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  1. Incident on Victoria Road now...
  2. Only a week to go before the horse trams run. Unless they get DIY SOS in to finish it off I have my douts about it happening.
  3. Harsh on the firemen that. They had to assist when Mount Murray burnt down and of course had to deal with the aftermath of rolling their own fire engine a few years back too. Have they replaced the people on the information desk with two arrows pointing to check ins and departures yet?
  4. Only three weeks now until the horse trams are due to start. Yeah right.
  5. Gotta love a Jacksons closing rumour. They've been going longer than Tynwald has.
  6. I dont think it has ceased traing has it but just pulled out of the UK and Ireland markets
  7. State of the food in the brewery pubs I doubt the ‘chefs’ need worry about this affecting them too much.
  8. I never realised Living Hope were so easily upset. *parks car filled with dildos oitside their clubhouse in Port St Mary*
  9. Judging by his output he's more likely to have been trained by somewhere that sold chips cheese and gravy rather than a company called it.
  10. Mayhe he's got himself a bungalow in Janets Corner.
  11. The bar for Home Affairs minister isn't exactly set high. Let's not forget about the last one and his responsible drinking warnings
  12. I see they are looking ar introducing a voluntary defined contribution scheme as well. I'm sure that will see a massive takeup rate.... Who doesn't want to pay the same for less in return.
  13. Have I read this right? They are expecting people to pay 25-30 years of berthing fees in advance for what will at that point still be the sea. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47187&headline=Hundreds turn out to hear about Ramsey marina&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 LOL
  14. Classic granny farming from one individual in that debate managing to bring pubs, local shops, post offices and pensions together.
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