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  1. China - you seem to think I was being critical of Science - I was not. Just pointing out that like absolutely everything we can say about the Universe and human experience, it is an invention of the Mind. We can never encapsulate "Reality" in our concepts and ideas - they will always be inadequate. That having been said, I agree with most of what you say. Happy New Year!
  2. But is not Science itself made-up by human concepts and mental models?
  3. Many thsnks for the list, Mans.
  4. To be honest, MB, I was probably given a handout years ago when I started on Warfarin but just read about it and then forgot it! I am no fan of Government generally but my experience with the NHS Anti-Coagulation Team has been excellent.
  5. By applying pitch forks to him (and the rest).
  6. Thanks, Wrighty - I am on Warfarin and did not know this (although perhaps I should have).
  7. No, GD - it is the IoM proposals I am talking about. See http://www.gov.im/treasury/incometax/ConsultationDetail.gov?id=331
  8. I take it that you have not seen the proposed Personal Service Company proposals due to be enacted next year?
  9. Yes, MDO, I have. Damned nuisance they are.
  10. It should be "harebrained". A Pedant.
  11. Perhaps you should ask Santa for a sense of humour this year, Slim.
  12. Christmas Trees - Bah, Humbug. Complete waste of time and money, as are decorations.
  13. If media reports are to be believed the two presenters are now having severe psychological problems. Just goes to show - we can never forecast all of the ramifications of our actions - Karma always gets you in the end!
  14. Karellen is right - all this has been on the cards for years. The "fignt against drugs" was always much more than that - it was a Trojan Horse used to start picking away at tax evasion/avoidance and any business in the finance sector has been well advised to have a contingency plan in place to migrate elsewhere.
  15. This is a matter of levels of reality. As far as we are concerned in everyday life, tables, chairs and what have you are solid. However, we know that at a more fundamental level this solidity is merely a reflection of the interactions between electrons and that the vast majority of an atom is emptiness (ok - there may be a blizzard of virtual particles popping in and out of existence as well). The evidence suggests that matter is simply bound energy (whatever energy really is). Furthermore, many particles seem to be just more energetic/heavy versions of fundamental particles. Lxxx is right
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