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  1. All that electricity saved on the broken lights on the prom should mean a cut of a few quid too
  2. All that electricity saved on the broken lights on the prom should mean a cut of a few quid too
  3. Not so much as a flake down south. Gonna be a few shocked parents when they get to the schools to drop their kids off.
  4. Early 2023 nomination for (unsurprisingly) the DoI for putting traffic lights at Balthane roundabout whilst simultaneously closing the St Marks road in Ballasalla for resurfacing and putting traffic lights in Ballabeg to put a new zebra crossing on a corner. Gotta love working from home at times like this.
  5. Taxi drivers in don't like cyclists sensation.
  6. Just checked. I have been stung for 400 with no bill to be seen. Checking my meter it looks ok but not best pleased about the lack of an invoice. I'm gonna cancel the direct debit until they sort themselves out. Also interesting from a VAT point of view if they are not raising VAT invoices.
  7. Dave Hedgehog


    Yeah especially when he hints at wrongdoings amongst those penpushers at City Hall.....
  8. I think I saw a Goldfinger related question before losing the will to live.
  9. Loving the DoI argument that they are not needed. Are they reopening the long drop in Castle Rushen or should people hang their arses over the harbour wall and open the bomb bay doors?
  10. I think it probably the lack of any new major government projects that is hitting them rather than the prom legacy.
  11. Dave Hedgehog


    I don't think they had even gritted the road by Ballabeg which is now shut after multiple crashes this morning It has been perilous for days.
  12. Let's hope anyone that promises to have the Cosy Nook reduced to rubble gets elected.
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