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  1. It's fine on a mountain bike but I wouldn't use it on something with thinner tyres. Keeping the grass verge on part of it is ridiculous as well.
  2. Good it is reopening. Shame it still appears to be the brewery opening it. Got my hopes up when I heard the rumours it had been sold.
  3. Textbook performance from the fans at the Pier Head I see. One building on fire, a stabbing, fighting amongst each other and the police having to issue a dispersal order with the potential of curfews if they continue tonight.
  4. Id love one of them (or an MHK for that matter) to ask why a car park has reopened on the Lord Street site and what the developers future plans are.
  5. Well I for one congratulate Liverpool on winning the project restart trophy.
  6. Dave Hedgehog


    Worrying that they think June 20 2019 is within 5 days of June 15 2020
  7. They could start by removing that fishing boat somebody flytipped in the Cathedral grounds.
  8. Apparently Next needs to recruit a new manager bwfore they can reopen.
  9. Atr the Archie and Terminus open. Along with the Colby Glen and a few others they aren't currently showing on the brewery's opening list.
  10. I live about 50 yards away and have probably been in three times in the last two years. I would rather go to The Shore where the food is......well......nice.
  11. Funnily when I heard the minister defending the changes I thought who do you think you are kidding Mr Baker
  12. Well in that case they will have to block that part of the road and send any traffic wishing to head up towards Signpost around the second roundabout and back through the dip. This is what they're gonna do next isn't it...
  13. Great isnt it. Everyone knows the pinch point is the big roundabout with traffic coming down from Signpost and Onchan traffic meeting so they have decided to route even more cars through it. I am glad I am still working from home.
  14. The 'solution' is that as of Thursday morning vehicles coming from St Ninians won't be able to turn right at the roundabout and head down Victoria Road. Instead they will have to go through the dip do a 180 at the second roundabout and go left down Victoria Road. Great stuff all round. Well done DoI
  15. But enough of that. Pubs can open from Thursday. Wahey
  16. They have put some goo in the expansion joints on Loch Prom to fill gaps. The stuff they have used is blue mind but at least they are trying.
  17. You just know that being different departments they will have already fired out a cheque to the liquidators.
  18. Forget the schools. The big unasked question is will Heron and Brearley have bothered to take the opportunity to clean the bogs in any of their pubs...
  19. Interesting comment here http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=56114&headline=We won't leave Prom in a mess&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 The plan for the light rail system isnt to link up the MER at all. It's to run a line beyween Birch Hill and Farmhill. Its so bonkers it could well happen.
  20. http://www.cowleygroves.com/property/parking-spaces-lord-street-douglas/?fbclid=IwAR2PmDEixXeGphI0dshJUnH2P_DmQwcTwxboBuZQ9kxaQ8CI-tOJtLnEeWM Once again. Not gonna happen.
  21. This will go down well https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/one-way-system-for-douglas-promenade/
  22. Does anyone know if crisps count as a substantial meal? It's for some pub going on the 15th that I may be planning.
  23. Big fire there last night https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/forty-firefighters-tackle-blaze-at-glen-helen/ Yikes
  24. Is the cabbage fixed again? I have just heard a train going through Colby and it wasn't a steamie.
  25. I will believe it when I am stood in the foyer moaning about the price of the pick n mix.
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