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  1. Are the youths all going to get pissed and trash the place then?
  2. Yeah. The USA is always my first port of call when looking for a new desk
  3. I saw her interviewed on BBC Breakfast hand or no hand she seemed very nice and was rather attractive. I'm sure kids of a Cbeebies age didn't even notice. After all one of their shows does feature mutant fluffy creature/television hybrids
  4. Queens. Admittedly Empress looks like they would be much larger (at least from the outside) and being forced to keep the frontage at Spectrum will probably lead to all shapes and sizes. For me it is not a real issue as I just use the second bedroom as a walk in wardrobe
  5. Has it? Even a modest 3-5% drop in prices over the next 12 months would mean I have effectively been living rent free for a year, that packaged with an even bigger deposit in 12 months time is enough to make me rent for at least another year. I am currently living in a Dandara/Heritage flat on the prom and whilst nice enough I would not buy one (each room is about a foot too small in each direction). Each to their own though
  6. Christ on a bike, they'll be doing a remake of Commando next "Let off some steam Bennett"
  7. Hardly a binding precenent given that the Tesco building is already over 2 metres high
  8. So what are your grounds for objection Lee54?
  9. The Tcibo toaster I bought was great. For both of the days that it worked
  10. Well that has well and truly bollocksed up the moving up by B&Q rumours hasn't it. Hope they have a nice big electrical section
  11. What is the world coming to if people can't go on a good old fashioned bender without a missing person's appeal being launched?
  12. That sounds bang out of order by the retailer. But I suspect we will be hearing many similar stories over the coming months
  13. A strategic airstrike on McDonalds and KFC would be a start
  14. I was in there last night too. Deeeeeelicious
  15. I haven't even got a brother, let alone a big one
  16. Really? For the sake of a pound?? Note to self...buy shares in She-Wees! We are talking about people who choose to fly with the horror that is Ryanair. A pound is a vast amount of cash to them, almost as much as the flight itself cost
  17. People will just piss into plastic bottles instead. I'm sure the cabin staff will be well pleased
  18. Yes but surely people actually taking responsibility for their own actions isn't the done thing these days. It is always somebody elses fault
  19. Nice to see a local retailer actually making an effort. I will be heading up there this weekend now. The pies had better be as fantabulous as you say or I will be reporting you to the OFT
  20. How am I going to find out the latest team news for Berwick Rangers now? Do they have the internet in them there parts?
  21. Well quite. He has to produce wood on demand in that film, in everything else he is just naturally wooden
  22. I imagine we will now see a breakup of RBS. I doubt it is viable in it's present form. Shall we have a whip round and buy back Isle of Man Bank?
  23. Don't forget the 325bn of toxic assets sitting on the balance sheet that are now going to be guaranteed by the UK taxpayer. That is quite a spectacular fuck up.
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