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  1. Larger population size doesn't mean better quality candidates. Look at the UK Prime Minister for example.
  2. And Douglas seems to be benefitting so well from it...
  3. They should give him the Infrastructure gig next as a punishment. Actually no he will just be conned by Longworth into spending billions on a Mercedes space rocket.
  4. He is either implicit or incompetent. Either way he needs to go.
  5. So how are people finding the bread situation now Ramsey Bakery are totally gone. Down south co-op and Shoprite are pretty rubbish with only the Spars selling a half decent loaf. All working out great so far...
  6. *googles number of pensioners in the UK* Yep he is spot on there.
  7. Short of these advisers being somebody like Jack Bauer how does he think they will be told the truth any more than MHKs are?
  8. He is bringing in a crack team of advisers consisting of Jordan Belfort, Nick Leeson and despite being fictional Gordon Gecko
  9. Does he shred everyone's answer sheets before announcing the results?
  10. Looks like somebody didn't say hello to the fairies.
  11. More bits dug up on the prom this week I see. Also where they have replaced the tarmac they haven't bothered keeping the groove between the tarmac and the concrete. It is just a great job all round.
  12. Cost increase is probably down to Longworth wanting them to be able to carry horse drawn steam trains.
  13. KFC will be open soon. Simple solution to the problem I would say.
  14. Looking at the drawings there are actually three sets of points needed withing this little clusterfuck. Just about sums up the needless complexity attached to everything on the prom. You would think all they need to do it take a screenshot of the points by the Sea Terminal from Google Street View and copy them. Where do I collect my cheque
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