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  1. Not sure I follow you there John?
  2. Funny isn't it. We're up in arms about the relative cost of a service used to take sick people to hospitals where they receive treatment we could never effectively provide on island. Yet we're not bothered about £8.5m down the drain for a selection of empty trains rattling round the countryside. A proposal to blow £5m on a dusty old yacht... really weird priorities
  3. It's 100% £155 return to Liverpool on the hospital deal. If you get an appointment and the doctor doesn't authorise a companion for you, then they will book you a flight and you call them up to pay. I should know! I've done it 3 times since December!
  4. John I promise you it is. In fact I bet you £155 that it is. Care to accept my offer? A quick phone call to them tomorrow morning will settle it.
  5. Definitely not mistaken. It's £155 return.
  6. No. It's 100% £155 return to Liverpool on their hospital contract. I was there last week and asked them.
  7. £155. return isn't bad at all for tickets that are flexible and include a bag.
  8. The Climate Change Lobby v the TT Lobby! Now that's something I can't wait to see. I'll bring popcorn
  9. DOI certainly needs dismantling. It's not fit for purpose and in certain cases is a total train wreck (or should that be tram wreck?) Splitting it up has to happen. It's out of control. While many workers at the coalface are good at what they do, there are layers upon layers of middle and senior management that wouldn't be given a second look for employment in the private sector.
  10. The Unite Union seem to be making some very bold claims that [apparently] Isle of Man Newspapers refused to publish.
  11. Cheers for that @b4mbi. Do Government publish these figures somewhere? I'm just intrigued to see how they're calculating this.
  12. If the Nation's Station [sic] really must continue, they could learn a lot from Magic. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/feb/04/magic-radio-indestructible-easy-listening-streaming
  13. This. Plus we can buy buses off the shelf. The trains here are some quaint little type/gauges that would need massively expensive custom built trains. Not like the Isle of Wight where they reuse old tube trains.
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