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  1. So how did a car get on to supposedly closed roads?
  2. Au contraire, Chris C! I find all this fascinating. It's this weird freak show where people will show this strange loyalty to a brand that will completely fuck them over if things go wrong. Carry on for all I care. Just save the crocodile tears when it all goes wrong
  3. It's a good job it's held in summer. They'd freeze to death if they stood still too long October - March
  4. So the old sayings "they knew the risks" and "they died/were seriously injured [delete as appropriate]" is equally as applicable to racers and marshals. Every day's a school day!
  5. How does that even stand up legally? Sounds like a load of bollocks.
  6. That's where that new FC Isle of Man comes in. Couple of hundred people at a time during off peak weekends. Not closing off massive sections of the Isle of Man and inconveniencing everyone
  7. Two sides to every story. Was all the signage in the correct place? How did a vehicle come to be on the closed road? Sounds like someone could have dropped a bollock there. One of these days someone will have a decent lawyer and tear them a new arsehole.
  8. Max Power is really funny... is he a real person or some kind of satirical Alan Partridge type character obsessed with the TT/MGP/FOM? If it's satire, please keep it up. You're very funny!
  9. "Micky mouse randomers who think they have some authority on the subject after sitting behind a keyboard" aren't responsible for public safety or ruining peoples lives by accusing people of stepping on a road.
  10. I always suspected it was a stitch up!
  11. That's interesting. The Scouse unions will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of the IOM Government Packet building ships at Camel Laird
  12. The whole thing is just mental. £80m with no costed business case behind it. They want to bring people to travel on buses, trains and trams that lose money hand over first, on ships that pollute the environment. Why?
  13. If we did then the private sector would have this covered and there would be no need for taxpayers cash.
  14. Should you be posting on here in work time?
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