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  1. Resurrecting an old topic. Opted to ditch my Technicolor DGA4130 in favour of the new Fritzbox 7590. Despite supporting supervectoring/VDSL profile 35b (200Mbps+), the router only appears to be negotiating 17a (100Mbps), even with the latest firmware. Anyone else using the Fritzbox 7590?
  2. If you had to reframe it, the sub post office element is really secondary to it’s role as a kind of community service desk. On that basis, you’d never expect it to turn a profit. When viewed as a public service, the postal element becomes irrelevant as it doesn’t generate sufficient revenue. If IOMG viewed it through a different lens, it would not be about loss making and profits, but purely the cost of providing a public service, with the potential to serve as a conduit for postal business. I think it’s the wrong way round. The issue for taxpayers is whether that public service is more deserving of investment rather than further investment in health, education, etc. As a business though; letters are undeniably in decline.
  3. Proximity to busy roads is fast becoming a key factor when identifying locations and risk factors for residential developments https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/living-near-a-busy-road-can-stunt-childrens-lung-growth Opening the window at 8:35am may not be desirable
  4. Another option. You could mount a Synology/QNAP as an iSCSI target in xpenology. Thus - keeping your HP server as the head-end, but backing the storage off to a NAS.
  5. Given a stategic aim of the Isle of Man is to attract (and retain!) high-net worths and entrepreneurs, there is a need for high quality private healthcare and education. Ignoring the societal views of state vs private, in theory - paid-for treatment should lesson the burden on the state healthcare and education systems. I emphasise in theory because I suspect doing so will require effective planning, management and a framework that balances the private customer, and the DHSC. While many see private healthcare as a privilege - unfortunately, many now view it as a necessity. I have paid for a number of private treatments (albeit minor) within my family, simply because the waiting lists were soooooo long...
  6. Have to agree, the aesthetics of that new roundabout just feel wrong. Almost like an amateur roundabout on a budget.
  7. Reading between the lines and based on your experience, if the scheme was better administered and the members skills scrutnised - there would be some value? I can only assume that was the original purpose, and that has been lost somewhat.
  8. I can understand the preferred supplier status, assuming there is a vetting process which the fee covers. I asked because I noticed how many tradesman advertise their registered status, but I couldn’t see how someone would make that a requirement when getting their toilet fixed or living room skimmed. I guess it predates the world of Facebook and social media reviews. Maybe in the early 90s being Government Registered was the equivalent of 5* on Tripadvisor.
  9. I have never assigned any value to it but I had assumed that some people must have. I was interested in understanding the practicalities of achieving the status, but it sounds more like a public sector best business guide, rather than a challenging certification process.
  10. I see this a lot. Gardeners, Plasterers, Joiners, etc. In practice, what does this mean and is it a kitemark of quality? Does it set people apart? I see it a lot on vans and signage, so figured it must have a perceived value.
  11. https://www.investegate.co.uk/manx-telecom-plc/rns/recommended-acquisition-of-manx-telecom/201903130700056746S/ https://www.basaltinfra.com/recommended-cash-offer-for-manx-telecom-plc/ “The boards of Bidco and Manx are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer pursuant to which Bidco, a newly-incorporated company owned by Basalt, will acquire the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Manx (the "Acquisition")”
  12. It’s over copper (~200m from ISAM). £46pm https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/internet/broadband-tariffs/ultima-v-plus
  13. 200Mbps service - tends to peak around 175/180Mbps. I have a Draytek 2860, using the MT supplier Thomson as a modem. Service is reliable enough. Every so often it may get flaky, but getting a new WAN IP seems to fix it.
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