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  1. The second crew assigned to fix the mess the first crew made of the job had probably gone for a spot of lunch.
  2. Sign fitter, ladder holder, supervisor, health and safety inspector, trainee health and safety inspector. Sounds about right to me
  3. Here we go. Apparently the road at the airport needs redesigning. We can't be expecting taxi drivers to use their mirrors http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=48988&headline=Taxi boss criticises layout of airport access roads following bus collision&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  4. Seems like a decent arrangement to me. All the benefits of living in Onchan without having Onchan's MHKs.
  5. Sounds like for SJR the fun has stopped...
  6. And reported in the Independent online..
  7. Whats the schedule for today? Are tyey going to close the roads all day before admitting the fog on the mountain isnt gonna lift or will they leave them open for now.
  8. Horse trams to run just 550 yards after 11 month delay to works due to the time taken digging up all the temporary tarmac they put down for the 2019 TT
  9. Well the horse trams are go..... Or at least they were as a team seemed to be frantically welding together a broken rail at lunchtime.
  10. Amazing how after all this time the road surface becomes ok just before TT
  11. There was a horse tram going along the prom today on a test run so we can probably file that rumour under bollocks.
  12. How much is that completely over the top steel framed marquee they are erecting at Summerland costing?
  13. Wahey they are raising the limit to 40 with a view to raising it to 50 in a weeks time depending on how many windscreens get smashed. They aren't going to fix it are they
  14. Dave Hedgehog

    Beer Tent

    He can start with the Bogs in The Rovers
  15. I think they all clubbed together to give a man called Jonathan and his family somewhere to live. A heartwarming story if ever there was one.
  16. It would indeed. He was suggesting a mass protest outside the Sea Terminal. WHAT DO WE WANT NO FREE BUSES WHEN DO WE WANT IT HANG ON DID HE SAY NO FREE BUSES? BALLS TO THAT
  17. Free in the shuttle bus
  18. I think it is just to annoy taxi drivers. One of them was fuming on facebook about it over the weekend.
  19. Just had a newsletter from the prom team. They will be chucking a temporary surface down on Loch Prom for TT and the fences will still be up from the Hydro to the Castle Mona.
  20. Maybe have him show up on a Harley on his first day....
  21. Just to give the Friary Park residents something to talk about really.
  22. Didn't they put the cones there in the first place because everyone was ignoring the speed limit and overtaking. I think we can all see how this one will play out...
  23. Good to see the colour chosen for the hump is the same as that of the bit 100 yards away that isn't a speed hump. That combined with the fact that now the arrows signifying the speed hump are pretty much invisible should make it a fun ride for anyone unfamiliar with the area.
  24. After putting down lines and the bus stop markings. Makes sense.
  25. It will be on the seaward side from the Villa to the Sea Terminal. The rest remains in the middle of the road.
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