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  1. Given a stategic aim of the Isle of Man is to attract (and retain!) high-net worths and entrepreneurs, there is a need for high quality private healthcare and education. Ignoring the societal views of state vs private, in theory - paid-for treatment should lesson the burden on the state healthcare and education systems. I emphasise in theory because I suspect doing so will require effective planning, management and a framework that balances the private customer, and the DHSC. While many see private healthcare as a privilege - unfortunately, many now view it as a necessity. I have paid for a number of private treatments (albeit minor) within my family, simply because the waiting lists were soooooo long...
  2. Have to agree, the aesthetics of that new roundabout just feel wrong. Almost like an amateur roundabout on a budget.
  3. Reading between the lines and based on your experience, if the scheme was better administered and the members skills scrutnised - there would be some value? I can only assume that was the original purpose, and that has been lost somewhat.
  4. I can understand the preferred supplier status, assuming there is a vetting process which the fee covers. I asked because I noticed how many tradesman advertise their registered status, but I couldn’t see how someone would make that a requirement when getting their toilet fixed or living room skimmed. I guess it predates the world of Facebook and social media reviews. Maybe in the early 90s being Government Registered was the equivalent of 5* on Tripadvisor.
  5. I have never assigned any value to it but I had assumed that some people must have. I was interested in understanding the practicalities of achieving the status, but it sounds more like a public sector best business guide, rather than a challenging certification process.
  6. I see this a lot. Gardeners, Plasterers, Joiners, etc. In practice, what does this mean and is it a kitemark of quality? Does it set people apart? I see it a lot on vans and signage, so figured it must have a perceived value.
  7. https://www.investegate.co.uk/manx-telecom-plc/rns/recommended-acquisition-of-manx-telecom/201903130700056746S/ https://www.basaltinfra.com/recommended-cash-offer-for-manx-telecom-plc/ “The boards of Bidco and Manx are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer pursuant to which Bidco, a newly-incorporated company owned by Basalt, will acquire the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Manx (the "Acquisition")”
  8. It’s over copper (~200m from ISAM). £46pm https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/internet/broadband-tariffs/ultima-v-plus
  9. 200Mbps service - tends to peak around 175/180Mbps. I have a Draytek 2860, using the MT supplier Thomson as a modem. Service is reliable enough. Every so often it may get flaky, but getting a new WAN IP seems to fix it.
  10. Seen a few posts on social media saying ‘they are back’. One daytime attempt up Ramsey and another balaclava job down South, when people were in. Think Buntys taxis posted something too. Could just be usual pondlife and coincidences, or the start of something.. let’s hope not.
  11. The thread makes for interesting reading. I feel the labour situation is so complex and intertwined, it makes it nigh on impossible to prescribe one single solution. Any solution is also open to criticism, but the problem is not going away. There is definitely a shortage of skilled staff, and these staff are in demand. We have to trust the firms who state this, after all - why would they *not* hire staff if there was such a pool? In my own experience, there’s not some ulterior motive or conspiracy. Equally, agencies all profess to have the solution, but again, why would a successful firm with staff demands, not utilise these channels? Then there’s retention. The finite pool has driven up packages; salaries, perks and benefits - making the ‘big names’ often sweep up staff from other companies. Finally there’s the irritation factor. How far does a firm go before staffing up in the UK or Malta? They’re equally challenging markets but I understand it’s an easier sell to attract someone to Malta.
  12. Nor would I dare speak for everyone and I don't know the details of this specific example. My default position is often pessamism and cynacism, but the Island has a truck load of that already. I think Manx Crab is an oft inherited trait and a popular past-time. Unfortunately, too much of that will be the downfall of the Island. Solutions are rarely forthcoming. It reminds me of the book Who Moved My Cheese?
  13. You have a fairly cynical view - however, one that I can understand. I don't profess to know the full details in this instance, but I do know of many people who have lectured or spoken for free at SCFMC, and several firms who have donated time/services at no charge. Maslow recognised that everyone has different drivers; in this case - it could be ego, self-worth, money, helping or improving the Island, or that warm-fuzzy feeling you get from assisting others and sharing knowledge. With a wider focus but still related, there are many other groups/bodies; COC, MICTA, AML/CFT Advisory Group, CodeClub, LoveTech, EGSAB, IOMBA, ACSP, IOMBN, Aerospace Cluster, DFE Agencies, etc. Granted, these are not all the same as SCFMC per se, but everyone involved will have a different motivation or focus. It is easy to hypothesise that people are only there for ego or money. I don't subscribe to that. From my own experience, having been involved in one or many of the above, the majority of people who participate are there for genuinely well-intentioned reasons. Those reasons will vary; to carve out the Island's future, benefit the youth, advise government, benefit industry or safeguard the Island's position. I am sure there is a good dose of ego, narcissism and anticipated-personal gain within there - but thats human psychology for you. They may not always get it right, nor may you agree with what they do or say. In my own rose-tinted view, based on my current experience, there is a considerable amount of time invested by people, many of whom are personally accomplished, well healed, financially secure or leaders in their respective fields. They donate their time and expertise...to help the Island. I cannot vouch for everyone, but the amount of people who donate time to industry groups, charities, not-for-proft organisations and agencies - is an admirable attribute of the Isle of Man.
  14. In a post Brexit era, the Isle of Man needs to develop its international perspective; both in terms of outlook, opportunities and benchmarking. Maybe the SCFMC could help achieve that? (depending on its mandate). I have been to a couple of the receptions as a guest and whilst I can understand why some may see it as a shindig, I never viewed it as such. I’ve had conversations about pharmaceutical vigilance, regulation-as-a-service and blockchain opportunities. All in the context of how the Island could collaborate with another country. Many of these ‘small’ countries are far larger than the Isle of Man and many of the attendees are senior (head of banks/regulators), well connected and well respected. Personally, I’d be using this type of initiative to both identify and develop international opportunities. International perspective and collaboration are the way forward, not believing the Island is the centre of the universe or comparing us to the Wirral or Jersey. In the current economic times, I do agree that any investment or initiative has to be weighed up against its actual or potential ROI. I just feel, if played right, this type of thing could show promise.
  15. I tend to agree, but there’s a wide spectrum of conditions and maybe some stigma about seeking professional advice. I suspect this is aimed at the more common issues, and I can’t imagine any healthcare professional simply referring a patient to a website, when genuine care is being sought.
  16. I suspect it may be a variation of CCBT, as used by the NHS and others. Computerised cognitive behaviour therapy (cCBT) is known to be an effective tool but it’s effectiveness seems to vary, depending on the condition or need. You can Google a diverse range of contradictory research. Used for anxiety, loss, OCD, depression, prisoners mental health, etc. CCBT for many conditions is very effective and will save money. If it’s well publicised, it may stop unnecessary GP appointments. You only have to look at apps such as headspace to see it has substance. So I can see the rationale, for some conditions. I’m fairly sure it’s not an alternative for everything - I suspect the DHSC would have the same view. It’s more an additional tool which I’d imagine is off the shelf rather than written....
  17. Now confirmed by Tynwald. UK companies house says PhilD was a Director of IOMSPco UK since June 2018, not long after the sale, so perhaps not as surprising. With three new faces, it will be interesting to see how the strategy shapes out.
  18. Related, some studies found campaigns saying “Don’t drink and drive” actually reminded many people to go out for a drink! I recall one study suggested that the primary correlation between drink driving occurrences were socio demographic and economic (unemployment and education amongst others). Campaigns had zero impact depending on conditions. They also considered punishments, shock adverts and free alternatives (ie bus travel). I think the conclusion in many studies... it made no difference! Regression toward the mean. I often walk past the ‘No fly tipping’ sign near Howstrake. The ardent fly tipper surely wouldn’t be dissuaded by the sign! While it’s of no relevance to a law abiding citizen. Would Tony, with his old Hotpoint fridge in the back of his van, be convinced to change his mind at 3am and go to the amenity site? Or would he tip elsewhere, in which case the sign really means ‘No fly tipping here’. How do the commissioners measure the ROI? No fly tipping? If it occurs elsewhere, does that warrant another sign? How about ‘No nuclear waste’ or ‘No felt museums’. I digress.
  19. I'm not sure of the intent or insinuation behind your post - as it was a genuine question, not designed to offend? I remember, as a kid, there was the odd sign. A quick Google search (now) suggests they were for areas where there were multiple accidents. They stopped using them because they didn't actually reduce further accidents.
  20. Speaking of which, can anyone remember the 'Accident - Black Spot' signs. Wasn't there one on the main road next to Anagh Coar?
  21. My reference was to understand the limiting factor? Do people think we’re doing the best because it’s the only best they know? Island mentality What is the root cause? Lack of ability / not enough money / inadequate partners/ restrictive procurement. Unfortunate run of bad luck or a systematic failure? Lessons to be learnt. Whether you go from top down or down up, where is it flawed and who’s letting who down?
  22. Being from the IOM, I have tried my best to develop a Manx Crab Correction ability. This is to try and counter any inate moan or grown that I may have about the Island, without first understanding both sides. Roads are a continual trigger, alongside the weather. Are the complaints about the DOI and the roads deserved - or just cognitive bias? I mean, is the Island's approach to road design and maintenance far worse than everywhere else? By that, I mean - far worse - in a measurable, evidential way? (not, they're just shit and they must be better everywhere else). Or do we have instances of the Dunning-Kruger effect?
  23. I do not profess to being an expert on traffic systems design or road surfacing (an ironic entrée), but it seems whenever there are countless upon countless errors, mistakes and issues, there is little consequence or repercussion (at least publicly). Richmond Hill can only be repaired when it is warm. What do other countries do in colder climates? If this particular material/surface can only be repaired when warm, then why use it? The contractor is at fault - surely there are penalties/warranties that go beyond just fixing it. Firms normally have to demonstrate a level of insurance for exactly this. If it is poor quality, has the company been eliminated from future tenders? The journey has only increased by around 30 seconds, which is not the end of the world - but this is merely another instance of what many describe as amateur/incompetance. The 'new' corner they implemented on Johnny Wattersons (just down from the Cat) is not only non-sensical, but it has a shocking road surface (due to the increased wear of a corner). The surface dressing did wonders for the handling... The logic behind the construction of that questionable corner is equally illogical. Looking at the other side. Are DOI's challenges due to a lack of budget / lack of expertise / lack of leadership / lack of resource? Comparatively, how well funded are the Island's roads per-capita/per-mile to a region in the UK/EU?
  24. MIT Technology review is fortnightly on Kindle and their website is also good. https://www.technologyreview.com/
  25. It is detailed here: https://www.iomdfenterprise.im/funding-and-support/develop-your-business/employee-relocation-incentive/
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