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  1. It's what keeps happening though.
  2. Since the 70's might have been more accurate.
  3. Not exactly correct, you've also had the toilet tax now.
  4. Not just the elderly, how many have payed nothing in until they got here and get the same service?
  5. Or going as planned, causing the problem to give them the excuse to keep upping the population.
  6. I take pretty much anything they say as fake or agenda driven now. Maybe they did their research during Reading/Leeds fest. Or maybe they just let more old people in.
  7. Could we grow Conister with expanded services to replace it, probably be more money for them so worth it in theory.
  8. I believe we might have gone past that mark a few years ago
  9. They really shouldn't be allowed to keep using that name whilst operating from another jurisdiction, their excuse will be being the Royal bank of SCOTLAND based there, but it's not quite the same thing.
  10. And soon our bank apparently, didn't they have some sort of housing rights.residence laws that gave their people more protection too? - as opposed to our resident act that we never used.
  11. I'm not seeing how neverending bigger and bigger (and often useless) government is affordable or appropriate for a place and population this size.
  12. 1 - I see little in the way of "decent modern facilities" in the last 20 - 30 years of growing the population by thousands (apart from the Villa, which was an update of something that already existed and the NSC) - all I've seen are the loss of facilities with the growing population. - White City - houses, the Crescent - Apartments, Bushy's - (a dive but a tourist draw) - offices, Summerland - a carpark? - most hotels - apartments or old people homes and on and on it goes. Forgive me if I don't believe that upping the population will result in more facilities. 2 - It can never be a city no matter what we do, haven't seen a whole lot of "new ideas" emerge over the last 20 - 30 years apart from the low tax idea (films, banking, insurance, ship and aircraft registery etc). and online gambling. "Gravity"? I saw less of our own people leave then than now since we've been growing the population for years.
  13. It was around 60,000 or something when I was growing up, never seemed to be underpopulated, we had pretty much everything we needed with some genuine skilled workers etc brought in like doctors etc. and some seasonal workers I think It worked pretty well. It was around the 30,000 mark for most of our history before that over the centuries. I think it's around 85,000 now going by the amount of cars on the road it doesn't seem to be rapidly depopulating.
  14. Is it really? - I don't recall there being a groundswell or push for this any any major way before they decided to bring it in themselves. Will it result in higher or lower birthrates?
  15. These fluctuating stats are pretty worthless, we go slightly up or down so what? - we went up by thousands and thousands in just a few decades - which seemed to result in our quality of life reducing and loss of facilities -most leisure buildings, hotels etc. seemed to get turned into offices or apartments, look at the state of the hospital for example - how many have contributed to it ?
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