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  1. As a Merchandise Replenishment Operative in a local supermarket, may I say that the bbe dates are usually quite long. I don't drink now, but when I did, I never had beer out of date, usually because I drank the stuff on the day of purchase. Just to be on the safe side, buy from the front because stock rotation is a myth as it's all computorized ordering nowadays.
  2. I doubt you'd need Wagatha Christie to solve this though.
  3. It's 'Down North.' Good luck.
  4. I didn't think it was worthy of a mention at the time... It started on September 4th https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/douglas-woman-accused-of-committing-act-against-public-justice/
  5. I'll certainly go to as many games as I can, but then I like my football. I was surprised at the lack of advertising at the match. MT, NK construction and Robinsons was all I could see, so it doesn't look like many businesses are getting behind it.
  6. To be fair to the clubs that have attendances below or around 100, they have bigger clubs on their doorstep whereas we don't. I'd assume the 400 or so in the jump in attendance was for the corporate/complimentery people.
  7. rodders

    New Gutters

    How do you think I feel? I'm in a 2 bed ground floor man-flat.
  8. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=64142&headline=Cyber threats on the rise as figures more than double in the last year&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021 I wonder if the miracle herpes email address is a cyber threat?
  9. Well she managed to stay on just long enough to be at the Governers swearing in party?
  10. Felt like that when I went to a local tv shop about a month ago and the bloke didn't know what a Portable was.
  11. Five pages in and I STILL don't know what this rumour is meant to be. Got to be a record even for MF.
  12. rodders

    Topical Joke.

    Why don't Afgans watch the news? Because of the Telly ban
  13. Can't pull the wool over your eyes.
  14. To be honest, after asking the origional question, I didn't expect the thread to go like this. It's excellent. As an aside, I too used to call it Gansey beach @Declan, because that's what everyone called it. There is a close on the Ballafesson to Colby road called 'Carrick Bay View,' and in recent times, I've called the bay 'Carrick Bay.' What I find almost strange are the houses on Shore Road. Their addresses are Shore Road, Rushen. It's as if they haven't been designated a town, village or hamlet.
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