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  1. It would indeed. He was suggesting a mass protest outside the Sea Terminal. WHAT DO WE WANT NO FREE BUSES WHEN DO WE WANT IT HANG ON DID HE SAY NO FREE BUSES? BALLS TO THAT
  2. Free in the shuttle bus
  3. I think it is just to annoy taxi drivers. One of them was fuming on facebook about it over the weekend.
  4. Just had a newsletter from the prom team. They will be chucking a temporary surface down on Loch Prom for TT and the fences will still be up from the Hydro to the Castle Mona.
  5. Maybe have him show up on a Harley on his first day....
  6. Just to give the Friary Park residents something to talk about really.
  7. Didn't they put the cones there in the first place because everyone was ignoring the speed limit and overtaking. I think we can all see how this one will play out...
  8. Good to see the colour chosen for the hump is the same as that of the bit 100 yards away that isn't a speed hump. That combined with the fact that now the arrows signifying the speed hump are pretty much invisible should make it a fun ride for anyone unfamiliar with the area.
  9. After putting down lines and the bus stop markings. Makes sense.
  10. It will be on the seaward side from the Villa to the Sea Terminal. The rest remains in the middle of the road.
  11. They dropped all the rails off this afternoon so it looks like getting done to the ruins of the Castle Mona by TT is still the plan.
  12. You have to pay to park at the shithole Palace nowadays.
  13. 29.5 millimetres. Ironically the length Steven Gerrards studs needed to be in that game against Chelsea
  14. 3 way traffic lights from 9:30 until 3 (and potentially evenings too) from tomorrow. The facebook moaning should be a good read.
  15. Oooohhhh. Looks like the tram corridor is going to be coloured red. Pretty. Can't wait until the first roadworks are done and whoever is involved just chucks a load of black tarmac in the hole....
  16. Incident on Victoria Road now...
  17. Only a week to go before the horse trams run. Unless they get DIY SOS in to finish it off I have my douts about it happening.
  18. Harsh on the firemen that. They had to assist when Mount Murray burnt down and of course had to deal with the aftermath of rolling their own fire engine a few years back too. Have they replaced the people on the information desk with two arrows pointing to check ins and departures yet?
  19. Only three weeks now until the horse trams are due to start. Yeah right.
  20. Gotta love a Jacksons closing rumour. They've been going longer than Tynwald has.
  21. I dont think it has ceased traing has it but just pulled out of the UK and Ireland markets
  22. State of the food in the brewery pubs I doubt the ‘chefs’ need worry about this affecting them too much.
  23. I never realised Living Hope were so easily upset. *parks car filled with dildos oitside their clubhouse in Port St Mary*
  24. Judging by his output he's more likely to have been trained by somewhere that sold chips cheese and gravy rather than a company called it.
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