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  1. Do we need one? All of us get f*cked by the Government each and every day already!
  2. The latest inspired ramblings from Braddan's most famous Commissioner. He now wants mere children to be allowed to play at being MHKs. Isn't this what 'Junior Tynwald' is for? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/let-16-year-olds-stand-to-be-politicians-says-commissioner/ Still, would a bunch of only-just-out-of-nappies politicians be any worse than the current bunch?
  3. A new Manx Forums record for time between replying to a post?
  4. Fair enough. There was a character on there with a similar username.
  5. Is portion control being applied to the Tynwald canteen? Looking at some of our glorious leaders, this idea should be seriously considered!
  6. He'd prefer the title Fat Controller. Maybe there will be an opening for him at the DOI once Longworth moves on?
  7. It'll all be the same as before. No drastic changes and just hoping they can carry on as before. The public sector pension blackhole and collapsing health service may make that difficult for them. If politicians in the UK come in red, blue, yellow, and green - then the colour of politics on the Isle of Man is beige.
  8. And this is the crux of the issue with the latest changes! They're now receiving even more money for 'public sector broadcasting' whilst at the same time reducing down the current affairs coverage that was used to justify the incrased funding. The MD of Manx Radio is always keen to say they aren't a 'jukebox radio station' - they're a broken jukebox station run by incompetents.
  9. DOI is very much a tail that wags the dog.
  10. So was the eyesore van actually scrapped or was it just towed away? It's hard to tell from the story.
  11. Isn't the over-engineering down to the DOI's wet dream to extend their electric tram toyset along the promenade?
  12. Banning low-skilled migrants from bringing their children to Jersey would 'not breach their human rights', says Chief Minister https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2019/12/04/banning-low-skilled-migrants-from-bringing-their-children-to-jersey-would-not-breach-their-human-rights-says-chief-minister/ Does the Isle of Man have similar powers? It would seem a sensible precaution against the likely effect of Speedy Thomas and Happy Howard's calls to massively grow the Islands working population.
  13. Realistically though even if we could vote for the next CM what choices would we have? It seems inevitable that he/she will come from the current crop of miscreants. That thought on its own is enough to cause deep depression!
  14. Probably the difference between a modern form of transport run properly for people's convenience, and a rickety old nag cart that's trundling along empty as it shakes itself apart!
  15. I've long suspected that many of the "contributors" on their website may also be fictional.
  16. 14 pubs a week are closing down in the UK. It's part of a shift in the wider economy. It's mental that people want to try and keep them all open. Let them flog them off rather than letting them sit derelict for another 10 years.
  17. I'm concerned. If the Chief Minister is planning to plant 85,000 trees between now and the end of 2021, will he have anytime to do anything else? That's 112 trees a day, every day between now and the end of 2021. Seems a bit ambitious for one person to do all that.
  18. Where is the example of it being recorded reversing climate change? Removing CO2 is one thing. But where is the example of it reversing climate change - I suppose you lot would need to decide what climate change is in the first place!
  19. They've got a few more people clinging to their rock than we have, but it's a fair point.
  20. That's a theory. I asked for a documented example! Answer the question that's asked, not the one you would like to answer! With an ability to divert questions like that have you ever considered standing in politics?
  21. The latest piece of Ennvirobollocks - this one from Douglas Borough Council "it is well documented that trees can help reverse climate change" - is it? Where? Yes planting trees is beneficial, but has any tree anywhere in the world been recorded "reversing climate change". Fair enough encourage planting, but don't claim what isn't true!
  22. I totally agree with you, Derek. It certainly wouldn't be the silver bullet for all of the island's woes, but it would certainly clear a lot of them. Interestingly if the Isle of Man had it's own MP (which I suppose it wouldn't - possibly absorbed into another UK constituency?) then which way would the Island vote? I'm guessing we would be some kind of marginal conservative seat?
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