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  1. As well as the gas turbines at Pulrose . Peel and Pulrose both have diesel generators don't they?
  2. First policy could be getting rid of the terrible head at Castle Rushen before my kids start
  3. Deffo some dodgy side effects from the HPV jab the girl on the right had. I don't think the literature even mentions the possibility of facial hair.
  4. So planning was refused then and the developer has immediately put the site up for sale. Can't see many wanting to buy that
  5. I would be. I want more pink concrete.
  6. Well he has axed VAT on purchases tourists make. Good job we don't have any of them.
  7. Three years for this. Really? https://gef.im/2022/09/21/taxi-driver-jailed-for-death-of-douglas-woman/
  8. So no flamingo baps then. *cancels tender*
  9. Cafe at the wildlife park urgently looking for a new operator now as well.
  10. Now that approach is not really gonna get the customers flooding back
  11. Tuscany were blaming the state of the roof last time I went past. What is being aired now
  12. Well another total moron anyway
  13. In a week when Queen Elizabeth was buried there was some great telly.
  14. Where are people meant to go for a piss now.
  15. They have stuck her face on every single note you take out too. It's madness
  16. I cannot put profit over respect... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02ZTaRMr4iqXQJb99PiiDm3V8QZeQLkTXGGX4EMtoQwj1B8mubBqN45SxHJqFaJPKXl&id=256136557842821
  17. Well back for three days. Already given an extra two days off before Xmas and Mrs Mangel is at it again https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/teaching-union-potentially-considering-strike-action/
  18. Does he get a grant from DEFA for his granny farming?
  19. Is that a large or regular Mc Queen?
  20. Probably still more than happy to scaremonger about COVID though should the opportunity arise
  21. Or go to a nice pub instead
  22. Good to see work has finally started on the sunken gardens. Should all be ready just in time to get destroyed by a winter storm.
  23. Blimey if Not can't make money on their bread who can?
  24. Dave Hedgehog

    Manx 100

    Weren't there issues with it last year with a late cancellation after persons unknown removed a load of signs? Probably put a lot of people off.
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