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  1. Google never lets anything drop off the radar. I wonder what all the council house voters of South Douglas think about this rather boastful announcement of only 3 months ago?

    So she's doing a favour to all the old folk and the low paid by standing because actually she earns far more than the measly £45k odd with expenses you get for being an MHK. What a massive favour she's doing for the poor and huddled masses of South Douglas. Be sure to ask her why she keeps on reminding people of the fact that she earns so much more than her average future constituent.

    Does she? Her linkedin says she's works for Pokerstars but that's bollocks.

  2. lol a lot of angry people on here; and yes about 90% of people in general are assholes -- including on this forum --


    From what I've seen you and your sock puppets are 90% of the people on this forum so you could well be right.

  3. What difference does it make to you? You aren't interested, don't read it. There's plenty of repetitive, meaningless bullshit throughout this forum, but you'd have to be a very special kind of knob to search out threads you find boring and then take the time to post in that thread to let other people know how boring you find it.


    You know what. You're right. Given most threads on this forum seem to be the same people spouting the same old shite I think the time has come to bow out.



  4. It's a shame that goverment didn't bother with a bit of investment when we had the cash to do it properly.


    A few plastic ducks, benches and cobblestones ain't gonna change much. I'd have gone for flattening the KFC side of Duke Street and creating a proper town square. That could be great with a few bars and restaurants built on the currently undeveloped bits of the Villiers site.


    What fastasy regeneration project would YOU go for?

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  5. We already have enough sources to read the same headline:


    Manx Radio: 'Cat stuck in tree'

    EnergyFM: 'Firemen Get Pussy'

    Examiner: 'Firemen Free Feline'

    Courier: Cats on special offer at Shopshite, win a Cat!

    BBC: 'Eating cabbage makes your cat 5 times more likely to get stuck in a tree'

    Facebook: Support 'Felix' and his 8300 Manx Friends seeking the death penalty for his irresponsible owner

    Manx Forums: Cretney is a dick


    And a week or two later on iom today "Cat stuck in tree"

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