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  1. One more person wishing they hadn't stumped up fifty quid for a test today then....
  2. Not even Jez the cat could be bothered turning up.
  3. So in 5-10 years the Railway, Bridge and British will be plastered in unpainted plywood then. Can't wait
  4. I bet he was writing on the screen with a felt tip
  5. Who needs a health food store when you have Dave's Delicious Diner
  6. Albanians eh. Sounds like a job for Liam Neeson.
  7. Right. So exactly what they are doing now then.
  8. Except it wouldn't have been fine for the prom as the same knackered infrastructure would be under the shiny new tarmac and would need endless digging up of the road to maintain it.
  9. Facebook bullshitters are ten a penny. No surprise that one will excrete something that comes close to the truth at some point.
  10. Two new cases today. Both self isolating since getting back.
  11. That would be nice but injuries, suspensions and the covid could all take their toll so squad depth may be an issue yet.
  12. Mourinho must be in with a shout. One game in and he is already blaming everybody but himself. Everton looking weirdly balanced with round pegs in round holes throughout for the first time in years.
  13. A bit more tarmac on the Gansey cycle path would be nice. Was it not the chundering one who interfered so the shitty strip of grass was kept in the first place.
  14. Somebody think of the drug dealers.
  15. The other case is on the front page of this week's Manx Indy. Turns out he didn't nick anything. Just helped hide it as part of a bit of good old benefit fraud.
  16. Worse news for Peel. No banks or cash machines in the west now are there?
  17. I thought he preferred a puke stained bus to a gravy train.
  18. Anyone know if Shoprite has ran out of bog roll yet?
  19. Yep. The half arsed tarmaccing they did to support the edges of the concrete didnt go up level with the concrete so cars have slowly chipped the concrete away.
  20. Have a look outside Spectrum/The Empress. It's actually crumbling there.
  21. Seems it is two way with a 120m single lane controlled by traffic lights in the middle. Should be fun at home time.
  22. The 4 week plan in the website is now 6 weeks old. Doesn't really inspire confidence does it.
  23. I saw a tweet from the police earlier saying they had arrested a few drunk people last night to save them from getting arrested for more serious crimes later on. It would seem pre crime is here. Now where is my minority report dammit.
  24. I went past Broadway this morning. Not a chance it will be ready. Unless they are doing one of their temporary chuck a bit of tarmac down and dig it up again in a months time efforts.
  25. So they actually are going to try turning it off and on again.
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