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  1. What next? A minister getting pissed and throwing up on a bus just after warning the public not to get too pissed?


    Nah that would be ridiculous.

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  2. 57 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

    Andy Gray and Richard Keys present the football on BEin sports. No gambling adverts on there. Love Richard Keys anti-piracy thing "if you are watching this outside our broadcast zone please don't".

    If BEin really didnt want people to watch in the UK then they would hire Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp.

    Stopped me watching Sky Sports anyway.

  3. I fear for the future of the vets once Buster's legal people get their teeth into this. I wonder which firm he will use this time.

    Rod, Jane and Freddie

    Chaka, Demus and Pliers

    Nutjob and Oddball.

    Who knows.....

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