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  1. How's about Covid Limitation and Investigation Team Official Research and Island Statistics
  2. Forget dog turds. Toys being thrown out of a pram are the real menace on the streets of Onchan tonight
  3. Plus he would need to know the price of a stamp.
  4. BSc SSc. Forgot to bring in his pyjamas on the day he was going for the gold swimming certificate though.
  5. It is going to be an ace game of bullshit bingo when Ashy delivers his first budget next year (and then shreds the pink book due to imaginary GDPR issues)
  6. I see the Facebook types are now asking for the schools to be closed early. I'm not entirely sure how closing schools to all kids because some kids are missing school is in any way beneficial but hey ho.
  7. Have you tried turning yourself off and on again?
  8. I can remember Dr Glover confirming what that bug was. It was neither flu nor covid.
  9. It's gonna be interesting to see how little the general public give a toss about this stuff compared to the Paradise Papers. I'm gonna go with an 'oooohh that's terrible....anyway what's for tea' level of apathy.
  10. The odd road ahead closed sign would have been nice as well. Like maybe one at Patrick given it was the last chance to turn off before the Round Table
  11. Maybe they think DHSC stands for Department of Hockey Score Commentators
  12. Probably can't even remember the number for 999
  13. Kids going to bed disappointed that the school hasn't blown up
  14. I think the best way to deal with the roundels is treat them as roundabouts unless you are in a hurry. Then it's Mad Max rules all the way
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