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  1. 9 hours ago, dilligaf said:

    Probably more true than you think. :o
    I know I may not be the brightest light on the tree, but what are the pink concrete bits on Loch Prom for , if the trams are going to run on the seaward side of the road?

    To enable traffic to keep moving when people stop in the middle of the road to wait for a space to become available. 

    Same purpose the tram lines used to serve. 

  2. 1 minute ago, piebaps said:

    Lol that's a tanker according to shipais. Probably dropping off a week's fuel for Howard's jag.

    The tanker is next to it. I doubt movements of airctaft carriers are easily trackable on shipais. 

  3. You've got to assume they have already paid all the money or surely everyone involved would be binned off for breach of contract. 

  4. Good to see on the weekly update email they are still claiming the clearly unfinished part opposite the Horse stables on Queens Prom is finished. 


    Maybe it is and they have decided to just leave it like that. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Donald Trumps said:

    & the residents of the new hotel planned immediately adjacent, to the south

    They won't appreciate the Manannan manoeuvring very close by, even if it as 5 knots


    Well if they complain about shipping in the Mersey they should probably be pushed in. 

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  6. Tim Baker was fun on the radio last night. Apparently there are just a few cracks in the concrete and repairing them won't be a big deal.

    Also the dispute between the designers and contractors about the cause of the cracking is perfectly normal and will be easily sorted. 

    Did he by any chance have a PR job for Saddam Hussein's government during the last Gulf War? 

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  7. Interesting admission later on that they are overstretched people wise and are looking to get people from the UK to work on the sheltered housing they are doing in Peel so they can shunt the people there onto the prom. 

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