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  1. I've always believed England, Scotland and Wales were Great (as in large), Ireland was Minor Britain. I don't know where I learnt it though. Probably on here.
  2. Keep up at the back please.
  3. Does the trademark apply worldwide? https://titi3d79.com/shop/isleofmantt2405?pid=dNpb8JYGt4vcSTKn&cid=Cgny2zIQpD2RQW3c&sid=2
  4. People of Colour. Coloured. White is a colour too.
  5. I'm trying to think of a glass type pun, but it'shard.
  6. rodders


    I'm glad we don't enter it.
  7. rodders

    May 5th.

    Thanks in advance for the birthday wishes.
  8. If He was so keen on wine, why are so many religions against alcohol?
  9. Port Erin rate in pence... Church Yard 14 Commissioners 307 Water 235.5 Toilet 215
  10. I got told this by a chef that works for the brewery. From April 1st, all tips are to be sent to the brewery. The brewery are going to take a 20% cut, with the rest being shared out between the staff through their pay-packets, ensuring the tips are taxed. He ain't happy at all. That's all I was told. I wasn't told whether the tips will be divvied up per establishment or across the brewery as a whole. I cannot say for certain if it's 100% truth.
  11. I expect the estate agents will be wanting it sold asap, thus pushing up the average price on the Island.
  12. You'd like to think that she was allowed out of the kitchen once in a while.
  13. They've all moved to the Isle of Wight by mistake.
  14. Boys have erections at any age. Its whether he knew what erections are used for and at what at age. I wouldn't know what the legal definition of rape is, but I know what mine is, and it doesn't require the male to ejaculate.
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