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  1. Soooo back on topic - does anyone know any more? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaijin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gringo
  2. It was several people's comments. I probably mushed them together a bit when I copied and pasted them.
  3. Have a look at this thing -
  4. They had Dynamite Dux, Double Dragon 2 or 3, I think they had one of the Wonder boys. Why are you asking?
  5. "Cornwall needs to be thankful for what it has." - It apparently isn't though going by the comments section. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/people-overcrowded-cornwall-spoken-out-3250359 For example - "Remember Cornwall Council's report commissioned from an erstwhile economics professor? Tourism generates £B 1.6 Gross out of a total GDP of £B 9.8... ie 18%. And when you subtract its costs, roads, sewers, medical, litter, disruption to others industry (92%), then his conclusion is: "Tourism is an industry of NETT EXTRACTION!" To be blunt, tourism costs Cornwall more money than it brings in! Cornwall Council's own report!" - "No we don’t we managed perfectly well before we had a stamped of poldark & doc Martin lovers oh and rosimond pilchar blinking fanatics or sorry emmetts invading us." - "There is manageable tourism as in many parts of the UK and there is saturation tourism like Cornwall suffers. Now that the resident population is heading for 600,000, the numbers in this annual influx are simply not sustainable on top. You cannot fit a quart into a pint pot and this is the toe end of the sock that gets narrower the further west you go. The chaos and dislocation around the Duchy and disruption to everyday lives is simply not acceptable anymore." - "Well I worked hard,risking my life fishing,farming and in tourism.10 years ago the anglo government dictated that locals lose their jobs so farmers and the like can create wage compression.Its no accident this area is as poor as albania anglos have been forcing Cornish people out for centuries." -"The ones who profit from emmets are not the locals. The holiday homes are owned by up country money grabbers. The locals who slave in the tourist trade are paid a pittance. Tourism is not good for us . Dont care if they dont come back !" - "There are several problems with tourism. Much of the money taken is remitted back to head offices outside Cornwall. Too many people arrive at the same time, placing a strain on services and infrastructure. Tourism pushes property prices up well out of the range of most people, and increases homelessness. It makes other kinds of economic activity difficult, and boosts unemployment." - "Lets make this clear,paying national taxes,paying minimum wages,causing gridlock costing local tradesmen and pretty much tying the house prices to central london doesnt help the people of Cornwall.It is pointless to hope that someone "in control" in Cornwall would be able to change this as they all own at least one home here themselves." -"First time I have been back to Cornwall in 30 years. I have such wonderful memories but sadly things have changed so much. Cornwall is full up. I really feel for people born and bred there. I know tourism brings much needed employment and income but it’s a fine balance which to me looks like it’s just gone too far. As beautiful as it is, I shall never come back. Everywhere is so busy and crowded. I fully agree about the new builds. I found some of them look absolutely shocking, very ghettoish. You have my full sympathy. It is so sad." -
  6. From the Wiki - "It originally referred to tourists who visit Cornwall but has also been used by native Cornish Folk to refer to "incomers" or residents who have moved to the county but were not born there."
  7. Also why is Pennywise a real thing in Cornwall now? - https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/marauder-horror-film-clown-mask-3299960 https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/killer-clown-mask-creep-strikes-3319138 Why don't we have one? Everywhere seems to get one when there is a new IT film, is this how movies advertise now?
  8. This is the first time I've been on here for ages, so there is that.
  9. I learnt a new term for "comeover" - the Cornish version - From the comments section - https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/people-overcrowded-cornwall-spoken-out-3250359 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmet_(Cornish) - Also this Devon one (with an IOM mention) - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/grockle What other ones are there?
  10. Just get rid of Freemasons - Order out of Chaos.
  11. It was obviously slot sitting, no matter if it did well or not, it would be the same result. I imagine the susidised Guernsey route won't last after next summer either - https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2019/02/22/heathrow-link-re-established--via-guernsey/ "At present though, there is still a question mark over next summer's services." - https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2019-09-02/guernsey-to-heathrow-route-extended-to-run-over-winter/
  12. When these things have been looked at before - the UK was found to have been just as bad or worse than the so called tax havens, maybe what it found implicates the UK more so than the island.
  13. Has anyone been watching the fascinating and depressing Dead mall series on YT? - Amazon etc. seems to be killing them off across America. - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykawXG8F4FA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APlSFQh6udw&list=PLNz4Un92pGNxQ9vNgmnCx7dwchPJGJ3IQ
  14. The worse thing for the climate is to "increase the working population of the island".
  15. He probably just went to the lodge meeting to get the instructions.
  16. IOM was self sufficient in food for centuries, if we need to be again then we could be, if we don't build on all the farm land first that is.
  17. Well there was this "Douglas man" - https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/tt-week-pub-fight-started-over-seat/ http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=50669&headline=Man is jailed for 'serious assault' in TT&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 - ’This was a serious incidence of violence on licensed premises, while intoxicated, just a month after sentencing for violence weeks after your arrival on the island.’ - "was fined in April, just over a month before the latest incident, for a common assault, although that offence was committed in May 2018." - " He has lived here for 17 months. "
  18. It's what keeps happening though.
  19. Since the 70's might have been more accurate.
  20. Not exactly correct, you've also had the toilet tax now.
  21. Not just the elderly, how many have payed nothing in until they got here and get the same service?
  22. Or going as planned, causing the problem to give them the excuse to keep upping the population.
  23. I take pretty much anything they say as fake or agenda driven now. Maybe they did their research during Reading/Leeds fest. Or maybe they just let more old people in.
  24. Could we grow Conister with expanded services to replace it, probably be more money for them so worth it in theory.
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