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  1. What about paedophiles looking at schools as well. The Daily Mail will go mental
  2. Eventually they are going to scoop up all of the dog shit there and use it to fix the broken bit of road
  3. More like weeks/months. And the one outside Queens Apartments that now has a Del Boy style note in it saying the tax disc has been stolen. The Post Office is 20 minutes walk away. Get a new disc
  4. By the time something is built there we will all have personal teleports and cars will be a thing of the past
  5. They'll borrow from the banks. It's a piece of piss to get money from them these days........... Either that or after a long delay the Government will end up financing the project
  6. I'm seriously giving thought to bunging all of my savings into premium bonds now. Given that you get sod all interest nowadays I reckon there is a better chance of a return from good old ERNIE Anyone else done this?
  7. I would say it was very much a failed gamble on her time of death. They now have fingers crossed that she goes before the Easter resurrection issue
  8. The co op has lots of fairtrade stuff.
  9. I was in there on Sunday morning as well - you weren't the bloke in the dressing gown who arrived late for Rhumsaa's pyjama party were you? Oh yes, the bastards charged me as well. There were 2 people in pyjamas when I was in there. I was neither of them. I was the rather ill looking person whose breath smelt like turpentine
  10. What a grubby, vile magazine OK is. What kind of fuckwits are buying that shite?
  11. Looks ace. I assume though like all other things the Sefton Group say they are going to build that it will never happen though
  12. How come it hasn't been put out to tender. I would be more than happy to put a big exhaust on the old Saxo and give it a go. All I would want was petrol money
  13. I was in there on Sunday morning and fell seriously ill with what can only be described as a hangover. The bastards had the cheek to actually charge me for my double bacon and egg muffin meal. What is the world coming to?
  14. Nothing says I love you more than shopping round for the cheapest flowers possible. Perhaps pop down to the cemetary next year?
  15. She will be claiming that the runway project has significantly reduced seabed pollution
  16. Can it really be called a "Guerilla" event if it is organised and paid for by the council?
  17. If you're me then who am I?
  18. Bogs are untouched so still a shithole in my book
  19. I wish someone would kill Lenny Henry. I would be more than happy to sponsor them
  20. How come this news hasn't been on the BREAKING NEWS bar on Sky?
  21. Do the 3 letters begin with D or C?
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