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  1. Just been having a nose on the government planning site. The final planning approval was issued on 9th July so looks as though thing are still moving along (it mentions a number of things that have to be provided before work starts)

  2. 1 hour ago, 2112 said:

    Steady on, think of his yuman rights.

    If we treat them them harshly instead of being molly coddled, and wiping their arses, there will come a day, when someone will go running to a sympathetic Athol Street lawyer who will take legal action, using legal aid money. 

    Goldie probably insists on his arse being wiped with a Ritz Cracker

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  3. I see they have now drilled out a couple of samples in the cracking red concrete presumably to find out what is going wrong. 

    Now I'm no big city structural engineer but you would think this is something they should have done before laying a shitload more of the stuff. 

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  4. Well the pace has certainly picked up on the tram lines now. They are flying along. 

    I note they have left a bit in the middle though. It's almost as though they don't want the horse trams going any further this summer. 

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  5. Surely it is a good thing the trams have been running. Had they cancelled them we wouldnt have discovered the surface was unsuitable until the job was complete. Now they are only going to have to dig up and redo a short portion of the track. 

    Longworth has saved us a fortune! 

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