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  1. I'm amazed there is even a car ferry on Windermere! The fares are interesting - cars at £5 each for a 1.5 mile journey, that must be the most expensive ferry journey per mile in the world!
  2. Everyone on an internet forum is important but some are more importanter than others.
  3. I wouldn't dare mock. A Felt Museum is just the thing the island needs! Bonnagland sounds like a winner too!
  4. The climate change lobby have muddied the issue. Plastic bag sales are down 90% in the UK, but supermarket plastic use is up about 50,000 tonnes. That could be plastic wrapping or other packaging.... but of course punishing the consumer with extra charges is the way to do it!
  5. @Numbnuts my main point was just that people may be slightly less angry if DOI were honest when they make this next announcement. Apologist for the utter disaster that it has become and humbly announce the new schedule. Instead they will get the departmental BS spreader out and act like the scheme is going from strength to strength. In fact I wouldn't even be surprised if they said something like "due to popular demand we have extended the length of the scheme and believe it will boost tourism by £10m in the next 2 years"
  6. You've overlooked the ideas of a National Felt Museum or Monorail Terminus.
  7. I wonder if they will be so keen to hold a public consultation/vote when it comes to naming the new ship? https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/22/world/europe/boaty-mcboatface-what-you-get-when-you-let-the-internet-decide.html
  8. They need to improve the on-board entertainment. A pool table in the bar area would be great.
  9. The story that DOI are seemingly hoping to spin on this is that it will reduce disruption to hotels, throw in some other spurious claims about the scheme, and continue to allow the Isle of Man's No.1 tourist loss-making attraction can continue without disruption. Edit to add: There is no way the DOI will take this on the chin and be honest - admit the scheme is a total disaster through their piss poor prior planning. They will try and put some kind of spin on it.
  10. March 2022 sounds about right. My guess is work will stop in March 2020. Start again in November 2020 - March 2021 / November 2021 - March 2022 I'm also told that the DOI/Transport have been massively resisting calls for the horse trams to be suspended in full until the scheme is complete, after the idea was put forward by Chris Robertshaw MHK following his role in sitting on the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee. As someone who has sat through the hearings in their entirety and hearing about the unforgivable disruption to businesses based on the promenade, you would think they views of Mr Robertshaw would be given more weight.
  11. Ornamental or useless. Take your pick, those words are interchangeable where the DOI Minister is concerned.
  12. The CC snowflakes are getting their panties in a knot again.... This time they are trying to conflate the issue by claiming that so-called bags for life are making the problem of plastic worse. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/nov/28/bags-for-life-making-plastic-problem-worse-say-campaigners But at the same time they also say that there is less plastic bag litter; https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/apr/05/drop-in-plastic-bags-littering-british-seas-linked-to-introduction-of-5p-charge It doesn't help their case that they can't even agree among themselves. Plastic bag consumption in the UK is down by over 90% [source] but the campaigners are either too stupid or simple to understand that.
  13. That analogy doesn't work. Gravity is a fact, it's quantitative. It's not something to believe in or not believe in. 'Climate change' isn't - it's just one interpretation of some very carefully selected data. So again, who are the famous '97%'?
  14. The Minister carries his fair share of blame in all of this mess. After all it was a 'political decision' that the scheme was originally scheduled to be complete 'before the next election' when all the contractors were saying it would realistically be a 3.5 year scheme, but to hurry it along it was decided to dig up the entire stretch of Prom and that has since fallen flat on it's arse. Those responsible for forcing through the horse trams as a priority also have a share of the blame and should leave government employment forthwith.
  15. Who are the supposed '97%'? Did you personally go and speak to every single scientist in the world?
  16. Hell must have frozen over because among other things I am agreeing with Stu Peters and Max Power, There is no climate emergency. The saying 'climate change is man made' is partly true, it's a conspiracy theory concocted by a load of halfwits, lead by a 15 year old Swedish child who has been exploited by her parents for publicity and personal gain - a very sad story. The reason there are 10,000 (or 100,000 to even 100,000,000) scientists churning out all of these alarmist reports is that it's what pays their bills. It's the current vogue among the scientific community,. Possibly not since the 1590's have we lived in times when scientists are castigated because they dare to disagree with the mainstream way of thinking. In the 1980's we were all warned about the forthcoming ice age, now we're being warned about a warming planet but with no real story on what is warming and when and by how much. The Earth has been in a greenhouse state for about 85% of its history, it really is nothing to worry about. Although I do worry about the mental health of the young people and children who are being indoctrinated by the Climate Extremists. The anxiety that it must cause them to be told the planet is dying and humanity is to blame can be doing them no good whatsoever.
  17. There is no such thing as 'man made climate change' - the set of data that Climate Change Extremists use to promote their view is so tiny in the history of the planet that it's actually funny. The earth is 4.5 billion years old, they're using information from the early 1800's to today and most of the climate data pre-1940 is sketchy at best. Green technology is such a growth area because big industry has cottoned on to the fact they can sell green crap to gullible idiots with money to burn
  18. It won't be long until the Isle of Man 1930's Appreciation Society is trying to get the Lord Street slum flats registered as historical.
  19. The Project Manager was Saint Greta, she called in on her round the world yacht trip. She was future proofing the steps against sea level rises.
  20. Seems to be a hotch potch of Auldyn doing a little bit but then there's definitely been a UK contractor doing other bits. MyProm posted that had a specialist company over last week to file the rails down. Heard another rumour that the rail part of the scheme has gone "well over budget" with what they expect it will cost now. Wasn't the rail tracks budgeted at about £7m to begin with?
  21. Same thoughts about the Grandstand - when it's time to be demolished and not replaced comes around
  22. It looks like they're rushing to finish the least needed part of the whole prom.
  23. No, no, no. You've misunderstood. "There's a boat in the morning" is completely pathetic and laughable. It shows a complete lack of imagination or understanding of a discussion or argument... the playground equivalent is "I'm going to take my ball and go home!" If there is a valid reason against an idea suggested by an incomer then fair enough. But saying "there's a boat in the morning" is pretty, insular.... and pathetic!
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