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  1. I had a trip on it last Wednesday with two friends (it was a present). Despite the reputation, it was remarkably stable and good fun. One amusing aspect was it’s required to follow taxiways and the runway as if it was a plane..
  2. No problem. Your confusion kind of emphasises the fact the registry should have noticed the similarity. You’re also not the first. Having to tell people we’re not launching a new digital currency is tiresome..
  3. Completely different company with no association/relationship/business dealings whatsoever. It's unfortunate the name is so similar as it's causing some confusion and misassociation, particularly given the crypto element.
  4. I'd say tentative at best. A similar scheme in the Herbrides seems heavily subsidised using Scottish/EU money, despite the secondary economic benefits and the supporting data looking more plausible. Much like planning; I would be more enthusiastic if the forecasts and economic indicators pointed to an era of population growth and broadened economic activity. Build and they will come is a strategy that often doesn't materialise. Right now, I'd be happy with a couple of working flumes.
  5. ‘In theory’; that’s the age-old quandary facing the IOM. The Isle of Man, where we could have, if... Ever hopeful!
  6. One USP is we have an ageing population, high dependency ratio, challenges in infrastructure and healthcare, labour shortages and a commitment to reduce environmental impact. If the Island can find (Or test) innovative approaches or new operating models, harness technology and automation, and solve some of these issues - that’s an exportable skill set and suite of expertise in itself. Too often we try copying someone else’s homework, think linearly, or keep trying the same thing, in different guises. In theory; we’re nimble enough to try new things and either succeed or fail fas
  7. And there’s an angle whether there’s an opportunity to increase productivity, prosperity and value, with technology and automation, rather than focus on more human labour.
  8. An interesting topic. There are a few successful companies who export services, or target markets outside of the Isle of Man. Gaming is an obvious one (not without its challenges), while IT, software and telecoms have non-IOM elements. The Isle of Man does need to focus a little more on business or initiatives that lead to ‘new money’ rather than subsidising displacement or competition within the local market. It makes us less exposed if there’s any change in circumstance. Exports also contribute to what I’d class as real economic growth (goods or services), but also make better
  9. Very basic functionality, shocking for everything else. If it’s the 200Mbps VDSL, I upgraded mine to a Fritzbox 7590 only to find the software version on the MT ISAMs is an old version, with the net effect being the router won’t sync at 200Mbps/35b, only 100Mbps/17a. The Technicolor does work at 200Mbps but is pants. If it’s the new optical fibre, get yourself any decent Ethernet WAN router.
  10. Resurrecting an old topic. Opted to ditch my Technicolor DGA4130 in favour of the new Fritzbox 7590. Despite supporting supervectoring/VDSL profile 35b (200Mbps+), the router only appears to be negotiating 17a (100Mbps), even with the latest firmware. Anyone else using the Fritzbox 7590?
  11. If you had to reframe it, the sub post office element is really secondary to it’s role as a kind of community service desk. On that basis, you’d never expect it to turn a profit. When viewed as a public service, the postal element becomes irrelevant as it doesn’t generate sufficient revenue. If IOMG viewed it through a different lens, it would not be about loss making and profits, but purely the cost of providing a public service, with the potential to serve as a conduit for postal business. I think it’s the wrong way round. The issue for taxpayers is whether that public se
  12. Proximity to busy roads is fast becoming a key factor when identifying locations and risk factors for residential developments https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/living-near-a-busy-road-can-stunt-childrens-lung-growth Opening the window at 8:35am may not be desirable
  13. Another option. You could mount a Synology/QNAP as an iSCSI target in xpenology. Thus - keeping your HP server as the head-end, but backing the storage off to a NAS.
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