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  1. Doesn't he have responsibility for tourism? You would think he would ask the occasional question about what is going on with the Lord Street site
  2. The tanker is next to it. I doubt movements of airctaft carriers are easily trackable on shipais.
  3. Longworth hasn't splashed out on an aircraft carrier has he? There's one just off Douglas at the moment.
  4. Dave Hedgehog


    You've got to assume they have already paid all the money or surely everyone involved would be binned off for breach of contract.
  5. Just yer 4.5 mill of capex this year on the heritage railways. Bargain.
  6. Theyll need that cash to redo the prom once it is finished.
  7. Is the pink book out yet? I want to see what they are planning to spunk on buses and airport stuff this year...
  8. They'll probably raise the state pension age to 80 and use that cash to pay for government pensions.
  9. Great organisation at the south end as well. Just as work starts on the pavements two buildings put scaffolding up stopping tuem in their tracks. Great stuff all round.
  10. I saw a worker by the Spar today trying to shovel water into a wheelbarrow. Tremendous scenes.
  11. They now have an update showing what they are planning to do over the next 4 weeks https://www.myprom.im/updates Cant wait to see how much of it gets done
  12. Good to see on the weekly update email they are still claiming the clearly unfinished part opposite the Horse stables on Queens Prom is finished. Maybe it is and they have decided to just leave it like that.
  13. I swear somebody follows me round in there taking notes of what I buy and immediately cancels any future stock orders.
  14. Should make it much easier to dig up then.
  15. I think we all know the answer to that one...
  16. Couldnt they just clean up the mine workings and dump it straight at Turkeylands rsther than waiting for it to travel down river to Peel?
  17. I hear somebody has sent a letter and nobody can remember what to do with them so they all just panicked and hit the fire alarm.
  18. Well if they complain about shipping in the Mersey they should probably be pushed in.
  19. I think they are about to continue. They were getting set up this morning to commence work again by the Castle Mona.
  20. Tim Baker was fun on the radio last night. Apparently there are just a few cracks in the concrete and repairing them won't be a big deal. Also the dispute between the designers and contractors about the cause of the cracking is perfectly normal and will be easily sorted. Did he by any chance have a PR job for Saddam Hussein's government during the last Gulf War?
  21. Interesting admission later on that they are overstretched people wise and are looking to get people from the UK to work on the sheltered housing they are doing in Peel so they can shunt the people there onto the prom.
  22. Is that a chewing gum cleaning machine I can see stuffed into the back?
  23. If course 93.72% of statistics are mafe up bollox
  24. Shocking stuff. Not the storm, just the Auldyn truck heading back to the depot. First time I have seen any prom workers this year.
  25. You have to assume there are 'discussions' currently going on about the rails. It makes no sense to continue doing them when they can't even agree about what is causing the concrete to crack.
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