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  1. Ahhh The memories playing on the commodore 64s in there 10 "Boobies" 20. goto 10
  2. No mites or tites but plenty of shite
  3. And remarkably accurate given the general crapness of the Wii I hope MS and Sony resist going down the motion sensing route. It really is not the future
  4. Is it this? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/charity-news/Has...lege.4944539.jp
  5. Have an anarchist theme in honour of LDV. Just turn up to any pub you like whenever you feel like it. It'll be a great night
  6. Get that on a hoarding and see how long before it causes a crash
  7. Judging by the headline I thought he had stabbed the grumpy American doctor played by Hugh Lawrie
  8. Dave Hedgehog

    Body Found

    There are some terrible opportunists in the fast food industry nowadays
  9. Stick an MHK in one and it would lap the top gear track faster than an Enzo
  10. I'm no expert but I reckon it will cost several million to put a new roof on a ballpark
  11. Why would they. Unless the IoM decides to invade Jersey the Gov't doesn't really need the extra funds that issuing bonds would provide. In fact it would be an additional risk to the taxpayer should the gov't efforts to invest the surplus cash go tits up.
  12. Dave Hedgehog

    Body Found

    I thought about going to DMS on Saturday to buy some turtle wax. A close call indeed
  13. Summerland. They won't be building on that for years
  14. I know. Parking upside down on a main road is the height of bad manners
  15. blah blah blah insincere tribute blah blah hope they kept the receipt on mothers day prezzies blah blah
  16. Twas very good. If they can wrap Lost up as comprehensively as that I will be happy. Suppose I will have to watch the first 3 series now (only started with S4) ebay here I come
  17. They were advertising for staff a week or 2 ago so shouldn't be long now.
  18. Curse you sir. You have ruined my previous patient nature Now I going to have to download instead of waiting until Tuesday
  19. Set your loft on fire. That'll shift them.
  20. I'll bring the sausage rolls. Can anyone do a jelly? Preferably in a rabbit shaped mould
  21. I agree and think it is just a load of hot air and will never happen. I would be very happy to be proven wrong though
  22. I believe they have an unofficial one on the pavement outside Macbeths most nights
  23. Me too. Ideally with in High Definition.
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