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  1. I'll wager that the new figures contain a number of locals who go away for the week/fortnight.
  2. Yeah but is there any need to go to the Mariana trench?
  3. There was a couple of hours of 3FM, and I listened to Stu Peters every night for an hour or two. Most of it though was 5Live and Radio 4 with a bit of the world Service thrown in. Also mentioned were Radio Merseyside and Manchester for sport.
  4. How many do you honestly think will be playing for Liverpool in, say, 5 years. I reckon 2 at most.
  5. I'm filling in a rajar listening diary next week. I don't know how much weight my figures will carry but Manx Radio might be in for a shock.
  6. Payable at £50 a month, is there an interest rate attatched to the £1,000+ fine and costs? I can't see where the punishment is on £50 a month though.
  7. Hasn't the £30,000,000 house sold yet? That'll boost the average up an the govt will say everything is rosey.
  8. rodders

    Student Strikes

    I don't know but they'll want it "Now!"
  9. I have it on good authority that Bates has left and Longworth has been re-instated today. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/director-of-transport-services-steps-down-from-full-time-work/
  10. All those on seasonal contracts within the tourism/heritage gov depts.?
  11. Interesting interpretation of what a 'busy street' is.
  12. I think they did well against a Villa team who had 10 changes to their previous line up.
  13. rodders

    Polly Lolly

    Why don't predators get food poisoning through undercooked meat?
  14. If you're happy with the way the island is, vote for the incumbents. If not, vote for two challengers. Ad infinitum.
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