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  1. Depends on whether the explosive used is contaminated or not....
  2. Regarding Kochanski....... she is not in it. They have killed her off (again)
  3. Do you get a little badge for that?
  4. There has been crap rising up on that pitch for years. It was after all built on a rubbish tip. Rather like RBS staff all the shit will eventually rise to the top
  5. The Candy Store on Douglas prom has them in
  6. She has a point regarding commercial vehicles blocking access. The number of vans parked overnight where I used to live mean absolutely no chance of a fire engine getting anywhere near should they need access. It was often difficult getting a car through
  7. Given that Abbey likely had the option to relocate a big chunk of the business in an HSBC stylee selling it probably isn't the worst result. At least there is a chance a significant number of jobs will remain on the IoM now
  8. Dave Hedgehog


    All of mine are fake. But then that is because I am the person forging them. Interestingly they cost me £1.50 each to make
  9. I wonder who will buy them. Probably the Sefton Group
  10. We could save even more money if we legalised crime
  11. I was wondering why I had to drink an extra 7 pints of it on Saturday before getting admitted to hospital. I guess that is the mystery cleared up. I was worried that my petrol tolerance had increased. With the recent price rise I may have had to switch to Brasso
  12. Will we have any banks left to get mortgages from though or should we set up a 'Savings & Loan' like the one in It's a Wonderful Life
  13. Parky's just pissed off because he couldn't flog her a Sun Life Over 50 Plan before she croaked
  14. They come over once or twice a year and their arrival is announced in the local rags. If you don't live on a council estate they probably won't pay you a visit as judging by past prosecutions they seem to go for the easy targets
  15. So pretty much a wasted opportunity to have a much needed facility in the centre of Onchan then. Shame
  16. Seems a needed and fairly straightforward change. I wonder how they will manage to fuck it up......
  17. Health and safety I imagine. Much safer for parents to have their kids pick up the needles, condoms and used sanitary products
  18. He should have asked him what the hell is going on with his eyebrows as well
  19. Wouldn't it be better if they just didn't use excessive packaging in the first place. I am not into all this save the planet malarkey but being wasteful still pisses me off. The likes of Tesco and M+S preaching away with their save carrier bag policies whilst continuing to massively overpackage things is the height of hypocrisy.
  20. Do they still do the Westlers boiled beefburgers in the breakwater kiosk? So cheap and nasty yet so damned delicious
  21. They are just leaving me cold. Not once have I felt like I must watch that again immediately
  22. Used tampon collection. Sounds like a nice way to spend a Saturday
  23. Personally I think the recent Dharma episodes have stunk. Back to the level shown at the start of series 3. The look on Ben's face though when he woke up to see Locke looking over him was priceless though. Presuming this is followed up in the next episode that should be a cracker
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