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  1. Funny isn't it. We're up in arms about the relative cost of a service used to take sick people to hospitals where they receive treatment we could never effectively provide on island. Yet we're not bothered about £8.5m down the drain for a selection of empty trains rattling round the countryside. A proposal to blow £5m on a dusty old yacht... really weird priorities
  2. It's 100% £155 return to Liverpool on the hospital deal. If you get an appointment and the doctor doesn't authorise a companion for you, then they will book you a flight and you call them up to pay. I should know! I've done it 3 times since December!
  3. John I promise you it is. In fact I bet you £155 that it is. Care to accept my offer? A quick phone call to them tomorrow morning will settle it.
  4. Definitely not mistaken. It's £155 return.
  5. No. It's 100% £155 return to Liverpool on their hospital contract. I was there last week and asked them.
  6. £155. return isn't bad at all for tickets that are flexible and include a bag.
  7. The Climate Change Lobby v the TT Lobby! Now that's something I can't wait to see. I'll bring popcorn
  8. DOI certainly needs dismantling. It's not fit for purpose and in certain cases is a total train wreck (or should that be tram wreck?) Splitting it up has to happen. It's out of control. While many workers at the coalface are good at what they do, there are layers upon layers of middle and senior management that wouldn't be given a second look for employment in the private sector.
  9. The Unite Union seem to be making some very bold claims that [apparently] Isle of Man Newspapers refused to publish.
  10. Cheers for that @b4mbi. Do Government publish these figures somewhere? I'm just intrigued to see how they're calculating this.
  11. If the Nation's Station [sic] really must continue, they could learn a lot from Magic. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/feb/04/magic-radio-indestructible-easy-listening-streaming
  12. This. Plus we can buy buses off the shelf. The trains here are some quaint little type/gauges that would need massively expensive custom built trains. Not like the Isle of Wight where they reuse old tube trains.
  13. Maybe for somewhere with massive distances between towns and villages. Not on the Isle of Man. Would it really be faster? So at the moment we have a 15 minute bus service frequency. Could the same be provided without spending endless millions on new tracks and passing places? I doubt it, but maybe an anorak could work it out for us?
  14. They have 19 or so based there so the idea doesn't seem impossible. They also fly to Jersey from both Liverpool and Manchester. Any Easy Jet flights would be nowhere near the five times a day pattern of FlyMayBe at the moment.
  15. It'll come out in the wash eventually. It always does. Even if it's years later like the MEA loans debacle. As you say the contingency fund is apparently pretty much gone, the massive time overrun won't see workers working for free, so that's going to cost too. I noticed as well it looks like some of the cracks have progressed/joined up and it looks like the road is starting to break up?
  16. Does anyone know the figure for the Island's total CO2 emissions? I keep seeing mentions from the CCC that we produce "lots of CO2" but I haven't actually seen any actual amounts.
  17. I look forward to when the full extra cost of this scheme becomes public knowledge!
  18. Why though? A bus can take people to/from the centre of towns and villages. Drop them off at the hopsital/their place of work. A train is by its very nature stuck to the rigid tracks that it runs on... as much as I hate the waste on countless [unnecessary] new buses, they make a lot more sense than endless tens of millions on new choo choo trains!
  19. There's little justification for the railways being funded by taxpayers (certainly to this extent). Bus Vannin can be viewed as a valuable public service - people can get to work / social inclusion and all the rest of it. The railways don't do that and are just the hobby interest of a few anoraks.
  20. Yes, plenty. Holding clipboards, pointing fingers, generally looking officious, and taking great efforts not to get their boots or hi-viz dirty.
  21. What even is the point in running the tram/train operations? I know we hear the shouty minority telling us how important they are. But what is the Government policy for them burning £8.5m a year? I'd also love to see the figures for CO2 emissions from empty steam trains?
  22. Support this also. You see the Stephen Christian lads out there in all weathers working. It's the DOI wallahs that seem to be the issue.
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