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  1. There's zero chance of a modern tram service - one like they have in Birmingham or Croydon. the route is too twisty and too many little road crossings.
  2. The TT is such a massively successful, world famous event that there is no way it needs tax payers' cash to prop up coverage of the event! lol
  3. It would be a massive missed opportunity if they don't build one along the MER. They could link it up with the old Ramsey - Peel railway line too and create a round the island route (well northern half).
  4. The Isle of Man is apparently taking it's fair share of Bre-fugees from the UK according to one local estate agent. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51403&headline=People 'escaping from Brexit' to settle here&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  5. Agreed, Derek. The tram isn't a form of public transport - it's just an extremely expensive museum novelty ride that seems to be used by those who love wearing sepia tinted glasses. The expense of the tickets is only matched by the extreme cost to the taxpayers.
  6. Don't forget we're talking to a TT apologist, they all have a massive sense of entitlement to tax payers' cash to support their events 'becuase the Island relies on them'.
  7. Don't worry, most TT apologists do forget the deaths as soon as the calendar turns a page.
  8. Are you sure you're not Laurence Skelly in disguise? That's the type of BS idea he would come up with.
  9. Creating a footpath/cyclepath that is actually attractive and appealing.
  10. There must be a decent scrap value in the track and wires? Even if it's just half of the MER, it should at least be cost neutral to rip out one of the tracks. The cycle/footpath need not cost a great deal. They seem to be doing a decent job on the old Peel rail path - something akin to that would do.
  11. It makes sense to combine the trainspotting and MAMIL fraternities in one place.
  12. This is one of the better ideas that Bill Shimmins has put forward - singling the MER tracks and adding a walking/cycling route. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/mer-lines-to-make-way-for-walk-and-cycle-route/ Cyclists could take their bikes on the trams and then cycle part of the route, while keeping them off the main roads. The steam railway gets by just fine with just one track, so why does the MER need two? The railways lose an incredible amount of money so if they really must be kept then ideas like this should be explored to get more people using them,
  13. The Government seems to be getting in on the art scene. They've created quite a good clone of this work by Banksy down on Douglas Promenade. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2015/aug/20/banksy-dismaland-a-theme-park-unsuitable-for-children-in-pictures
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