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  1. Just been having a nose on the government planning site. The final planning approval was issued on 9th July so looks as though thing are still moving along (it mentions a number of things that have to be provided before work starts)
  2. Goldie probably insists on his arse being wiped with a Ritz Cracker
  3. Just the one bucket for Goldie then.
  4. Nah that one probably doesn't eat his own shit.
  5. He's not wrong. In the current climate it's gonna be a tough ask getting a decent trade in price for that v8 Jag of his.
  6. I see they have now drilled out a couple of samples in the cracking red concrete presumably to find out what is going wrong. Now I'm no big city structural engineer but you would think this is something they should have done before laying a shitload more of the stuff.
  7. Dave Hedgehog


    It would have been quicker reopening the aquadrome.
  8. Oh dear https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=368940987127810&id=195930051095572&anchor_composer=false Did somebody say clusterfuck?
  9. Well the pace has certainly picked up on the tram lines now. They are flying along. I note they have left a bit in the middle though. It's almost as though they don't want the horse trams going any further this summer.
  10. They originally wanted a single trach with passing places all the way along but it was rejected in planning after a bunch of cyclists objected.
  11. Is this Warren James? There was a sign in the window saying is was closing due to the lease ending.
  12. Given the complete lack of activity at Lord Street other than an increase in parking fees they probably won't need to overturn the award of the contract.
  13. Looks as though they are getting ready to put down some more of the red concrete this time with steel reinforcement built into it.
  14. Surely it is a good thing the trams have been running. Had they cancelled them we wouldnt have discovered the surface was unsuitable until the job was complete. Now they are only going to have to dig up and redo a short portion of the track. Longworth has saved us a fortune!
  15. They were still bolting down the rails and putting concrete between then on Friday so I dont think the base is the issue but instead the wrong type of finish.
  16. I see our Rob is on the case and asking a couple of questions in Tynwald next week. Heres hoping he asks a follow up about why the red concrete is already starting to crack.
  17. Just the concrete as far as I could see.
  18. Cones are out and cars getting ticketed between the Castle Mona and Spectrum now so I suspect the next stage of digging up is imminent too.
  19. Blimey. There are a fair few cracks in the new red bit. Time for our Rob to table a question in the house I reckon.
  20. It was. I suspect for some the name was forever linked with the piss take prices that the previous owners were happy to charge prior to the arrival of Currys though.
  21. Prom is coned off all the way to Jaks now. Let the proper disruption commence....
  22. I suspect that they are not in too much of a rush to extend the tram tracks given what a pain in the arse they are so are prioritising work in other areas.
  23. Surely it willbe happening fairly soon otherwise it wouldnt have made sense to clear out the tenants. Carshop have moved and the butty shop closed. Is Fentons still open there?
  24. Dunno if the are closing or just moving (they use the shop on the other side of the street a lot for sales) but their current shop is up to let.
  25. ATS closed now according to facebook. Also both the Game and Newsons premises in Stand Street up to let on Deanwood. It's boom time for sure...
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