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  1. And the one's who didn't agree weren't funded.
  2. I take it we went down one before the 2 were added then?
  3. Jersey have gone from about 22 active cases to 31 over the last couple of days Guernsey I think are still at 2
  4. I don't actually use facebook btw, How would you suggest their deathrate in the first wave compared with other countries? How about their current infection rate?
  5. Aww no, poor guys I.e. people pointed out all the other comments you chose to ignore. And praised on others. And never would have anyway and considering they seem to be supportive of people not abiding by rules that have kept the island clear for months, why would we want them anyway? "Royston Vassey" - Free of covid for months, whilst they live in a disease teeming leper colony - one of the worst places in the world for it. So, morons then.
  6. Lagman


    Blimey, harsh. We do.
  7. Another outbreak, another Abbotswood etc.
  8. Thing is though it isn't just healthcare workers they're letting in and violating rules, it's people working for the MER for fuel companies and god knows what else, the more and more people allowed in, the more likelyhood of violation and more risk of setting off another round of infection. The line used for - you wouldn't want healthcare workers to stop coming would you? is used for all of them and lots of them we can do without whilst this is ongoing. I do agree with the people feeling bombproof part, we really , really aren't.
  9. If we have to lockdown again it will be worse.
  10. I'm sure I read somewhere that the guy who invented the test said it didn't work for this.
  11. Would you send them to the UK from another country at the moment with their infection rate?
  12. He's obviously only reading lefty comments.
  13. "backward" covid free for months - UK - leper colony - mass infections. I'm ok if we don't run the risk of "essential" MER workers for a while.
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