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  1. Do the 3 letters begin with D or C?
  2. What a disgrace. Don't the BBC know Subway staff are called Sandwich Artists not Sandwich Bar Workers. Still, one more reason not to go there as if the vile stink eminating from the place wasn't enough
  3. How does the MT upload speed compare with the UK average though?
  4. The tree growing out of the chimney always puts me off that place. I'll give it a miss
  5. This isn't quite going the way the OP thought it would is it?
  6. Thanks for drawing this to my attention. I will now write to the commissioners voicing my full support for the application. It is a great idea
  7. Can I go by my real name then? I am Richard Corkill
  8. Cool. I may have to bring my remote control down and have a bit of 'fun' with the Man U game tonight
  9. I've just turned all of my electrical appliances on. Every little helps
  10. Never heard of it. Where abouts is it?
  11. Have they cleaned the bogs? If they can stop the bogs in the Manx Arms from smelling I suppose there is hope for Strand 58
  12. Start allowing smoking in pubs again and arrange a sponsorship deal with Benson and Hedges. The tourists will flock in. If we also legalise pimping skanky hos then all the better
  13. I imagine the gov't will conveniently make an exception for the TT/MGP
  14. I am going to go over on March 31st 2010 and jump in front of a bus. May as well get my money's worth.
  15. Have you informed trading standards?
  16. The temporary store is undoubtedly going to be a highly unpleasant shopping experience. It is a great opportunity for Shoprite to raise their game and attract custom whilst the works take place. Obviously they won't take the opportunity but still.....
  17. So how do we vote for Taxi Driver of the Year then? Will there be a phone in show on ITV? Can we get Ant and Dec and Simon Cowell involved? If so surely we can find a role for 'Our Sam' as well
  18. God only knows. Anyone would think the building was on the seafront and exposed to the elements
  19. I heard it was because he chinned somebody in nightlife
  20. Poor Max. Left on the scrapheap with Summerland Sam. Lets hope they find work soon
  21. They did ask Bono to come over but he said he wasn't that desperate for publicity
  22. I can confirm that I am thinking of having a Chinese for my tea if that's any help
  23. Lets face it, they are about as Manx as Ballakebabs
  24. It is ok but certainly not restaurant quality food. Great for lining the stomach on a Friday night though. PS the burgers are too big and would be nicer if you didn't take the taste out of the cheese by melting it to death
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