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  1. The lines must be too narrow if a Smart car owner isn't smugly parking at 90 degrees to everyone else.
  2. During lockdown 1 when we all knew fook all he seemed quite a reassuring presence but now we have a bit of knowledge as to what is happening he has been shown for the gobshite he is. He needs to stop using data protection as an excuse to not answer any questions he doesn't like as well.
  3. Hmmm. Turns out I am somehow registered to vote. Now I am going to have to decide which of the three that aren't Cregeen that I am going to vote for.
  4. Nice that in the leaflet it says the work should be carried out in dry weather during the summer months *Checks calendar*
  5. There's a Costa going there too.
  6. I'm scared to open my bag of crisps now in case he puts that on Facebook as well.
  7. Probably too busy getting photographed standing next to a dog turds with a pooper scooper.
  8. Pop one in an ice cream cone and the little shits would wolf it down.
  9. Surely the gulls eating all the turds as they rise up counts as free sewage treatment.
  10. I expect there will be an increase with all the kids mixing in larger groups but things will likely settle down again after a week or so.
  11. So after somebody pointed out to the myprom team of Facebook that the traffic lights by Quids Inn were needless as the road was more than wide enough did they? a. Remove the lights Or b. Move the fence to make the road narrower
  12. They could at least put something like RUN or DUCK on it.
  13. Now I am no big city DoI expert on these things but wouldn't you maybe lay a little test crossing at the depot to see how it looked before going the whole hog and looking like a bunch of incompetents?
  14. I think it was meant to have flowers/grass in to make it all pretty for the summer when the project was meant to finish in June. Nobody has bothered to change things with the delay to Spetemberso it will just be mud/weeds/litter until they dig it up again to put the tram lines in.
  15. Or Freeman of the sea by the sounds of him now. Shiver me timbers
  16. I'd love to see somebody chin him* and maybe then deny he had fists despite the clear and obvious evidence to the contrary. *Heading not the reporter
  17. Nah. I've got the stamp but only because I didn't realise two of my grandparents were born in the UK
  18. At least when the tarmac is dug up the resulting tarmac patchwork will match the fifty shades of pink concrete patchwork that is already there
  19. I'm giving mine to Fowler despite the fact he is standing in Middle
  20. Such as opening up with no restrictions and abandoning mandatory isolation for close contacts. I wouldn't be surprised if the next VAT negotiation with the UK is a little more favourable than it should be. *Dons tin foil hat*
  21. I just remember Glover telling all and sundry that The Colby Glen was closing forever after lockdown one when really it reopened about two days later.
  22. They have had a great opportunity to get everyone jabbed while enjoying relative normality. After doing so well at the start both them and Oz seem to have lost the plot.
  23. It's a low mortality rate because so many people have been vaccinated.
  24. I should point out that I don't live in Castletown
  25. Just had Cregeen's leaflet through the door. He seems to be taking credit for a load of stuff that Castletown commissioners have done and forgotten to mention anywhere outside of Castletown.
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