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  1. I'm loving the new waterfall out by White Hoe but I assume that will all collapse into the road at some point.
  2. Nah there's two now. Google and Isle of Man What, Where, When and How on facebook.
  3. There has been no how to cook poultry meaasge from the government either this year. People are going to crap themselves to death on boxing day.
  4. Dave Hedgehog

    Round Pound

    It is a typically badly written Manx Radio interpretation of a government press release. The Manx round pound is staying in circulation. It is the UK ones that are ceasing to be accepted.
  5. He was great when he worked in the cloakroom in the cave.
  6. The pool looked flooded when I was in there the other day. Full of water it was.
  7. Or if you are too drunk to be able to see the sign properly
  8. I wonder if those Santon ones will ever get finished I really can't see who would buy them.
  9. Given there is a planning app in this week for a temporary showroom in addition to the ones being built I doubt they are pulling out.
  10. They're gone http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37267&headline=Potty planters go - but DoI insists they were effective&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2017
  11. Big Sam, Craig Shakespear and Sammy ******g Lee in the Everton dugout this weekend. How the hell can it have come to this
  12. Dave Hedgehog

    New Rules

    Well I'm going back to Beemanx if thid place closes.
  13. Well this looks like it will be a bit cleaner than the Bushy's offering https://www.hoodedramboxpark.im
  14. Marvellous. Now as well as not listening to Manx Radio shows you can also now not watch them online http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37008&headline=Don't just listen to Manx Radio - you can now watch shows online&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2017
  15. I see Vader and Buster are big supporters of the Santon Cat Penitentiary. On this basis alone I think it should be closed down immediately (if it hasn't been already)
  16. I bet he had a poo that morning
  17. Surely the 1440 in hospitality packs weren't given away but sold as part of the package
  18. Strange how Busters hacked account was able to approve his new account's request to join the group
  19. I assune the battery ran out on her phone and everyone forgot about her.
  20. Seems Buster has been hacked again. Strange that as just a week or so ago he said his security was so good it was able to detect a virus on the facebook postings of somebody who was posting facts that disproved the nonsense he was churning out at the time.
  21. Probably bad news for local frozen food retailers too if the last meal I had there was anyrhing to go by.
  22. Nice of plod to have a potential knife killer on the loose for the past 24 hours without telling the public.
  23. I'm still annoyed it isn't called Octsober. *swigs turpentine*
  24. Well apparently the Glenside location is unsuitable for an old folks home according to the geniuses in planning so you may be onto something there.
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