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  1. When you have banks whose reserves - like those in Greece - can never match the actual material value of their deposits and liabilities (and I include our government in this assessment) then you have a global bankruptcy. This is the global financial system, and it is seriously in trouble.
  2. The historical harvesting of Marram (Bent) Grass for thatching and Sea Holly (Eryngium Maritinum) for export as a delicacy from the shores during the 18th and 19th centuries is probably the cause of the erosion. These species are (were) common to the east and west coasts of the Island's sandy northern shores...
  3. Excuse me 'Cliff' and 'Ragamuffin', 'Piebaps' etc? How do you think you are justified in offering such frank, nasty, libellous and bullying insults to me on this public forum? All I did was comment upon the negative political campaign, which is obvious, and then suggest that there were a minority of negative narcissistic personalities participating in the hate-campaign here. People seem a little too keen to attack rather than discuss, and this has got out of hand and approaching a breach of both criminal and civil law. Sending hate-mail seeking to bully grieving people is pretty much the definition of 'narcissistic personality disorder' in my book. Setting up websites to insult your employers and posting obscenities in an attempt to suppress dissent seems like the same kind of thing. Your collective comments here seem to justify my opinion, don't they? Are you seeking to bully me again because I offer an alternative viewpoint? I think I am entitled to my opinions without the kind of nasty attacks that I am receiving, and that you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
  4. Agreed - the service was not set up to support greedy, vain and selfish lifestyles. It was set up (in part) to help collectively heal people and offer them hope after the great traumas of the first and second world wars - to reward heroes, and as a national expression of togetherness, turning swords into ploughshares etc. At the time the modern Health Service was set up in the Island, it was in an atmosphere of optimism and new beginnings, and a collective drive for the greater good. When I came to the Island over 10 years ago, it was to work at Old Noble's, where this ethos was still remembered but the Health Service still seemed very old-fashioned from a UK perspective. Since that time, I have seen the obesity epidemic rocket out of control with rising numbers of attendances at A&E with fat-related health issues: Back pain, knee problems, ankle problems, type 2 diabetes, skin infections, operative complications and so on. Coupled to this, an increasingly irresponsible general attitude to alcohol and drugs resulting in violence, serious injury, major liver problems, unwanted/underage pregnancies, depression, anxiety disorders and personality fragmentation, and the inevitable terrible consequences these often have upon the children of sufferers of these self-induced woes. As the hard-living (or is that soft-living?) post-war generation ages, their health problems are now rocking the Health Service to its roots, and coupled with the aforementioned woes of the young things are at risk of breaking down completely. This is not just a local problem! The Isle of Man used to be considered '10 years behind' the UK in most things, but in the 10 years I have lived here, I have seen it come right up to date which has placed an exceptional strain on the Health Service, which has had to modernise. Considering how things were back in 2002, I feel that the service provision has been transformed utterly and for the best - quite an achievement, unfortunately paralleled by a decline in health, responsibility and self-reliance in Manx society. People who publically criticise the management in the Health Service and at Noble's who were here 10 years ago would do well to dwell on what has been achieved in this time by those they criticise. Those who have not been on the Island so long and are eager to cast stones would do well to enquire as to how things used to be until very recently, they might then wish to temper their opinions.
  5. Smears and insinuations do not constitute an argument: At this time when the health service is under unprecedented pressure, queuing up to put the boot in to it as it staggers under the burden is akin to whipping people on a forced march. The service needs help and understanding not hate and obstruction from a minority with distinctly narcissistic and negative personal agendas.
  6. Hmm... First of all I must say a big 'Sorry' to all of the forum readers (some of whom must be patients of ours) who have to deal with these apparent inter-personal gripes between healthcare workers posting on this forum. Anyone who knows me personally probably knows that I am not what 'Aquarius' says. I would like to point out to both Aquarius and 2Thumbs and their friends that there HAS been a hate-campaign against me and my employers on this forum, and - perhaps more worryingly - seemingly within the workplace at Noble's, elements of which have personally disgusted and disappointed me. In regards to (nasty and obscene) personal attacks against me and others, these seem to have arisen in part from me posting here to advise healthcare workers at Noble's against breaching their basic professional codes of conduct, imposed upon them by their regulating authorities. Individuals should have ceased earlier on from attempts to hurt patient trust in their professions, as well as in the organisations they are represented by and for whom they work: To be in breach of these conditions is generally accepted by most professionals to exclude you from practising your career. As I have said before, I am concerned that individuals within this hate-camp have gone way too far in their own apparently egotistical efforts to exercise political motives. Publically mistreating recognised colleagues in forums and through personal websites that are demeaning to employers/managers (whom they feel it is acceptable to publically refer to as 'Dick Heads'), harms their profession and the professional bodies who they affiliate with, as well as deeply and irrevocably hurting their political paymasters. The way I see it there are some serious people who have for a long time been trying to work with and change things for the better at Noble's, and as far as I can see it, most of them are not posting here on this forum, nor are probably considering doing so. I do not represent them, so perhaps if the 'haters' on here and in Tynwald have any bones with how things are then they need to address it to these real people, in writing. In the mean-time let's all continue to help work with and improve our Manx national health service, and prevent political cabals from wresting control of it from the hands of the community which has spent so long building it. Dr Adam Standring
  7. People on here are dragging patient safety up to an acceptable level? Really? At great risk to themselves? Really? Consider this: there appear to be people participating very actively in this forum whose primary motives are a hate-campaign towards the hospital's administration/management. Why is this? In the name of patient safety or perhaps for other more personal reasons? There are problems, but these are being addressed by management. It seems that some objectors have apparently failed to make themselves involved with this process... As far as I am concerned, the hospital management has always been working hard to address many issues. This work has been belittled by certain people, and - as is not infrequently the case - by those whose own conduct has probably been called into question. Some such persons posting on this forum appear to me to have recruited a number of unhappy people from within Noble's who they appear to have been manipulating in order to exploit personal insecurities and workplace-related stress to encourage support for what seems to me to be a political campaign aimed at deposing a group of persons for whom the instigators have a personal or even political hatred. These manipulators can be identified by the political affiliations they repeatedly propagandise on their websites and forum posts, and even more so through their somewhat obvious promotion of a public and unsubstantiated, and apparently pre-orchestrated campaign suggesting active bullying of so-called 'whistle-blowers'. If you follow this thread you can see supposed bullying being progressively insinuated and 'talked up' by specific individuals, who seem to be exploiting the insecurities of their followers in order to support their personal case. In fact, certain of these 'whistle-blowers' have publically identified themselves here and on their own websites and through their own personal actions as bullies and abusers, in spite of their professed public status as 'healthcare workers' - this is frankly shocking and unacceptable. In fact, it is something all professional bodies for healthcare workers are dramatically opposed to and recommend their members to avoid at all costs lest they be struck-off. It detracts from their ability to function with the trust of their patients. I am not trying to belittle the concerns of Noble's workers about faults in healthcare delivery, but encourage those posting here with their concerns to look at the opinions of those outside of their own 'groups' in the workplace before judging, and to reflect upon these before deciding on what is the 'right' way forwards. As all of the UK press is suggesting an institutional problem with healthcare, it would be wise for Noble's employees to reflect upon this as well as to examine their own role in solutions before following the apparently spiteful example of a minority whose main interest appears to be in controlling people and effecting political outcomes rather than primarily making things better for patients. Dr Adam Standring
  8. How dare you! Some of us are spending time and energy trying to bring attention to inadequacies in the system which is caring for, or may care for you in the future! If there is an axe to grind it is that the people who need to listen are not listening, don't care enough to make positive change and are happy to let bullying of staff and inadequate care of patients occur. What you have written is ignorant. We spent time training to do our jobs properly - both in looking after patients, and supporting others in their roles doing the same. This is not propaganda. This is a fight to achieve a decent standard of health care. If you have nothing helpful to say - go play with the traffic! Actually, I think this forum has descended into a sinkhole of hate for people hell-bent on justifying their own ego-centric needs to attack their employers at Noble's. What is more disturbing is that they are letting down their own patients by seeking to universally derogate the whole institution for which they work, and into which Island residents have no choice but on which to depend in their most vulnerable moments. There are forum-posters here who are Noble's employees who have been engaged in a nasty, bullying and hateful campaign against their fellow healthcare workers - including myself - and who are bringing their profession and the trust of their patients into serious disrepute, and for which they ought to be ashamed. If you care so much about changing Noble's then perhaps you would have already done something to engage with the people here trying to take positive action, yet I probably quite rightly believe that you have not already done this, nor are likely to due to your own alienation on account of the criticism that might - quite justifiably - be aimed at you. Noble's - like the NHS in the UK - needs to sort itself out. This is for ALL the staff to deal with, on behalf of all of their patients, and not for a self-elected cabal of people who seem to want to destroy their colleagues' morale as well as any good will Noble's staff earn to further their own egos and political ends. Complaints of 'bullying' by management seem to be being 'talked up' by a political cabal, as part of a pre-arranged strategy. As a victim of this apparent cabal myself, I feel I talk with fair authority. Dr Adam Standring
  9. Dave you were a fighter. We'll miss you.
  10. Your point being.................? My point is that the path to the end of suffering is to stop making people suffer and try and do something positive to engage and end that suffering. Surely, healers heal and don't try and peddle dis-ease for political or personal ends? I would be interested to hear your own ideas stated here in more detail: What are your opinions on the real root problems and on what the potential solutions are? How would you explain that to a patient (assuming you are a doctor or other healthcare worker?)Diagnosis, prognosis, intervention etc?
  11. Also @Aquarius (I believe you have been known to quote Buddhist wisdom in the past) and for any others interested in philosophy - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Noble_Truths The name seems appropriate to the current situation too!
  12. @Aquarius: Read my posts more carefully before criticising. You seem to have glossed over much of what I wrote before replying, though you are by no means the only one. People seem to be quite emotionally charged and not willing to take a long view of the situation, and I am just trying to offer this aspect to the debate, rather than be patronising. If I come across as patronising then please accept my apologies. However, I make no apologies for criticising those who have badly overstepped the mark (reasons already given). Healthcare professionals should set a better public example. Mediation is not counselling, as it allows both parties (eg - the alleged bully AND the allegedly bullied) to try and reconcile their differences in a constructive or controlled manner. Everyone gets their say and hopefully this allows both parties to disengage from their anger, analyse its causes and start over. There is an in-house mediation service, and then there is corporate mediation - perhaps both are needed?
  13. Being bullied at work and being bullied by a supposedly 'evil' management hell-bent on suppressing dissent in a crisis are two different things, aren't they? Have you considered requesting mediation with your 'bully' about your particular problem? It sounds like you're letting it get to you lots, especially if you 'believe' things that haven't yet come to pass! There are a number of trained mediators available to you, should you ask at Staff Welfare (I think). Worth exploring if you haven't already done so...
  14. Here's a few suggestions for the way forward (spirit borrowed from the original 1902 Nobles Hospital Rules and Regulations): 1. Crack down on discipline - all staff (senior or junior) to be held consistently accountable for poor behaviour and clinical standards a priori. It seems that performance management has been an issue and people are getting away with things they shouldn't be time and again. Cleanliness, attitude, professionalism and efficiency should all become actively celebrated through daily reinforcement. Discipline should be applied equally from the highest paid to the lowest paid positions. 2. All 'Senior Nurses' to be in active leadership roles modelled after the current 'night manager' system. Being a 'senior nurse' seems to have become, in many circumstances, a 'lifestyle option' for the under-performing. Noble's has, like the civil service, a history of promoting the incompetent, and it's time to end this. Also, a university degree should not entitle someone to an elite position - being excellent is the only thing that entitles to this. A Senior Nurse should be an elite role that people look up to, and is empowered and prepared to kick the butts of those who are under-performing. 3. Introduce a short Patient Charter stating the standards they ought to expect from all staff. Display in all areas. Staff should be able to recite this as a catechism. 4. Replace Prism adverse event reporting system with one designed with true input from staff. People are not currently using it because it is so cumbersome. 5. Consultants to lead from the front in all departments. The hospital should be able to release them from clinic commitments on on-call days. Too many acute cases are being handled by the under-qualified and under-supervised. 6. Consider starting a consultant committee to promote clinical leadership in the management strata. 7. An all-staff symposium should be held as soon as possible to establish all of the contentions and allow them to be addressed. Management to establish ward rounds and discuss concerns with ordinary staff on a weekly basis. Opening channels of communication seems paramount. Solutions, not problems.
  15. 2thumbs: One poster (a forum regular, probably drunk) made a post that threatened to kill the hospital management - their post was swiftly redacted. Is that criminal enough? Posting obscenely-intended images aimed at causing harassment, alarm and distress? Do I really have to go on? Just because some bad stuff is going on, it doesn't give people the right to act how they please. You cannot claim to speak for the hospital staff or even the patients, particularly if you conduct yourself this way. Same goes for some others on here.
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