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  1. Mr Speaker is behind the Hill looking queasy with a small pile of lego blocks on the grass next to him
  2. No new cases today so I suspect this rumour came from the breakdown issued last week showing where the 336 cases came from including coincidentally one from patient transfer.
  3. Looks in better nick than the bogs in the Rovers.
  4. OK we've dug it all up. Now what do we do?
  5. It's fine on a mountain bike but I wouldn't use it on something with thinner tyres. Keeping the grass verge on part of it is ridiculous as well.
  6. Good it is reopening. Shame it still appears to be the brewery opening it. Got my hopes up when I heard the rumours it had been sold.
  7. Textbook performance from the fans at the Pier Head I see. One building on fire, a stabbing, fighting amongst each other and the police having to issue a dispersal order with the potential of curfews if they continue tonight.
  8. Id love one of them (or an MHK for that matter) to ask why a car park has reopened on the Lord Street site and what the developers future plans are.
  9. Well I for one congratulate Liverpool on winning the project restart trophy.
  10. Dave Hedgehog


    Worrying that they think June 20 2019 is within 5 days of June 15 2020
  11. They could start by removing that fishing boat somebody flytipped in the Cathedral grounds.
  12. Apparently Next needs to recruit a new manager bwfore they can reopen.
  13. Atr the Archie and Terminus open. Along with the Colby Glen and a few others they aren't currently showing on the brewery's opening list.
  14. I live about 50 yards away and have probably been in three times in the last two years. I would rather go to The Shore where the food is......well......nice.
  15. Funnily when I heard the minister defending the changes I thought who do you think you are kidding Mr Baker
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