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  1. Tim Baker was fun on the radio last night. Apparently there are just a few cracks in the concrete and repairing them won't be a big deal.

    Also the dispute between the designers and contractors about the cause of the cracking is perfectly normal and will be easily sorted. 

    Did he by any chance have a PR job for Saddam Hussein's government during the last Gulf War? 

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  2. Interesting admission later on that they are overstretched people wise and are looking to get people from the UK to work on the sheltered housing they are doing in Peel so they can shunt the people there onto the prom. 

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  3. You have to assume there are 'discussions' currently going on about the rails. 

    It makes no sense to continue doing them when they can't even agree about what is causing the concrete to crack. 

  4. Amazingly little being done this week judging by a walk along the prom this morning. Bar a handful of people on Loch Prom the place is like a ghost town. 

    I think it is safe to assume that a week or so into 2020 they are already a week or so behind. 

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  5. 34 minutes ago, ellanvannin2010 said:

    I see the new updated phasing plans show the seaside road section at Derby Castle end of Queens promenade as being complete, presumably the fencing, missing bits of pavement and the 12 inch ramp up to the sienna cracked concrete are all part of the finished design then.

    I was quite impressed that the phasing plans were already out of date the day they published them. Gives you a nice warm feeling inside that all will be done on time and within budget from now on. 

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  6. 12 hours ago, Chef Raekwon said:

    The cars in Colby and Ballabeg aren't really that much of a problem.  You occasionally have to wait to let traffic past but it's literally 10 seconds usually and really isn't an issue.  If people are happy to leave their cars in the road and risk losing a wing mirror or something then that's their problem.

    However the knobhead who parks his pickup on the corner after the Level as you're heading toward Ballabeg does need to have a word with himself.  It's such a stupid place to park and it's very difficult to see what's coming the other way when you have to go round it.  Constantly having to stop to let people who are on my side of the road past when they're going round it, through no fault of their own.  They really need to put some yellow lines down there.

    Agreed. He even carried in parking there when they had the parking restrictions due to the one way on Shore Road. 

    I'm amazed there hasn't been a head on crash there. It can only be a matter of time.... 

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  7. I see from the newly published October minutes Longworth wants a shitload of brand new bus shelters now rather than reinstating the old ones which are suddenly unfit for purpose. 

    Also it is impressive the way they have managed to make the new phasing plans even harder to understand than the old ones. 

  8. Ha. They have just announced an emergency closure of Broadway for five days from tomorrow to implement a revised traffic management solution. 

    It's almost as if they didn't realise having a stop sign with a pelican crossing right by it may be a bad idea. 

    Can't wait to see what they come up with next. 

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