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  1. Poor Karl - he'll have just been following orders.
  2. Roger Phillips recently retiredclerk to Tynwald. I think he did a v good job keeping the two boys under control.
  3. I'm amazed this hasn't got more legs yet, you think the Peel brigade would be up in arms.
  4. Yes Sarah Hackman was there. Seemed v sincere but a little out of her comfort zone.
  5. At the requisition meeting last night. anne Corlett came across as calm. chris Thomas spoke like Chris always does but was in a different league to the others. Damien ciapelli weirdly angry, spoke like a second rate lawyer, but anger issues.
  6. So did someone knowingly sanction the knowingly sanctioned deliberate pollution of controlled waters and wasn’t subject to any disciplinary action. How does that work?
  7. Brave if they’ve released that before the election.
  8. Is it? When is it planned for? I really thought it was Corpy.
  9. Jersey does have better weather to be fair. Annie left because she wanted to be back with her family in U.K.
  10. So the prom is completely unsuitable for wheelchairs. See IOM today. The red concrete is completely unsuitable and needs replacing. And w3 are still letting DOI manage the new ferry terminal. how do the senior managers at DOI still have a job?
  11. I think they are right to do something with it. It's not fit for use inside, no disabled acess, it can't be used in the winter. There are no catering options. (arguably this could have been fixed if the Commissioners had been looking after the place for the last 20 years rather than letting it rot.). But the plans they had drawn up weren't right. It was a kind of cheap looking hotch potch. I think a competition to find something really right for that spot - probably super modern looking but making the most of the amazing spot. And not ruining it by putting lots and lots of car parking in front of it (looking at you MNH and the parking at the Sound).
  12. With this, the Liverpool terminal, the airport…how the hell has Nick still got a job running the DOI?
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