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  1. Nice to see a local retailer actually making an effort. I will be heading up there this weekend now. The pies had better be as fantabulous as you say or I will be reporting you to the OFT
  2. How am I going to find out the latest team news for Berwick Rangers now? Do they have the internet in them there parts?
  3. Well quite. He has to produce wood on demand in that film, in everything else he is just naturally wooden
  4. I imagine we will now see a breakup of RBS. I doubt it is viable in it's present form. Shall we have a whip round and buy back Isle of Man Bank?
  5. Don't forget the 325bn of toxic assets sitting on the balance sheet that are now going to be guaranteed by the UK taxpayer. That is quite a spectacular fuck up.
  6. You had sex with a dog after nearly running it over?
  7. If they had spent a bit more they probably could have massaged that information to make it look a bit more positive
  8. As I remember it when 24hour drinking came in there was still a restriction on when music could be played in pubs. I am guessing that they can still seve for as long as they like but have to turn the music off at a certain time
  9. Given that residential developments have recently been allowed right next to these installations (2 lots of flats on South Quay) I presume the risk is nowhere near as bad as you are suggesting
  10. The meat ship avast me hearties. Cholesterol Island ahead
  11. Where in the Bottleneck are they putting the gull? Is it in the tanks underneath where they store all the excess crap that they can't get rid of?
  12. All taxi drivers like to take a nap after the bedtime hour on CBeebies. You'll be lucky to get one there for half past
  13. That depends what time you have ordered it for. If you have ordered it for 6pm then no, it won't
  14. Who'd have thought that the Manx word for Manx would be Manx. You learn something new every day.....
  15. Dave Hedgehog

    Meal Costs

    Bring back bread and water. Actually given Ramsey Bakery prices that would probably bring the meal prices up
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