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  1. Been to a few movie nights there. The fish pie is amazing.
  2. From any chemist, yes. It doesn't always work though.
  3. Someone did this recently to 3 beautiful trees which were about 6 meters tall near my house. They're just stumps of about a metre and a half now. It makes me sad.
  4. SunnyNorth


    Kirk Michael buckets.
  5. Not every resident in Ramsey is a trawler related family. There doesn't appear to have been any increase in using Ramsey harbour from what I can see. Some of us wanted a marina and all the benefits. Look at Peel now compared to what it was. Peel is still full of fishing boats! I hope Wilf and his cronies are happy with what Ramsey has become. I am not happy - compared to what it could have been.
  6. Calling your Facebook page Isle of Man TT 2013 instead of Isle of Man TT Photography 2013 is misleading. The hissyfit is ridiculous!
  7. Phone the NHS dentist and ask for your child to go on the waiting list.
  8. Went there on Friday for lunch. The staff were really friendly and couldn't have been more attentive. I'm afraid to say though the food was very average. Nice fresh chips home cut chips but the mushy peas tasted like a cheap tinned version. The portion size was average and the usually blaring TV was turned off. It was an okay meal but nothing special and I won't rush back again. I struggle to see how this pub is ranked at number 6 on places to eat in the Isle of Man on TripAdvisor!
  9. Probably, if I lived I Douglas but I live in the sunny North. I love going there but don't go as often as I would if we lived closer. It's more of a treat to go as opposed to the norm.
  10. Some of the residents in Kirk Michael are organising a coffee morning/cake sale on Saturday 13 April at 10:30 at Ebeneezer Hall including cake stall, raffle, bottle stall, face painting and children's games. Proceeds to IOM Agriculture Benevolent Fund.
  11. We've just come back from Patchwork Cafe and wanted to say what fantastic food it was. We had pâté and fish pie while there at their movie night. All home made (cafe made?) using locally sourced produce and producers. Huge thumbs up! The only downside is that it's all the way down in Port St Mary......
  12. Yes, it came through KirkMichael heading towards Ramsey.
  13. The nurture classes have already gone in some schools.
  14. A few weeks ago our e-mails weren't getting delivered and when I spoke to MT about it they said our e-mail had been used to send a lot of spam but couldn't give an explanation only that someone must have hacked our password (a letters and numbers one!) so they had had to change the password. We had to do follow-up calls though as they had placed our address on the "bad" list. It was a pain the ass that they couldn't be bothered to contact us about it and just locked us out of the account until we contacted them.
  15. Swiss House is very good indeed. We went for my birthday dinner and I had beef steak from one of the farms in Andreas (Ballaradcliffe I think - as well as some great cocktails and single malts!).
  16. Have been sending an e-mail to a friend on holiday so this explains why I hadn't had an answer about a leak at her house! Have resent it and fingers crossed now.
  17. I love Albania! We try and get there every 2 years. I would definitely say try and wing it. Tirana is fantastic and they have great restaurants and clubs but you must also visit the beaches. They have hotels from about £10 (1500 Lek) which are very basic up to amazing 5 star resorts. Head towards Greece if visiting the coast. The road goes almost the whole way now!
  18. Why the nastiness? A simple question was asked.
  19. This at the bottom of the page of the bus online timetable - "Another shiny multimedia thing for the Isle of Man Government, Department of Community, Culture and Leisure."
  20. My contract with Sure finished a couple of months ago and I eventually got round to collecting one of MT's mobile tariff leaflets a couple of weeks ago to compare it to Sure before deciding who to go with. I ended up looking at both on-line instead and noticed that MT's prices were different to the leaflet I picked up from the shop. I phoned to see if someone could explain it and was told in a round-about way that their website was out of date! I then asked if I could speak to someone in the shop but apparently its face to face only on Saturdays but I could leave a message and someone would phone me back. I left a message at 9:19am on Saturday but by 2pm-ish nobody had bothered phoning back. I went back to Sure instead and got a lovely phone and a better deal! Got a phone call from "Pam from Manx Telecom" on Monday morning but told her I had gone back to Sure. MTs loss.
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