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  1. rodders

    Polly Lolly

    Why don't predators get food poisoning through undercooked meat?
  2. If you're happy with the way the island is, vote for the incumbents. If not, vote for two challengers. Ad infinitum.
  3. Tuned in at 8.15am. What utter bilge. Stu is worth ending the day on. I probably listen to 2hrs a day, but it'll be back to R4 tomorrow morning.
  4. The Kate Beacroft award for Peace and Harmony goes to.....Kate Costain.
  5. How could you not predict Manx Gas for the Customer Service award???
  6. Saddle, Albert or the cruise liners own bar. Yeah it's a toughie.
  7. It's been on the web for a few hours... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/steam-packet-accused-of-discrimination/ The govt mouthpiece on another loosely owned govt monopoly. Could be damaging to the local image if the red-tops get hold of it before the whole story gets out, and experience of the media, tells me that there is more to this....
  8. I went to the bank to put a cheque in and I was told that it would take 5 working days to clear, but if I took a photo of it for the app it would clear straight away.
  9. I've had an account in the Castletown branch for 40yrs or so. I guess the population then was around the 55,k mark. I had to go in there once a week as opposed to now which is closer to twice a year. There was certainly demand for 3 full time banks in Castletown back then, so I'm inclined to believe that times have changed rather than economy of scale.
  10. It's nothing to crow about.
  11. No definately NOT taking the piss. It's a great show with loads of texts and comments which is a continuation of talking heads humour, but without the political side of his previous show. It's going to be show of choice for me. Good shout Dilly.
  12. Atleast 2 listeners.
  13. He read it out verbatim within 5 minutes. He added that he doesn't do requests, only suggestions.
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