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  1. Five pages in and I STILL don't know what this rumour is meant to be. Got to be a record even for MF.
  2. rodders

    Topical Joke.

    Why don't Afgans watch the news? Because of the Telly ban
  3. Can't pull the wool over your eyes.
  4. To be honest, after asking the origional question, I didn't expect the thread to go like this. It's excellent. As an aside, I too used to call it Gansey beach @Declan, because that's what everyone called it. There is a close on the Ballafesson to Colby road called 'Carrick Bay View,' and in recent times, I've called the bay 'Carrick Bay.' What I find almost strange are the houses on Shore Road. Their addresses are Shore Road, Rushen. It's as if they haven't been designated a town, village or hamlet.
  5. I certainly did. I've lived all my 51 years down south and it just surprised me that 'Gansey Bay' was mentioned in a manifesto. I'd expect a prospective local MHK to know the correct name. Pedantic? Yes.
  6. I knew the puns wood start soon.
  7. For those who have not read the paper... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=59506&headline=Man sent intimate photos to what he believed was a 12-year-old girl&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
  8. I wouldn't have a problem if we have first dibs on the ones who would bring major benefits to the economy.
  9. He was a good mate of mine when we were at school. He was in the top sets of everything. Really intellegent. Then we went our seperate ways and I didn't see him for the best part of 30yrs. The first time I seen him was on the bus and he said 'Hi.' The only thing I could say was, 'Who are you?' He looked a mess. I swore there and then that I'd reduce my drinking. It's a crying shame what has happened to him really. I don't know what the answer is because what's the point of helping him if he won't help himself?
  10. Tonights weather forecast is for lots of standing water and the risk of flash flooding. Good luck Laxey, it could be a long night.
  11. Could explain why GBM gets so little coverage.
  12. Sorry but I have to go back on topic. Any suggestions for Stu's playlist on Wednesday? Twisted Sister, I Am I'm Me for me.
  13. https://www.politicalcompass.org/yourpoliticalcompass?ec=4.75&soc=0.87 https://8values.github.io/results.html?e=40.4&d=35.6&g=43.3&s=50.6
  14. My money is on Stu being reinstated on Monday.
  15. Mr.Maguire to be given the 9-10pm slot with Our Stu back in his 10pm-1am.
  16. HQ trying to convince people to live here??? Is there a census due?
  17. rodders

    Fancy a pint?

    Yeah Malew Street at the junction with The Crofts.
  18. Department of Illiterates.
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