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  1. It's the complete lack of context that causes confusion. If the 56 is the number in the 24 hour period since the last release (assuming that figure is also in the previous 24 hour period) then fine. It they are just throwing about figures like monkeys throwing about their own shit then they need to get a grip.
  2. Won't admit the have ballsed up on multiple occasions this time round will they. An apology for what indeed....
  3. He's clearly got the DoI in to build that. I demand an investigation.
  4. Meanwhile at Anfield the term six times baby takes on a whole new meaning
  5. Yep, especially when they add in any results they get between midnight and 4pm.
  6. Is the work on the prom actually stopping or does it fall under the still allowed critical national infrastructure.
  7. I bet Heysham based facebook groups are demanding the boarders are closed.
  8. He gave some odd explanation of that the other day. To summarize the published numbers are bollocks.
  9. Yep must be bad if the overnight figures caused a change of mind on schools and construction. *Checks bog roll stash*
  10. Another wonderful Anfield night under the floodlights. I'm really starting to appreciate them now.
  11. Think it is the modern version of my grandad shouting down the phone when he could call a number outside of Peel
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