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  1. When you have banks whose reserves - like those in Greece - can never match the actual material value of their deposits and liabilities (and I include our government in this assessment) then you have a global bankruptcy. This is the global financial system, and it is seriously in trouble.
  2. The historical harvesting of Marram (Bent) Grass for thatching and Sea Holly (Eryngium Maritinum) for export as a delicacy from the shores during the 18th and 19th centuries is probably the cause of the erosion. These species are (were) common to the east and west coasts of the Island's sandy northern shores...
  3. Excuse me 'Cliff' and 'Ragamuffin', 'Piebaps' etc? How do you think you are justified in offering such frank, nasty, libellous and bullying insults to me on this public forum? All I did was comment upon the negative political campaign, which is obvious, and then suggest that there were a minority of negative narcissistic personalities participating in the hate-campaign here. People seem a little too keen to attack rather than discuss, and this has got out of hand and approaching a breach of both criminal and civil law. Sending hate-mail seeking to bully grieving people is pretty much the
  4. Agreed - the service was not set up to support greedy, vain and selfish lifestyles. It was set up (in part) to help collectively heal people and offer them hope after the great traumas of the first and second world wars - to reward heroes, and as a national expression of togetherness, turning swords into ploughshares etc. At the time the modern Health Service was set up in the Island, it was in an atmosphere of optimism and new beginnings, and a collective drive for the greater good. When I came to the Island over 10 years ago, it was to work at Old Noble's, where this ethos was still r
  5. Smears and insinuations do not constitute an argument: At this time when the health service is under unprecedented pressure, queuing up to put the boot in to it as it staggers under the burden is akin to whipping people on a forced march. The service needs help and understanding not hate and obstruction from a minority with distinctly narcissistic and negative personal agendas.
  6. Hmm... First of all I must say a big 'Sorry' to all of the forum readers (some of whom must be patients of ours) who have to deal with these apparent inter-personal gripes between healthcare workers posting on this forum. Anyone who knows me personally probably knows that I am not what 'Aquarius' says. I would like to point out to both Aquarius and 2Thumbs and their friends that there HAS been a hate-campaign against me and my employers on this forum, and - perhaps more worryingly - seemingly within the workplace at Noble's, elements of which have personally disgusted and disappoi
  7. People on here are dragging patient safety up to an acceptable level? Really? At great risk to themselves? Really? Consider this: there appear to be people participating very actively in this forum whose primary motives are a hate-campaign towards the hospital's administration/management. Why is this? In the name of patient safety or perhaps for other more personal reasons? There are problems, but these are being addressed by management. It seems that some objectors have apparently failed to make themselves involved with this process... As far as I am concerned, the hospital managemen
  8. How dare you! Some of us are spending time and energy trying to bring attention to inadequacies in the system which is caring for, or may care for you in the future! If there is an axe to grind it is that the people who need to listen are not listening, don't care enough to make positive change and are happy to let bullying of staff and inadequate care of patients occur. What you have written is ignorant. We spent time training to do our jobs properly - both in looking after patients, and supporting others in their roles doing the same. This is not propaganda. This is a fight to achieve
  9. Dave you were a fighter. We'll miss you.
  10. Your point being.................? My point is that the path to the end of suffering is to stop making people suffer and try and do something positive to engage and end that suffering. Surely, healers heal and don't try and peddle dis-ease for political or personal ends? I would be interested to hear your own ideas stated here in more detail: What are your opinions on the real root problems and on what the potential solutions are? How would you explain that to a patient (assuming you are a doctor or other healthcare worker?)Diagnosis, prognosis, intervention etc?
  11. Also @Aquarius (I believe you have been known to quote Buddhist wisdom in the past) and for any others interested in philosophy - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Noble_Truths The name seems appropriate to the current situation too!
  12. @Aquarius: Read my posts more carefully before criticising. You seem to have glossed over much of what I wrote before replying, though you are by no means the only one. People seem to be quite emotionally charged and not willing to take a long view of the situation, and I am just trying to offer this aspect to the debate, rather than be patronising. If I come across as patronising then please accept my apologies. However, I make no apologies for criticising those who have badly overstepped the mark (reasons already given). Healthcare professionals should set a better public example. Media
  13. Being bullied at work and being bullied by a supposedly 'evil' management hell-bent on suppressing dissent in a crisis are two different things, aren't they? Have you considered requesting mediation with your 'bully' about your particular problem? It sounds like you're letting it get to you lots, especially if you 'believe' things that haven't yet come to pass! There are a number of trained mediators available to you, should you ask at Staff Welfare (I think). Worth exploring if you haven't already done so...
  14. Here's a few suggestions for the way forward (spirit borrowed from the original 1902 Nobles Hospital Rules and Regulations): 1. Crack down on discipline - all staff (senior or junior) to be held consistently accountable for poor behaviour and clinical standards a priori. It seems that performance management has been an issue and people are getting away with things they shouldn't be time and again. Cleanliness, attitude, professionalism and efficiency should all become actively celebrated through daily reinforcement. Discipline should be applied equally from the highest paid to the lowest p
  15. 2thumbs: One poster (a forum regular, probably drunk) made a post that threatened to kill the hospital management - their post was swiftly redacted. Is that criminal enough? Posting obscenely-intended images aimed at causing harassment, alarm and distress? Do I really have to go on? Just because some bad stuff is going on, it doesn't give people the right to act how they please. You cannot claim to speak for the hospital staff or even the patients, particularly if you conduct yourself this way. Same goes for some others on here.
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