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  1. The staffing or lack of isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of a proper plan to start with. It’s a major road, a major project, managed by people who aren’t up to the job. The contractors are working with people who don’t know what they are doing. I repeat, how has Nick still got that job?
  2. I don’t think anyone doubts that it’s not a major job with multiple issues, huge budget and lots of stakeholders. But it was poorly planned, politically driven timescales, badly budgeted and barely controlled. And I’m staggered that nick black is still CEO.
  3. Murdered at the hairpin.?
  4. What was the Bill Shimmins faux pas?
  5. There’s a garden opening next year no port soderick. Privately funded, rare plants, it’ll be a huge draw and no public funds.
  6. There’s a whole post on this in mhks they work for you Facebook.
  7. I’ve been dating for years that the outside bacony at the villa should be put out to tender for an oustdide bar/restaurant every year, with shelter and heat lamps. It’s a lovely spac3 that isn5 used and there’s nowhere nice to eat outside in Douglas in the summer.
  8. The rumour was that Eddie wanted to sack Malcolm and Malcolm was ready to walk, but couldn’t get a job fast enough in the private sector. Also there are only so many ceo’s Yo7 can lose at any one time... so he was moved in to health. It needs a fundamental rethink of health provision on island, essentially move to a private model, turn the hospital into a minor injuries clinic with an a and e an£ all specialist stuff to U.K.
  9. Maybe ex dci derek flint will come on and tell us. I hear he’s working up at nobles now....
  10. Steam Packet have a passenger manifest and everyone has to give in a bit of paper with their name on when they board. So they know who is on board if something bad happens to the boat.
  11. We still aren't going to know who's coming into the Island from a check in clerk checking photo ID. It's a completely ridiculous idea that will cause inconvenience with no added benefit. You don't have to show ID to get a ferry anywhere else in the British Isles, it'll be a further disincentive for people coming here. And there's no linking with the Police National Database or cross checking with anyone - it's just a really rubbish idea that's all show and no go.
  12. Growth is a brilliant idea. You need a critical mass of people in order to support decent pubs, restaurants and leisure facilities. And also a decent number of people paying tax to pay for the kind of services you have to have no matter how many people live here - some things just don't scale down. More people is a great idea.
  13. It's luck staffing costs, the press release was clear. You can't run a hospital staffed so heavily by locums cost effectively. They also have to be housed and their dependants housed too. It would probably be cheaper to send more people across rather than fewer. There needs to be a fundamental review of what services are offered on island, the hospital is trying to be all things to all people while hospitals in the uk are getting ever more specialised.
  14. I'd think that means when he left he was a senior manager. Maybe you don't read many cvs?
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