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  1. Sorry but I have to go back on topic. Any suggestions for Stu's playlist on Wednesday? Twisted Sister, I Am I'm Me for me.
  2. https://www.politicalcompass.org/yourpoliticalcompass?ec=4.75&soc=0.87 https://8values.github.io/results.html?e=40.4&d=35.6&g=43.3&s=50.6
  3. My money is on Stu being reinstated on Monday.
  4. Mr.Maguire to be given the 9-10pm slot with Our Stu back in his 10pm-1am.
  5. HQ trying to convince people to live here??? Is there a census due?
  6. rodders

    Fancy a pint?

    Yeah Malew Street at the junction with The Crofts.
  7. rodders


    Department of Illiterates.
  8. Anyone know how Stu's tempory replacement is doing? Has there been any comments read out?
  9. About 14 minutes in and lasts for 2hrs 46
  10. Will the am channel be renamed when they re-run the TT? I'd suggest that anything like 'Manx Radio TT 365' is avoided.
  11. Can't find it on any other 'news' site, so Energy has got quite a 'scoop.'
  12. Is XNXX waiving the 'premium' fee aswell? Asking for a friend.
  13. Remind me again how much the ATC's are on.
  14. My father died in Liverpool two years ago. Repatriation was £280. Insurance excess was £250. They also had a holiday to Austrailia booked and paid for. The insurance repaid my fathers cost, less another £250 excess. My mother lost 100% of her fare because she 'could have travelled.' The travel agent in Port Erin (where they booked) were absolutely superb. The insurance company, less so, as they needed far too much information imo.
  15. Numbers will be manipulated. We'll easilly get 340,000. Infact I'd wager that we'll hit 500,000 given the governments ability to pick numbers out of thin air.
  16. I can see it being totally opposite. "If you (MHK's) want your opinions to be heard, we'll need to drop the competitions and bring in more news stories and we can't afford it...£1.5 million please."
  17. rodders


    Is this the death knell for shopiom.com? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-business/new-online-shopping-site-to-sell-all-things-manx/?fbclid=IwAR3J2mUkY0uYJ8AJVQ19yeiYOJ7z1RdMklVd-zVjl0mqlowgDIy7K4dxlNU
  18. I'll wager that the new figures contain a number of locals who go away for the week/fortnight.
  19. Yeah but is there any need to go to the Mariana trench?
  20. There was a couple of hours of 3FM, and I listened to Stu Peters every night for an hour or two. Most of it though was 5Live and Radio 4 with a bit of the world Service thrown in. Also mentioned were Radio Merseyside and Manchester for sport.
  21. How many do you honestly think will be playing for Liverpool in, say, 5 years. I reckon 2 at most.
  22. I'm filling in a rajar listening diary next week. I don't know how much weight my figures will carry but Manx Radio might be in for a shock.
  23. Payable at £50 a month, is there an interest rate attatched to the £1,000+ fine and costs? I can't see where the punishment is on £50 a month though.
  24. Hasn't the £30,000,000 house sold yet? That'll boost the average up an the govt will say everything is rosey.
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