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  1. Not too much on the main hospital that I know of, but I was a security guard whilst it was getting built and the 'stand alone' building to the right of the main building had to be re-injected with concrete.
  2. Yeah i remember him. I forget his name though his surname was 'Dale.' I used to work with him at Martin Bakers. He walked out and left a load of debt in the factory shop in the mid 80's. Nice to see he can still pull in the crowds.
  3. January 2008, The wife and I flew to New York from Heathrow. Told to take our shoes/belt off at Reynoldsway yet Heathrow let us through. Mad...
  4. Inflatable (or dead) women rarely are. She is 37wk pregnant so it's just a case of me feathering the nest.
  5. Not a problem. Someone living close to me lets me use their wi-fi. Don't know who it is, but the other month they switched their broadband off, and i didn't have a signal for 2 weeks so I had to run to the library. I know its not right, and possibly illegal but I begrudge paying Manx Telecom for broadband when I can get it for free, I suppose I will get hit for the electricity bill but it's a price worth paying IMO.
  6. I have only just joined this site and I have found that I am constantly refreshing and reading the latest comment, even if I know nothing about the subject. I have had to put off painting the bedroom because I haven't got any time left at the end of the day. I could end up getting a divorce because of this site. The missus is no good at painting and I have had enough! Can anyone tell me if the addiction will wear off???
  7. They won't be making it 10 for a while.
  8. I am all for it if it means people across realise we are not part of England/UK.
  9. Free to a good home. Buyer to collect (Port Erin.) length 40"x w24x h20. Darkish brown wood with light surface scratches. 1 legged with 4 feet carved. Aint got the facillities to put a picture up, but if you phone 342020 I will send a pic. Cost £60 about 12 yrs ago, bought from Angie Cannells.Nice table but now surplus.
  10. The bookie in port erin uses his. Incidently, I went in there a few years back to place a bet on the Rugby Union World Cup. 2 semi-finals. No Try scorer. £5 singles, £2.50 double. The odds were around 25-1 on both games. I gave him my betting slip. He just looked up and said, "I'm not taking that!" I laughed and walked out, never to return. The ironic thing was that he lost £12.50. But the thing that made me laugh most was that although I didn't have time to place it elsewhere, I did for the final and it came in at 33-1.
  11. I got mine from Boots just after they opened. Cost me £18 back then. Proper neoprene, the same as divers wet-suits. I had asked at my local chemist but they didn't have one in stock as there was no demand for them. They could order one in however, and I imagine that would be the case with any chemist. I have still got it and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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