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  1. I dare say they have found it is an effective way of cutting back on some of the time wasters who are no doubt the ones now abusing the staff.
  2. Pffft. They have even got a vegan food van now. It's all going on down south.
  3. I know Card Factory are cheaper but on balance I think I would have just got my cards from Clintons.
  4. Hmmm. Sounds like there is somebody senior who is too thick to show any kind of flexibility or iniative to deap with a quickly changing situation. Well played to the lab staff for bypassing him/her.
  5. I'd like to think there will be some interesting questions at the presser tomorrow but experience suggests there won't.
  6. It was only 15 minutes. More likely the person putting the daily data up had gone for a dump.
  7. You may notice a bench or two are yet to be bolted down.
  8. Yep a flyover would be ludicrously expensive. Flyover it is then.
  9. So any non essential retail in England shuts from Thursday until 2 Dec at least I wonder if soke of our chain stores will now close by default. I remember in March TK Maxx closing before any kind of lockdown started here....
  10. Chimp virus eh. So only a few years before we have Charlton Heston shaking his fist at the Statue of Liberty then.
  11. So an H&B ran establishment sells more expensive beer than elsewhere. Strange......
  12. Guernsey flights suspended then. Wonder what it means for those who went the other day?
  13. Haha turns out the November Broadway reopening is only a partial reopening https://www.myprom.im/updates/traffic-management/broadway-?fbclid=IwAR0ZPx0Hs_Ab66D_hkmlqIDN6PsAfoRKMClw3SedfEuqvW-LnLtFLBJhkAY
  14. Apparently Pickford has been called in for some additional education after he got confused about the meaning of taking the knee.
  15. Our media will probably just ask questions about whether they can still hold dinner parties this weekend.
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