, and their friends and relatives, in the place one day.
  10. Best quote or link to a source, otherwise people might think the speculation is from your own feverish mind.
  11. There has been bragging about how the Isle of Man Government has managed to secure a huge amount of reserves over the years (it could do little else considering the VAT bonanza that went on for so long undetected - there is only so much money that can be thrown at such as IRIS, MEA and other such £millionaire making projects) The Isle of Man Government should use the reserves, not impose further charges on the public. The reason they will not use the reserves is because it is seen as their (along with all the Government paid workers) money...,,their salaries for the future.....their lump sum retirement wedge........their pension pot......flowing in like the tide until the very day, way in the future, when they die. Some of the sums being paid to retiring civil servants and other Government paid workers are obscene. There is no way these people have earned anything like those sums. The only way to stop this outrageous plundering of the reserves in a democracy is to vote in people who will have the balls to do something about it. At present there are just a handful of people who have the decency to stand up to what is happening.
  12. I would have fully believed in this sentence until this new years eve, when an experienced lawyer went out of their way and helped a teenage girl out of the goodness of his heart to give her a fantastic chance in life - free of charge, the difference in her is simply amazing, like the world suddenly has been taken of her shoulders! Some unfortunately want to keep the animosity going, others as above do really care - it's the children that suffer, why can't we as a civilized nation not see what is happening? Maybe a bit like Albert Gubay giving all that money to the Catholic Church perhaps? Absolution is sought in many ways.
  13. Yep, good posts VinnieK. To me, very much summed up with the description of CR: "...just another hapless egotist....". But it's not nice when he is the erm, 'constituency' MHK who clearly doesn't give much of a damn about Douglas East and certainly not his constituents. And it is not nice knowing that I voted for him. For that I am sorry.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys fully endorsed Margaret Thatcher's poll tax too.
  15. I got ripped by a firm of advocates. You could have blown me down with a feather when I saw ther happy smiling faces beaming from the page. They didn't make it in the following year, although that was nothing to do with me. Anyway, I called it the Bent Business Guide since then.
  16. Off topic a bit, but to show what we are dealing with here: When Robertshaw first opened his mouth in Tynwald on 15th June 2010, it was on his very first day. The new boy. He asked the first question on the paper: source - Hansard Robertshaw got what he wanted in those months before the general election - the trust of the people and their votes before his 5 year rampage. Four years later and the first reading of the Bill is still not in sight. Do you think he is bothered or do you think his mouth has been stuffed with gold?
  17. Thanks kevster, but there should be no need, that is the newspaper;s job. Except the newspaper in this case is half arsed. Oh, and I forgot, Isle of Man Newspapers only print what they are given/told to.
  18. Nice to read the Courier. I've not read it for a few months. Im not sure if our delivery lad is just dumping them all over the wall down the road. Anyway, who are the directors of FPL Recycyling Ltd, or does the Isle of Man Government/Isle of Man Newspapers court reporter/ and presumably the courts too, believe in keeping Limited companies and their directors secret? We don't even know the advocates involved or the mysterious "A government spokesman said..." £17,000 is a hefty fine, but obviously not worthy of 'name and shame' like someone claiming a few hundred quid extra from the DHSS.
  19. He won't go far if he doesn't get voted back in at the general election. I am ashamed to say I voted for him. I certainly haven't seen him in Douglas East since he got the CoMin sweetener. I reckon he just slopes off up to his countryside farmhouse once his Tynwald business has finished. I'm all for democracy but I would much prefer he stands in Middle or anywhere and fucks off totally from the perceived easy seat of Douglas East. The winter olympics will be held in Hell before he gets my vote again.
  20. If mites live on Bees what lives on mites? Are there mite mites? I s'pose there must be. Maybe we'll never know.
  21. Your MHKs are there to represent you and the people of the Isle of Man. They are not there to grab as much as they can for themselves and shuffle in silence into the Tynwald club. (what a naive post)
  22. woolley, who is/are your MHKs? They are there to represent the views of their constituents, they will/should help.
  23. I know Frank Cowin was organising a comprehensive survey of all the tholtans about 12 -15 years ago, I'm not sure what came of it.
  24. It's all very well John Houghton badgering Eddie Teare, but it is about time the Ministry of Justice took a long hard look at the Isle of Man justice system and the 'legal community'.
  25. Listen to Robertshaw and sidekick speak to committee, then Allan Bell smooth it all over in a gentle interview Manx Radio Agenda 31st March 2014: http://www.manxradio.com/audiovault/Agenda.mp3 http://www.manxradio.com/audiovault/Agenda.mp3 Basically, £3/4million for some consultants to tell us some stuff - a fucking bargain
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