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  1. You would think the person due to receive the email may have wondered where it was too. Smells of bullshit this one.
  2. Busters facebook site has an FoI response about the cracked concrete. Basically anything they could do wrong when putting it down they did.
  3. Probably passed responsibility for payment to the myprom team who as usual got the date wrong.
  4. Eagle eyed commuters today will have noticed that Broadway isn't closing until tomorrow. Not like the myprom team to get a date wrong...
  5. Ha. They have just announced an emergency closure of Broadway for five days from tomorrow to implement a revised traffic management solution. It's almost as if they didn't realise having a stop sign with a pelican crossing right by it may be a bad idea. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  6. I see Intersport has finally succumbed to the opposition as well
  7. I think it's known as Black Friday Eve nowadays.
  8. Manx Indy reporting there will be another delay announced shortly after they realised digging up roads and pavements in front of hotels during the summer may be a tad harmful to their businesses
  9. Probably just a handy place to chuck your guts up if you're suddenly taken 'ill' on the last bus home.
  10. Is the second pic from the Peel to Douglas railway line after the 'improvements'?
  11. Why is there a picture of The Stig dancing above the bike?
  12. I just hope the new one can maintain the high levels of cleanliness and speedy service the old KFC had.
  13. As of lunchtime no. They also seem to be finally removing the bus stop by that junction so cars will no longer be routed straight into oncoming traffic. It's all go on the prom.
  14. Broadway seemed fine this morning. No tailbacks and a not at all confusing road layout. Especially as none of the road markings were already wearing away. * *some or all of this post may not be true
  15. They are also replacing some of the bumpy bits of road in Santon with even bumpier bits at the moment. Also I wonder if the prom would be so behind if Auldyn wasnt already massively overstretched doing the primary school up hy StNinians. Seems to be a massive rush on up there to get things finished during half term with the prom slowing to a crawl again at the same time.
  16. So how many days will it be bfore they admit the error and make Broadway one way uphill for the duration of the work.
  17. If anyone wants to see what the red concrete will look like in a couple of years take a spin through the McDonalds drive thru. They have the same stuff and it looks terrible. Probably nothing to worry about though as given the number of cracks I'm sure they will be digging it all up and replacing with something else soon enough
  18. So the kids play area in the Sea Terminal is now closed off apparently to be dismantled and not replaced. Nice one. One of the few non weather affected facilities for preschool kids that is actually available 7 days a week and now closed with no notice at the start of winter.
  19. I dunno sometimes Buster really knows his stuff. For instance last week he was talking about electoral fraud.
  20. And the results are finally in http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51446&headline=Island+cleared+of+VAT+avoidance+over+corporate+jets&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019&fbclid=IwAR0mIG3MZ3GCXSwz2J6yRcd-S23zzTXxgkET9A01RPJLRacfc-dFQAzmdpk
  21. This time next year wasnt it. Project was meant to take two years.
  22. Just had a newsletter from the recently rediscovered myprom team. Finally an admission that it wont be finished on time with April 2021 the bew completion date. New phasing plans will be available on Friday too. Exciting times.....
  23. It's true https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/sainsburys-to-replace-waitrose-and-iceland-at-shoprite1/
  24. That walkway parking went well overnight then....
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