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  1. I see the whinging from people who were too stupid to cut their holidays short and are now stuck in the UK or even further afield is now in full swing. God knows what they will be like when they are eventually allowed to return and quarantined sonewhere for a fortnight.
  2. Has anyone told all the people who are currently working on the prom?
  3. Just read an FOI response on facebook. Rather than replacing the cracked concrete they are planning on seeing if they can glue it together using a red coloured resin.
  4. I notice with the latest batch of red concrete laid yesterday they had actually put some separation between the concrete and the rail. It was still very half arsed though and only went down about 2 centimetres so probably wont make any difference.
  5. Port Erin now offering to investigate options to merge with Rushen/Arbory (plus others) to create a Southern authority. If any Port Erin commissioners are reading this you can cram it up your collective arses.
  6. He's complained to the police now. Apparently the candidates illegally cold called people when campaigning for the 2016 General Election. Once again, god I hope he gets in.
  7. Nah it is because he has misunderstood the cold calling laws and is now pretending to take legal advice.
  8. Buster has announced on his facebook site that he is standing in Douglas South. God I hope he gets in.
  9. How can he possibly consider addressing the pensions shortfall as a success?
  10. To enable traffic to keep moving when people stop in the middle of the road to wait for a space to become available. Same purpose the tram lines used to serve.
  11. Doesn't he have responsibility for tourism? You would think he would ask the occasional question about what is going on with the Lord Street site
  12. The tanker is next to it. I doubt movements of airctaft carriers are easily trackable on shipais.
  13. Longworth hasn't splashed out on an aircraft carrier has he? There's one just off Douglas at the moment.
  14. Dave Hedgehog


    You've got to assume they have already paid all the money or surely everyone involved would be binned off for breach of contract.
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