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  1. rodders

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    Boys have erections at any age. Its whether he knew what erections are used for and at what at age. I wouldn't know what the legal definition of rape is, but I know what mine is, and it doesn't require the male to ejaculate.
  2. rodders

    Cut & paste

    I knew a tranvestite once. He had a Wigan address.
  3. rodders

    Pubs closing

    Sounds like the new locals are fungi's
  4. rodders

    Isle of Scrotes

    A quick google of Minister Canada Qualtrough brings up....
  5. rodders

    Understanding the Law

    Ill-informed comes to mind.
  6. rodders

    Pubs closing

    Pop of 84.000: But how much is a f***ing pint
  7. rodders

    Fraudulent Claim

    Doesn't the Corpy organise a service annually for the boiler though? Surely Manx Gas told the Corpy that they had turned if off previously, so wouldn't be charging £££'s for a service.
  8. rodders


    At the moment he's in a bad plaice.
  9. rodders

    Enterprise Development Scheme.

    Oxfam shutting up shop... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45198&headline=Oxfam to close at end of January&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  10. rodders

    Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day

    I wish Skelly would start poutine his brain into gear before he speaks.
  11. rodders

    Free tarot card readings TODAY ONLY

    I've just re-read the reading you did for me for the Summer Solstace 2017 and to be fair, it's accurate. I notice that the deck of cards you are going to use, are the same ones as that 2017 deck. I could always do with another reading though.
  12. rodders

    Free tarot card readings TODAY ONLY

    Go on then Druid, when is the shit that I'm going through going to end?
  13. rodders


    This is good though.
  14. rodders

    Industrial sewing machinist wanted

    In Real Life.
  15. rodders


    I'm just blown away.