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  1. Understandable you wouldn't have heard that as they didn't actually come here in the end.
  2. Might be a good idea in the LEDC but certainly not a great idea to be using human waste for compost that is ultimately used to grow crops for human consumption https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/8q8xnk/turns-out-that-using-human-poop-to-fertilize-crops-might-not-be-such-a-great-ide
  3. We'll just send a couple of MHK's out to fertilise the fields as and when they're needed.
  4. Do-gooder freaks and their veganism
  5. In your dreams. I know of medical professionals who have been put off taking a job a Nobles because of the TT and the (in their own words) unreasonable demands that would be placed upon them.
  6. Maybe if they didn't have to deal with idiots smashing themselves to pieces on motorbikes they could refocus and provide better general care all over.
  7. Who the f*ck is Lolly Polly? Is that the failed travel agency from the 90's?
  8. It would make a good small industrial unit for a start up business. Alternatively there is a climate emergency so a few trees could be planted there
  9. Maybe we could just list those who deserve to be re-elected? The list would be much shorter!
  10. Just in time for TT perhaps? Now there's an idea, all TT competitors can be treated there and paid for by their insurance. It would be win-win because they wouldn't be blocking up bed spaces for the public and there would be no question of the health service being used to subsidise the TT.
  11. The mention of TT and poor processes go well together!
  12. It's an ugly old building. Shame they didn't drop that instead of the Dogs
  13. Derek, you're normally the first to be realistic about spending money on these relics. Why is this different?
  14. Ramsey to Laxey is crying out to be turned into a cycle route. Even by their own admission in the money saving report a few years ago, the northern part is very lightly used. There's also a good case for singling the Douglas - Laxey part and adding a cycle lane down the side. The anoraks always cry about only coming to see the whole thing, but they ride on the steam train which is only about a third of what it once was. They will still come no matter how much it's cut back.
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