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  1. You realise there will be some level of government money behind this route? The Guernsey Government had to pay £825,000 to get a very similar set up down there. They'll get the standard free landings etc which are given to all new routes, but there will be more to it than that. Flybe/Virgin won't be doing this out of the kindness of their hearts!!
  2. Nice of the forum troll to drop by!
  3. Question is how much money is IOM Government putting into it? Guernsey had to provide a decent amount of money to get their flights. I can imagine Quayle and Harmer handed over a blank cheque when Flybe mentioned Heathrow!
  4. Have they tried channeling all the hot air from one of your phones ins? That would probably warm the road enough to let them work on it.
  5. At least we don't have to worry about that with the TT!! We pay the broadcaster for the privilege of having it broadcast
  6. Honestly, the best thing you can do is block those twats. Despite their best efforts at pretending otherwise, they have no political influence, they have no clue what they're on about, they're delusional! That page is just a slightly updated version of Bernard Moffatt and his 'Celtic Leagues'/Mannanan Ahoy/whatever they're called this week
  7. Why are you all so obsessed by that fucking odious Facebook page? They're just attention seekers and all you lot do is provide an audience for those clowns.
  8. The proposals for the Isle of Man to join UEFA is just like Brexit. It's very easy for those proposing it to make promises of how amazing it will be. But no concrete plans on how it will work in reality. Getting thumped 9-0 by Germany on a rainy Wednesday night in November at the Bowl? Sounds amazing. I'm sure the crowds will be in their tens of thousands.
  9. Monaco does not have a national side that plays in UEFA or FIFA comoetions. There is a football club from Monaco that plays in Ligue 1. They also have one of those teams that plays in the Fake FIFA/Con-Fifa competitions... in fact they even played here at the Bowl in 2014 and got hammered 10-0 by Ellan Vannin... possibly because their players spent most of the previous night getting hammered in the Casino and slept it off in tents.
  10. He's not always right, but Keane was spot on with that. McCarthy's style of football is an offence to football. Boring, bland and usually shite.
  11. It was more Ireland being shite. Mick McCarthy back in control.
  12. And no matter how shite the show is, the taxpayers will be there to bail it out. A truly win win win situation as a radio 'presenter'.
  13. If you can do it then I'm sure anyone can do it.
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