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  1. I think the plan is to keep the work going forever so they never have to say how much it has cost.
  2. Forget the roundel. The concrete work in the bottom pic is for want of a better word.....shite
  3. That is the temporary roundabout. The plan is to dig it up some time next year and replace it with something more expensive
  4. Dave Hedgehog


    Is this about ****** ******* gettting the boot after being discovered ******* ***** ****** monkey ***** ***** **** clown?
  5. But they didn't waste 120k because they still have a van left after getting rid of the useless equipment inside it. So that's ok then.
  6. Now they are making the road by Braddan School one way toward the hospital for six weeks during the school holidays. Must have thought traffic from the West was having things too easy compared to North and South
  7. It will be interesting to see which companies can be bothered even offering services to small places like here if they have to go to the bother of calculating a tax base and completing whatever is needed to submit a return.
  8. I love the misleading pictures on one of the newer agents. Always a laugh to see the shape of the tv on the living room wall to see how much the image has been stretched to make the room look bigger. Surely this just leads to a first impression of disappointment when people actually view the place.
  9. No spare jabs for first doses (apart from the moderna ones which for sone reason they are not giving out until mid June) and they can't be arsed bringing forward around 18000 second doses as it would be near impossible apparently
  10. Well rather than accelerating second doses it would seem they are taking a fortnight off https://twitter.com/IOMGovernment/status/1397199060063465480?s=20
  11. Up to nearly 27,000 doses in stock today. Surely they are now in a position to start accelerating things....
  12. They probably seized one fake Rolex and gave it the value of a genuine one
  13. We will be on Covid-97 before the prom is finished
  14. That's on the south part so basically Loch Prom where there are no tracks. I didnt think there were any cracks on that part but I am always distracted by the sinking zebra crossings so who knows......
  15. Can you imagine how much old people will moan if they have to go somewhere else? They will have to put the Mannin Line on 24/7
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