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  1. Which ones, if you don't mind me asking? Empress? Queens? I don't know about those so much, but the ones in Spectrum vary significantly in size, from 345 to 900 sq ft.


    Queens. Admittedly Empress looks like they would be much larger (at least from the outside) and being forced to keep the frontage at Spectrum will probably lead to all shapes and sizes.


    For me it is not a real issue as I just use the second bedroom as a walk in wardrobe

  2. Now isn't exactly an ideal time to buy, but buying has got to be more financially sensible than renting, even now.


    Has it? Even a modest 3-5% drop in prices over the next 12 months would mean I have effectively been living rent free for a year, that packaged with an even bigger deposit in 12 months time is enough to make me rent for at least another year.


    I am currently living in a Dandara/Heritage flat on the prom and whilst nice enough I would not buy one (each room is about a foot too small in each direction).


    Each to their own though

  3. Planning accepted that to have boats over 2nts high or to allow boats with raised masts in the Boat park (paid for by tax payers) would spoil the view from the new appartments that are to be built.


    Hardly a binding precenent given that the Tesco building is already over 2 metres high

  4. People will just piss into plastic bottles instead.


    Really? For the sake of a pound??


    Note to self...buy shares in She-Wees!


    We are talking about people who choose to fly with the horror that is Ryanair.


    A pound is a vast amount of cash to them, almost as much as the flight itself cost

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