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  1. 17 hours ago, Rushen Spy said:

    Theoretically, I'm not so much opposed to final say residing with the Minister of Home Affairs as much as I'm aghast that the Minister is Bill Malarkey. Is this really the cream of the crop, the best we can do as an island? I think for something as basic as parole, it's okay for it to sit with the minister. It's not ideal but I imagine it can be appealed?

    The bar for Home Affairs minister isn't exactly set high. 

    Let's not forget about the last one and his responsible drinking warnings

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  2. Classic granny farming from one individual in that debate managing to bring pubs, local shops, post offices and pensions together. 

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  3. It's all nonsense really isnt it.


    Up there with dry ski slopes in Braddan and a Jensen car factory in Jurby in the never going to happen stakes.

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